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The WikiLeaks Julian Assange Standoff 10 Minutes Complete

Somebody really did their homework here.

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON/ALEXANDRIA (Rixstep) — Somebody really did their homework here. InfobytesTV's ten-minute animation of the entire Julian Assange case doesn't miss but one small minor point - that the report to chief prosecutor Eva Finné by the policewoman on duty on 20 August 2010 says 'rape was mentioned' and that this visit by Ardin and Wilén was not as innocent as they tried to make everyone believe.

Both Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén told several people (Boström, Assange amongst others) that fateful Friday that their planned visit to the 'Klara police' was only about STDs - and in fact, Sofia Wilén told Julian Assange personally that day 'oh yes this is something we can do in Sweden - we ask the police for advice about venereal diseases'.

Which on the face of it is rather incriminating.

But leave that detail behind and you're about to see what is perhaps the most accurate ten-minute summary of the bewildering case of Sweden vs Assange ever made.

Keep in mind that although the outspoken Anna Ardin has continued to seek the limelight and even engage in smears against her former idol and one-night lover, Sofia Wilén has magically 'disappeared' from the face of the earth - her web presence was professionally scrubbed so even Google couldn't find anything, her registered address in Sweden changed at least twice (and today either her records are being hidden by request or she's simply left the country) and all she has remaining is a mysterious locked Twitter account and a seldom-visited Flickr account. The girl is gone.

Keep in mind as well that Sweden's explanations for the standoff have been shown to be lies time and again, and that representatives of the country keeping giving new excuses, ranging from 'illegal' to 'unconstitutional' to the more recent and palatable 'we just don't want to'.

Intrigued? You should be! Try Rixstep's special RSS feed for over 530 articles on the subject, Radsoft's special RSS feed for several hundred more of the same, visit Sweden vs Assange for the de facto best summary of the case online, or try the Flashback forum if you're really adventurous: it's mostly in Swedish and they have well over 50,000 (fifty thousand) posts there.

But for now? For now you watch the video. Pass the popcorn around.

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