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On ACP Web Services (2)

They're brilliant - as long as you understand them.

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Customising It

Time to try moving things around. Try double-clicking the first row in the AWSManager list.

The query string isn't something you want to mess about with unless you really know what you're doing. The menu item is on the other hand something you can experiment with immediately.

Single Slash

Service menu items can have a slash character. They don't have to but they can. But they can have at most one slash.

That's simply the way this 'technology' works. You get hierarchy. Some at any rate. Two levels at most, one at the least.

If you put a slash in the menu item then the system will break the item up into two different levels. In the above case: 'ACP Search' and 'Accoona Web'. The system automatically sorts the menu items alphabetically (case-insensitive).

You don't have to put a slash in there. The example with Google didn't use one. Safari's 'Search With Google ⇧⌘L' didn't either. If you put more than one slash in there then the results are undefined - most likely (with bona fide Cocoa apps) you'll see extraneous slashes in the submenu menu item titles.

But OK - that's what's listed in that program AWSManager. You get Accoona Web; Ask Jeeves Web; Clusty Images, News, and Web+; Dogpile Web; Google Base, Define, Groups, IE - which BTW isn't 'Internet Explorer', Images, Mac, News, Related, Scholar, and Web; Yahoo Images and News; Amazon US and UK; BBC News; British Slang; BugMeNot; Dictionary; LongURL; Mail Body and To; OneLook; Thesaurus; Urban Dictionary; VersionTracker Mac OS X; Wayback Machine; Wikipedia; WT Keywords; another more accessible Google; and 'Visit URL' - which you can use to surf to any URL. But what else can you get?

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