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Open Letter to the Three Stooges

To Nick Davies, David Leigh, Alan Rusbridger.

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Sorry guys, but you totally suck. You did a really dumb thing. Something petty and self-destructive. And it's hurting you and no one else.

You've created a rift between yourselves and WikiLeaks. This is already hurting you. And all the arrogant supercilious comebacks in the world won't help - what you did was wrong and you know it. And your readers know it too.

On the one hand one has the work of WikiLeaks: to expose corruption and above all to end two horrible wars. On the other hand one has your petty squabbles. It won't ever measure up.

Soon we'll see the crumbling of corrupt financial institutions. And then all eyes will turn to the east. WikiLeaks have just inked a deal with no less than Mikail Gorbachev.

The 'journalists' working for Gorbachev are the bravest in the world. One need only mention the name 'Anna Politkovskaya' and people understand. None of you could ever measure up to that integrity. None of you are brave enough.

And when eyes turn east, your relevance will evaporate. You've ridden high on your WikiLeaks resources for years; and as the most esteemed English language news organisation in the world retreats behind a paywall, you seemed destined to win by walkover.

And for a short time you made a case for the survival of the 'old journalism': your work on the Cablegate embassy cables was professional and top drawer. But any number of other news organisations are capable of doing the job just as well.

Der Spiegel's online English section is excellent; so will comparable sections with other news organisations develop as time goes on. WikiLeaks doesn't need you but you need them. And now you have them no more.

And once again people everywhere are seeing that the members of the elite of the 'old journalism' such as yourselves are without ethics, without vision, and without moral fibre. WikiLeaks made you look good - far better than you are - and now you've gone and burst the bubble. All for a petty squabble.

Popularity and support for WikiLeaks only grows. Popularity and support for you is already nosediving. WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit worldwide movement not tied to any one individual. The scorn for what you represent - far beyond your latest 'trick' - only resurfaces and convinces people more than ever that you don't deserve our respect and that your time has long since come.

There's no forgiveness in this game you're playing. You lost and lost big. What you did was dumb, destructive, and self-destructive. And the world is judging you now.



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