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A brief look at how ridiculous the movie TFE really was. Compiled by Radsoft.

TimeTFE (DDB)Fact
00:03:00'Times wants to go'NY Times begged to not be first to avoid trouble with US govt.
00:04:00'blasting the release of over 90,000 records'WL released 75000 and withheld 15000 with sensitive data.
00:05:00DDB trying to reach JA at FrontlineDDB was out of the loop. This may have happened, but only because DDB wanted back in. SH/JF were working with JA on the AWD - not the others portrayed. SH/JF are all over the SBS documentary but not mentioned in this movie at all. Instead a dark-haired slim 'Siggi' appears out of nowhere.
00:05:56'EDS Berlin December 2007'EDS isn't in Berlin. But in Rüsselsheim.
00:06:00'2 years earlier'Anyone can see it's actually 3 years earlier.
00:06:24'They're pouring out of every printer in the office'DDB sent one letter from a printer - he had no panache. He will blame the boss' computer blah blah but it was the printer. There'd be little point in a 'pouring out'. That's just the inexperienced Singer again.
00:07:03DDB passes by Anke in EDS officesAnke never worked at EDS and she and DDB didn't meet until 7 Feb 2010.
00:07:21DDB cycles past AlexanderplatzAlexanderplatz is only interesting because this is where DDB says he met JA again for 2nd time. But now he's on his way to the BCC so there is no connection.
00:07:25DDB meets JA first time at info desk BCCDDB meets JA first time at romantic spiral staircase (actually seen in film).
00:14:20'Spent the next three years on the run'True - but movie will later make innuendo they didn't run.
00:15:04'Why do you think my hair is white?'Read Raffi for true story. Also DDB's book says JA once took the Mickey on him, claiming he'd blown up a nuclear reactor in his cellar. There are various randomised refs to this, each reading like another pathologial DDB lie.
00:16:02Sitting across from each other to chat online (ichat.wikieaks.org)No comment necessary. Singer springs another leak.
00:16:59'In my 20s I created a tool called Rubberhose'So far so good - but there's no connection to the WLSS.
00:17:54White sand on floor of submission platformIt's not white - it's actaully a pale green.
00:18:14'Ever heard of Julius Bär?'Bär happened when JA was with DDB in Wiesbaden Jan-Feb 2008.
00:18:38'I don't know - see the beauty of it?'In this case JA did you as the Bär leaker came forward.
00:24:00Bär secy doubleclicks mouse several times and comes to WL siteShe wouldn't have had it in her menu, and it would have taken a single click and not a series of doubleclicks.
00:24:01'Sent you the link'She didn't send shit. Her boss doesn't go into mail or anything and suddenly WL is on screen anyway.
00:24:02Title says Clouds on the Cayman tax heaven - The Julius Baer DocumentsTitle is incorrect.
00:24:54'Take a girl to dinner'It's inconceivable AV would be turned on by Brühl, much less DDB.
00:25:14DDB leaving his own flat in BerlinDDB's never had his own flat in Berlin, and he doesn't meet Anke for another two years.
00:25:43'Julian wants to meet right away'JA is in Berlin? NO. He is in Wiesbaden with DDB. Check the Bär docs online at WL site and compare to his own book.
00:26:04'Do you have a Crypt-O-Phone?'Just the thing every girl keeps in her handbag. Singer sinks again.
00:27:46JA wipes finger on trousers, DDB looks meekly onPointless and a bona fide dig.
00:31:15'Are you Jay Lim? And Bellman?'JA never admitted to this, although it's a clever ruse just as used by the founders of Hewlett-Packard.
00:33:37'That's when my hair turned white'2nd allusion whilst on trial for hacking in AU. Again: read New Yorker Raffi.
00:34:09'Do I have you?'Had JA ever asked, DDB would have been sure to tell.
00:34:54'People still buy your paper?'True. Almost no one buys Grauniad paper edition.
00:36:29'I got a few thousand euros saved up'DDB was still at EDS at this time, and in Rüsselsheim, not Berlin. He would later do all he could to appropriate WL donations. Estimates range from 40 to 100 thousand or more.
00:36:38'It's a half dozen machines on eBay'Financier for this movie is former first pres of eBay and a close personal friend of Omidyar.
00:36:50Driving at Place d'EtoileThis server trip did not take them to France at all.
00:37:45Trip goes to StockholmTrip did not go to Stockholm, only CH and DE.
00:41:28DDB and Anke already living together in a city DDB's not in, in a flat he never hadAnd FTR: this Anke is at least 10 years younger, has no 10yo son, and is quite hot. So big diffs all around.
00:42:40'You published their personal information'Can be true but it wasn't in the Grauniad she was looking at.
00:44:42'What was that?'JA has never met Anke and certainly not at DDB's place in Berlin (which doesn't exist).
00:45:15'You should probably take your name off the door'This was only an issue when DDB moved in with Anke in Berlin - it makes no sense here.
00:47:09'Is that my jacket?'This happens months earlier in Wiesbaden.
00:50:40DDB dancing with JAO RLY.
00:52:43Wired finding DDB in Antwerp for interviewTwas in Italy. He was found by Annabel Symington who we see later doublechecked her notes to corroborate she doesn't quote DDB wrong.
00:54:00'Why don't you just leave that to me?'Apochrypal on many levels. Symington didn't want DDB for the interview. She wanted JA. But she couldn't find him. Yet here she is in Antwerp where she can find both. Bad, Singer. Bad.
00:54:07'Tarek Haliseh'This is completely made up. Originally the meticulous Singer put in a fake story about an Iranian scientist and his family, but it leaked, so he changed it to Libya. BFD. All made up. And Singer consulted with Lessig. Note this story is not in either book - Singer just made this one up out of thin air. Screenwriter integrity.
00:57:14'The program code is a mess'Judging from Assange code online, it's not a mess. You might find a hole, but it's doubtful there were ways to trace sources. Actually that's almost 101% impossible. More Singer gibberish. And where did he supposedly get this from? QED.
00:57:24'He could have hacked it himself, that's the point'No. Were that possible, the NSA would have already been there and left gift certificates.
00:57:54'We have exposed corruption in dozens of countries'Might be so, but the screen show is out of this world. Compare with the actual talk which is still online at YouTube.
01:01:03'We should buy some mistletoe to celebrate'Is this their attempt to implicate JA in an affair with BJ? Because it stinks.
01:01:14'Mr & Mrs Berg!'This would surely have gone in the book if it was true. Just more DDB bullshit after the fact. Also as the scenes here try to bring the cat into the picture, and as the story in the book is quite different, you know who's behind the new lie. DDB's issue with JA and the cat dates to one year ten months earlier in Wiesbaden. Also DDB seems to want to sneak in something about his training in martial arts - probably another tall tale.
01:03:54'Let's eat'The sober DDB in this portrayal is nothing like the real DDB we all know. The diametric opposite. If Condon told Cumberbatch to play JA like an out of control raving lunatic, what did he tell Brühl? And where does this take place? And when? The Wired piece (next entry) is from 1 Sept 2009, the interview in Italy is some time before that, yet JA and DDB are here returning to DDB's parents' house after the CCC in December 2009. Chronology.
01:04:52'Cofounder? Daniel Schmitt got involved with WikiLeaks prior to launch?'JA is reacting to the Symington piece in Wired. Brühl will say the reporter got it wrong, but Symington meticulously checked her notes. She did not get it wrong. This is totally glossed over in the movie, one of myriad indications DDB is not of sound mind. Reason it's here is DDB probably wants to exonerate self. Good luck with that.
01:06:09'I'm Siggi!'Bad taste to bring that asshole in. Good thing they didn't go for realistic appearance. And so Singer wants us to believe Siggi turns up out of nowhere in Berlin?
01:06:29'Hey Daniel!'What is Marcus doing in Berlin? He has a farm in the country FFS! Oy vey.
01:06:43Cairo EgyptWhy are we in Cairo? Right. Laura Linney's meeting with a Libyan scientist (Tarek) that doesn't exist.
01:09:15Knock knockThis is funny. Last we were in Berlin, we met DDB and Anke in DDB's flat (which doesn't exist). Now we're at Anke's flat, but where is DDB's flat all of a sudden? And where is Anke's 10yo boy? Oh well.
01:09:29'Never thought you'd become a rock star!'This is hilarious if not pathetic. Anke's bonking DDB (!) after being separated for months, now he's a rock star because he has an unfinished tattoo on his back? Who is helping Singer write this? Oh yeah, right. The 'propaganda' in the movie starts now. Lots of nasty things to say about a lot of people. Fasten your seat belts.
01:10:29'You are that line'Setting up for bursts of rage at end. DDB must be seen to be a Jesus in the temple of thieves and not the pathological lying maniac he really is. The setup is initiated by the Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.
01:10:43Tonsberg NorwayDDB better not end up here cos he doesn't mention it in his book.
01:12:08'The one who helps you distinguish fact from fiction'Davies saying this about DDB. This is so smooth Goebbels would applaud.
01:12:34'So what's this new leak?'Davies better not be talking about Cablegate. Or otherwise we have more Singer nonsense.
01:14:44Reykjavík?This is so messed up - when is this supposed to happen? DDB was in IS to help with the IMMI. This was Jan 2010. He freaked and frazzled and left by 7 Feb. He did not come at the behest of JA or Davies or any of them. For that matter: the IMMI is completely hopped over here. Nice job, Mr McKinsey.
01:14:54Collateral MurderThere are actually five people in this scene. You have to look fast. This scene is so historically inaccurate it's not funny. 1) KH is the 2nd to see it and he's not put in the movie; 2) DDB is way gone before this phase begins; 3) Marcus isn't on Iceland either. Most important to remember is that everything starting now concerns things of which DDB has no knowledge, yet this is the central part of the movie. A lot of people were involved in the CM project - see the end credits for details. None of them are in this screenplay.
01:15:29SiggiLook fast - you won't see him again. Blooper by editor (and everyone).
01:15:50'Yes! In Baghdad! We are journalists and we have to verify our sources! Maybe you should look into flights!'Such a mouthful. DDB isn't even there. Kristinn Hrafnsson and Ingi Ingasson, who are left out of the movie, went to Baghdad. And not on the suggestion of DDB.
01:17:08'I know some guys who've done this type of thing at RUV'And that's the closest you'll get to KH or II.
01:17:19BJ directs Marcus in editingNo - Marcus isn't there. He helped but remotely. He wasn't there. (And DDB isn't either. Must have frustrated him and made his urges more irrepressible.)
01:17:34DDB comes upon idea to bring CM to the US.1) Yeah; 2) right. That a script consultant should get such sway. What about second source, Josh Singer? Also to remember that Rop was on this project and accompanied JA to DC. Why didn't DDB go along? Why wasn't he invited? Because he was out of his freaking mind and had been taken gently out of the loop.
01:18:54Waist coat and tieAt least they get that right.
01:24:04'Bradley Manning?'Check the detail on the screen.
01:24:09'We can't protect them from themselves'True enough. But remember how DDB and Leigh went on about how Manning was the fault of WL. QED.
01:24:19Beginning of a nasty sceneThis is done very craftily from the poison pen of Josh Singer. It has no basis in reality but he doesn't care. None of them do.
01:24:32'mArc> Hey. Back online. You there? jjj> We need lawyers for ManningSays all.
01:24:32'mArc> So it's true? We have the docs?'Marcus was never involved in the 'publishing' side of the business.
01:25:21'Tell him we can't dump the data. Tell him!'So rich.
01:25:24'This is RECKLESS'Visions of pots and kettles come to mind. This is the point of the entire sequence. JA will now lose his temper somewhere high in the air.
01:26:15'Fuck you you disloyal FUCK!!!!'That's surely exactly how it went down. Why wasn't it in DDB's book? Question: how did Singer know what happened on the airplane?
01:28:00JA meets BJ and DDB in BrusselsIn April-May 2010? No. DDB is gone. More bullshit.
01:28:50'I thought it was protecting whistleblowers'A direct dig with the implication that Manning's mess is JA's fault, but this is uttered in a context that has nothing to do with whistleblowers. Singer falls flat, hurts nose.
01:29:34'If we put you on the moral high ground'Few orgs have attacked WL with the vitriol used by Grauniad.
01:29:34'An international coalition legitimising you as a news organisation'But that's exactly what Grauniad did not do. They repeatedly said WL were only a 'source'.
01:29:34'Right now the most powerful media machine on the planet is planning a smear campaign like nothing you've ever seen'Then what part does Singer take in this campaign? And what is DDB's role in it? And was he reimbursed for his efforts?
01:30:25'The Guardian can't be seen publishing something that puts people's lives in danger'Operative word 'seen'. This is the Leigh meme, but Grauniad also pulled dirty tricks to smear WL in this very regard. And why is BJ sitting with them? Hello? She's been very adamant that CM was all she ever did. And she was never a member of WL.
01:32:46'Pretty slow for a tech wizard'Comment is about download speed. Shows how astoundingly ignorant Singer is. Then to make matters worse, Singer has 91,000 text files come up on screen? Did Singer study at Dodo U?
01:33:19DDB with SpiegelAgain: DDB is not involved in any of this. This scene is a total fabrication.
01:33:23'Are you working in Excel?'WUT?
01:34:05'Espionage Act. You can't be serious.'Davies asking in Grauniad bunker. JA on hand. It's possible...
01:34:10'They can indict us after that rule!'Rusbridger. It's possible...
01:34:26Katz on Skype with DDBAgain implies DDB is working on AWD. Fabrication: DDB isn't involved. DDB is supposedly a liaison at Spiegel. FABRICATION. How can this happen? Who could have fed this rubbish to Singer? Only one person. Guess who.
01:35:02Twirling camSupposed to imply that DDB who has better sense is feeling vertigo at current situation more and more out of control. DDB knows better than the combined forces of Spiegel, WL, NYT, and Grauniad combined. A regular Albert Schweitzer.
01:35:34'Thank god you have one'The 'one' is the supposed 'army' of volunteers who can pour through all 91 K docs looking for 'contexts' which out innocents. The implication is DDB is the only one besides JA himself. This is simply not true.
01:35:34'Shouldn't take that long - just a name search'Oh boy. What type of name search? You can't search like that. And this follows on DDB's vertigo, which means either Singer got the chronology wrong or he too is trying to portray DDB as psycho.
01:36:26DDB arrives at Grauniad bunkerSupposedly the following day as last scene was at nightfall. DDB will now protest against release of docs as contexts will expose innocents. JA will then suspend DDB. Note there is no mention of DDB's crazed actions shutting down WL website yet, there is no mention of DDB's crazed chat with JA, the 'BAHAHA' etc. This screen DDB is meek and mild-mannered, the real DDB is a wild erratic nut basket.
01:36:29'I've been trying to reach you for hours'How can Singer write this shit? It's nightfall in Berlin, DDB panics, now it's morning in London, DDB is magically there, and he's been trying to reach JA for hours? Oh please. Who wrote this confused rubbish?
01:36:34'The redactions!'DDB will now alert JA/Grauniad to the additional precautions needed. Because none of them figured it out themselves, because Spiegel couldn't contact Grauniad directly themselves, because therefore DDB had to fly into London after reaching JA - and not Grauniad - for hours. Singer needs to back to screenwriting school.
01:37:02Grauniad puzzledAll Grauniad editors sitting around looking like culprits as JA takes DDB outside office to discuss, as if Grauniad themselves are prepared to go ahead release all 91 K docs and have no clue. This is a dangerous fabrication possibly intended to smear Grauniad as well. Yet we see at start of film how Keller was trigger happy - but that's OK.
01:37:09'You lied to everyone we're working with!'This assumes JA read through all 91 K docs himself, knows something even DDB didn't know on his own, Grauniad didn't know, NYT didn't know, only Spiegel realised. This is how you turn a plot against the smear target.
01:38:04Siggi looks on as JA DDB discussThe plot elements Singer brings in out of fantasy land are incredible.
01:38:26'I don't remember you hiring me!'DDB's mouth. DDB was hired. He got his own WL email address. He got money. He was point man for Wau Holland donations. He was in and he squandered a lot of money. But worse: at this point in time, HE WAS NOT INVOLVED. Not in anything WL did. He was sitting on the sidelines, incapable of understanding how his pathological lies ruined things, and trying to steal the limelight. Again: it's only after DDB sabotaged the online system (and then within hours caved in and returned the 'keys') that JA reacted by scheduling a chat where DDB totally blew it in his pathological way. The chat ended then with him being suspended - it wasn't over some discussion of releases approved by three major news outlets. To remember: none of those outlets would have published without redactions.
01:38:37'There's just you and your EGO! The lies you tell to get whatever the fuck you want!'Angry words by DDB. Far too eloquent for DDB as well. The real DDB doesn't scold or point fingers. He sticks out his tongue and evades direct answers.
01:38:46'You know it's incredible...'Now 'you're suspended effective immediately'. Compare with DDB's first version in his own book. That should give the reader a better appreciation of the real DDB's mania. This screen DDB was manicured by a clever screenwriter and a private DDB who understood he was nuts. Also Tina Klopp was also called in to advise on screenplay and she probably had a word or two as she'd listened to the real DDB's drivel for weeks.
01:39:06JA waves in Siggi who's waiting in the wings to replace DDBWUT? What are you doing, Singer? LOL
01:39:29'Do what you can to keep them off the site!'DDB here is defying orders and his own suspension to sabotage the WL website. This is of course condoned in this new version of history as DDB is acting out of altruistic interests. Of course he is. Amazing.
01:39:43'But if you hold those, there a lot fewer names in the rest'DDB telling Marcus and BJ that Rosenbach has told him about how to save most cables. Truth is that Rosenbach was actually in London, Marcus was out in the country on his own and not involved with this angle of the business, and BJ wasn't involved at all, and certainly not pairing up with mArc at a laptop keyboard somewhere.
01:39:46'And remember: don't tell Julian we were talking!'Like a 1950s sci-fi screenplay starring Leslie Nielsen. Pins the Cringe-O-Meter.
01:39:48Disinfo about DDB from JA coming up in open chat roomYeah right...
01:39:52'Are you seeing the ridiculous crap he's spouting on the chat?'This by BJ who is not working on AWD and sitting next to a mArc who is hundreds of miles away. Be the judge.
01:39:59'Danny he's completely out of his mind!'This by mArc. This will establish the runaway hero gone raving loony. Good work, Singer.
01:40:02'If he keeps doing this, WE'RE going to have to quit! All of us!'This will justify mArc's coming suggestion to just shut down the WL website for which mArc and BJ will ask DDB's approval. But who is 'all of us'? The earlier postulate was that it was just DDB and JA. Now we see at least 3 more, and that's not counting all the others know to be really involved, such as JF and SH. And so many more. Treachery by Singer.
01:40:05'Just take care of the documents OK?'DDB as always the voice of calm and reason whilst even mArc and BJ implode. Someone is jerking Singer off. Who could that be?
01:40:09' Daniel is problematic and franky, delusional.' ' Daniel has a disease. It's some kind of borderline paranoid schizophrenia.'It's JA punctuation, but where did this come from? If true, why isn't it in DDB's book? And how did he remember this, complete with JA punctuation, if he didn't break rules and keep chat logs? As for appraisals of DDB's mental health, a lot of people were there, BJ herself very worried, not only about his mental health but also about his rifling org funds (but of course dismissed by DDB in his typical arrogant manner).
01:40:28Five Twitter accounts onscreen disparaging DDB: @ddd_wiki_fist, @jargonmonk, @TwitcheySphynct, @Crypdois, @seeker489Check the accounts. @ddd_wiki_fist (the account used either by DDB or mArc/BJ) is the only one used, no tweets ever so no date that way, @jargonmonk has never tweeted, follows 0, has no followers, same for @TwitcheySphynct, @Crypdois, @seeker489. None even have avatars. These must have been set up as disinfo for movie but their account info shows DDB account set up 22 Feb 2013 and all the rest 28 Feb 2013.
01:40:45'The Spiegel is begging for more time'Doesn't matter. Truth is NYT asked to scoop the others so as to not get in trouble, here they will be portrayed as impatient with Spiegel and publishing first, which is a LIE made to make Keller look good. (Yes we're back at the beginning again.)
01:40:52Spiegel seeing Skype from Grauniad about how impatient Keller is.Doesn't matter. Truth is NYT asked to scoop the others so as to not get in trouble, here they will be portrayed as impatient with Spiegel and publishing first, which is a LIE made to make Keller look good. (Yes we're back at the beginning again.)
01:40:54The less than iconic half-finished tattoo.What are we looking at and why? DDB is not part of this!
01:41:01Conscience ridden saviour of mankind DDB so sad because AWD went live at GrauniadPass the hankies and break out the violins.
01:41:09'Blasting the release of over 90,000...'Could be an authentic bite but we know the number is actually 15,000 fewer.
01:41:43Michael Hastings of all people onscreenHastings murdered 18 June 2013 before movie finished and released.
01:41:54'And planned to release them shortly'No onscreen reporter claiming everyone seems to already know about Cablegate.
01:42:02'I got a source in Columbia we're going to have to extract'Right.
01:42:10'We're still trying to reach our contacts in Tehran'Implication Laura has embedded people there. Seems to be a slip-up by Singer who moved the fake scientist and his family to Libya for the final version. :)
01:42:14'I just talked to Libya and they have real concerns about the ambassador'Pour it on thick, Singer! And how would Singer know such a thing, even if true?
01:42:29'At least ten names of high priority sources who can be harmed if and when these cables are put out'This from Tucci. But this is JULY not November. Wow. Talk about spreading it thick.
01:42:34'If we can claim Assange has blood on his hands, we can turn this thing around'This from Tucci again. Cute. But again this is JULY not November. Wow. Talk about spreading it thick.
01:42:43Laura tells Tucci her woes if the cables come outBut Leigh hasn't even got them yet and they're reacting to AWD, not the Manning logs with Lamo and certainly not a release four months into the future. Most importantly: Singer's managed to completely skip over the portent of AWD and again play the US as the victim.
01:43:14'I am collecting cables from the head of every foreign desk'This from Tucci. Again: this is in the midst of the hysteria over AWD. Why is there no mention of their content? Nice move, Singer! But we caught you out.
01:43:21'This destroys the Sydney peace talks'From Laura. Again: this is about AWD, so Singer is deliberately hiding AWD.
01:43:29'The times will redact the names' 'But what about him?'We're back on the film DDB's reason for splitting with WL. Which doesn't hold water. DDB sabotages WL network 25 August. The movie will try to put it a month earlier. Oops, caught out again, Singer!
01:43:34'He's bigger than the Times!'Sure got that right! Reference her to AWD to bring us back into chronology, but they're only at the date of AWD (26 July) so this is still 99% bullshit.
01:43:45'Any word from Tarek?'This from Tucci to Laura. Ref to made-up Libyan (formerly Iranian) scientist. Lovely. Good job, Singer.
01:43:50'His name is in at least a half a dozen of these'Names like that could be in Cablegate but not in AWD. More deliberate smear.
01:43:52'Let's bring him in'US to the rescue! Tarek doesn't exist!
01:43:54SMASH to TripoliThis just in case we missed the context. Oh Josh boy. And if this were really Cablegate (which it is not) then what happened to the Iraq War Logs which haven't been mentioned yet? Sloppy, Josh boy!
01:44:24Laura rings Tarek to tell him to run for itAgain: see above.
01:44:29Bad guys enter room after TarekOh such drama! Tarek must now make a run for it from enemies that don't exist for him in a scenario misplaced four months off. Oh well.
01:44:52'I left the estimates in the car'Tarek will now make a run for it, goes out to car placed propitiously right outside main entrance (no other staff cars there) and fetches family to make it to the border to escape (and escape he will). But he is being watched! By fearsome bad guys in a parked car! Who do nothing!
01:45:38'We need to pack'This tense but made up drama in first Iran then Libya continues. Two baddies come to the door. But before we can see what happens when they knock on the door, we SMASH back to...
01:45:46Berlin and DDB!
01:45:50Sam Colson at White House on screenBottom of screen says clearly: 'AFGHAN WAR LEAKS'. So a big rap on the writer's knuckles for Josh Singer formerly of McKinsey.
01:45:54'There's blood on their hands'Same presser DDB is watching, proves DDB was right! And we are merely furthering the meme.
01:46:19DDB stares out window and listens as Amy welcomes Daniel Ellsberg to Democracy Now.Ellsberg heard but real impact is repeat of phrase 'blood on their hands', voice drowned out by sad music.
01:46:26DDB crying tears for humanitySo moving, so moving...
01:46:29Brooke on screen from BBC newsActually defending WL. Wow.
01:46:43'At least he kept part of the bargain - 250,000 cables right here - amazing!'Singer tried to impress with his noob knowledge of 'hi-tech'. Katz walks in to Grauniad bunker with a thumb with Cablegate. This is so wrong it's not funny. Singer doesn't give a shit about historical accuracy. This is highly irresponsible, contradicts even Leigh's version. And what part of the 'bargain' did JA not keep?
01:46:48'So he came through!'Rusbridger. Reality is that Rusbridger wrote out a MOU so JA would release the cables to Leigh, not to Davies or Katz or Rusbridger. Who the F cares about accuracy? Not the tween Singer.
01:46:59'Already I've got a dozen page oners'Katz. How could he when he just got the thumb? Oh who cares! Who will notice, right, Josh? Pathetic. Katz details many of those dozen stories which would have taken him hours to find.
01:47:14'On the high priest of truth bragging about a redaction process that don't exist - I wouldn't call that yesterday's news'Davies. Has to tie in to DDB objection to JA. Lovely. Crescendo building up now. But didn't Grauniad redact?
01:47:19'Sorry but wasn't he your messiah?'Spoken to Davies. Takedown of an obvious hero. Stylish.
01:47:24'A callous little zealot'Uttered by Katz about JA. Four against one and JA isn't even in the room. Oh wow. Here we go.
01:47:34'Seventeen keystrokes'Davies referring to 'www.wikileaks.org'. But you can get by with four fewer. ;)
01:47:41'A huge media empire that's accountable to no one'Davies. Better than Marc Antony in Julius Caesar. Hold on. WL are accountable to the people. Obviously. Oh those damned wizened yesterday MSM.
01:47:48SMASH to Libyan-Egyptian borderWe have to rescue someone that doesn't exist. But he's OK, folks!
01:48:06Tense moment for Tarek and family at border leaving LibyaDrama. But this isn't supposed to be fiction, at least not misleading fiction.
01:49:14'We've crossed the border'Laura gets call from Tarek, she's happy he's safe, he doesn't know where to go.
01:49:59Frontline for AWD presserJA talking about harm minimisation but DDB and mArc will not try to shut down the WL website to protect innocent people. The hypocrisy of course is that DDB's feeble attempt to do this does not really happen until one month later when JA is temporarily (and formally) released of all suspicion of rape in Sweden (25 August). We have a serious vulnerability here, Josh. You've just outed yourself.
01:50:09'We both know he's never going to step aside'mArc to DDB watching Frontline, this to explain (and justify) what really happens a month later. And where is Herbert Snorrason? Written out too, Josh? For he might have been involved; mArc would never have had anything to do with it.
01:50:14'He can't be trusted - we need to shut him down! If you want to do this, we have to do it now!'mArc to DDB watching Frontline. No this is such a momentous decision and DDB doesn't do anything rashly but always listens to his underlings.
01:50:19DDB thinking heavilyDDB has the weight of the world on his shoulders, folks!
01:50:29DDB inside vast submission platformRows and rows of desks with cardboard boxes on white sand floor between them and DDB looks on, troubled and frowning. This will attempt to explain (justify) what DDB does like a shitface a full month later. But good luck if people seek the truth and expose this movie's lies.
01:50:43DDB gives silent solemn not to mArc to DESTROY WIKILEAKSNote that DDB does not do this himself - oh noes! But an innocent question: if they really changed the passwords, where was mArc at this time and how did DDB know the new passwords to give to JA only a few hours later and wouldn't the experienced admin mArc have understood the whole project was FUCKING STUPID?
01:50:52mArc lists processes with ps then kills (-9) two including Korn shell (ksh)So that's how you shut down servers! You kill processes!
01:50:54Screen with C++ source code rolls pastHas no relevance whatsoever.
01:51:00DDB gives into urgesTime to take weapons of mass stupidity to physically destroy a submission system that doesn't exist (in that form). Note that DDB does this in computer form first in mid-September out of Gollum desperation as he's totally screwed himself as regards all his colleagues in WL.
01:51:04Sparks fly!Note things rapidly happen on computer screens as soon as DDB starts his physical destruction of shit.
01:51:09DDB turns over desk in submission systemA Herculean feat and one of ultimate courage (which is contagious).
01:51:14Berkeley sockets code scrolling pastYep this is the way you shut down computer systems! Fill the screens and computers with sockets source code! So easy! Note source code contains a sneaky char buffer called 'char exploit[0xff'] but dimensions for all other arrays are in DECIMAL. 1337! That must be DDB trying to impress!
01:51:15Berkeley sockets code scrolling past
int i = 0, s, port, bytes = 128;
char exploit[0xff], buffer[128], hostname[256], *command, j[2];
struct sockaddr_in sin;
struct hostend *he;

if (argc != 3 && argc != 4) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s command hostname [port]", argv[0]);

command = (char *)malloc(strlen(argv[1]) * 2);
Yep that's how you take down servers!
01:51:29DDB makes bonfire of all submissionsDDB for peace prize? Actually no. For an entire year he lied to the media about what happened with 3500 submissions he didn't destroy but absconded with. This is a grossly shameless attempt to whitewash the weasel. This is nothing less than evil propaganda.
01:51:38DDB watches the love of his life go up in smokeNot JA but the submissions for which he cares so deeply. Feel for him.
01:51:43A DDB ready to burst into tears closes his laptopWhere is Alicia?
01:51:46DDB hears JA's voice somewhere and pools of glycerine fill his eyesAnd they say Shakespeare was the bard. Shakespeare would be glad no one attributed this LMN shite to him.
01:51:52Condon closeups of DDB's reddened eyes and eyelidsLet no one ever say this wasn't a concerted and diabolical hit-job. This beats Leni Reifenstahl.
01:51:54ZOMG!!1! A single tear falls from DDB's right eye down his acned cheek!Oh who can take this? Oh! Oh!
01:52:04JA at Frontline looking everything but sure of himself, everything as he really did that dayBC plays JA as stressed and hypertense, sweaty even, through entire movie, and it takes only a few genuine clips online to see through this.
01:52:09Rusbridger Katz giving JA the hairy eyeballBecause both are SHOCKED that JA would DO THAT and then stand up in front of the WHOLE WORLD and LIE like that. Anyone remember what this presser was really about? (A nervous very slender Siggi appears briefly at the end of this 2 second sequence - how ironic as we know, as Singer and Condon know, the truth about this unsavoury individual.)
01:52:14JA speaks to his disciples about revolutionBut he's made to look increasingly troubled and guilty. Compare with original clips at YouTube please.
01:52:28Laura and Tucci share a scotsThey're watching JA live at Frontline.
01:52:38Laura's office now revealedShe's lost her job over Cablegate releases which don't occur for another four months.
01:52:45'Guess that Turkmenistan comment didn't go over too well'Tucci explaining for audience why Laura's been sacked. Pour it on. Note again that there are no comments about Turkmenistan until 4 months later.
01:53:19'I was watching him'Laura to Tucci as she points to television screen with JA at Frontline presser for AWD as she drinks a whisky with Tucci lamenting her loss of employment over Cablegate. Author!
01:53:52'I don't know which one of us history's going to judge more harshy'Laura to Tucci. Did the real Laura realise what she will be portrayed to talk about? She's talking about cables but watching the 26 July AWD presser! And where are JF, SH, KH, II, and all the rest? Studios: do NOT let Josh Singer close to your lots! Get your court injunctions NOW!
01:54:09Fans congratulate JA backstageBut quiet unassuming Siggi waves JA over to a computer screen so madman JA can see how his whole world has come crashing down. The worst part is that the pathological liar DDB might actually believe this today. As JA said, pathological liars have to believe they're telling the truth - that's what gives them the ability to lie. And no one in recent history has ever lied - or done more to twist the truth - than DDB.
01:54:21'Have you seen TIME? Forbes?'A fan showing a cover of TIME from several months hence, a cover of Forbes from mid-November. Great chronology again.
01:54:26'Julian! Julian! Julian!'Super-good Siggi waves JA over.
01:54:34'There's something wrong with the submission platform'Reports Siggi. JA takes a look.
01:54:54JA hits a single keyboard key to bring the submission platform to lifeDrama!
01:55:24'No one will be able to submit'JA realising submissions are no longer possible. There are two acts of sabotage on WL system, on 25 August and in mid-September, and it's only the latter that destroys the submission system. But this is supposedly the presser for AWD on 26 July. Oops. Aw who cares, right Josh?
01:55:26JA inside the submission platformTaking in the destruction DDB has caused with bits of burning paper flying in the air. Not everyone is as stupid and demented as you, Josh. You're making the ultimate mistake, Josh, the opposite of Christopher McQuarrie of 'Usual Suspects' fame. You're not giving your audience any credit or respect - you're INSULTING them.
01:55:45JA sees a lot of blinking WARNING text flashing onscreenHe looks lost, our hero. Good job, DDB!
01:56:02Back at a bonfire for the FamilyChristine fled for her life from them but who cares? We'll see a little boy shortly, and this is supposed to explain for us how JA got so messed up and obsessive and in a few short seconds we'll...
01:56:19'You know he dyes his hair?'DDB speaking (to someone). This is a new version of the truth by DDB. Original story in DDB book was that JA took him for a fool and told him it was because he had a nuclear reactor in his cellar (!) that exploded. Truth is both JA and his mum suffered PTSD rescuing his stepbrother from the clutches of an obstinate AU bureaucracy (and succeeded). Christine says herself this is what made his hair go white - several long years of struggle - and she wanted him to join her in PTSD therapy (which he refused). DDB can't get dirtier than this. Should you have ever doubted DDB was an unconscionable pathological liar, doubt no more.
01:56:24'I saw it once'So says DDB. But he didn't see shit. The tragedy of this movie is seeing how low that jackass can stoop.
01:56:34'The cult he was in - the Family...'But neither JA nor his mum were in that cult - they RAN from her boyfriend who she discovered was in the cult. This is more accurately depicted in the movie Underground, but that movie didn't have a shithole like DDB working as script consultant.
01:56:48Back at a Commodore 64And programming in BASIC?
01:56:52'I guess everyone has secrets... scars...'DDB talking as young preteen JA sits at the Commodore. Oh the humanity of DDB. Jesus fucking christ. How can someone like DDB sleep at night? Oh yeah that's right... Vomit. Seriously. Vomit. JA has never in real life done anything like this to DDB. All that's been disclosed about DDB is corroborated many times over - it's the truth. No one has made anything up about the little shit. (No one needs to.)
01:57:24'We changed the world'DDB to Davies over drinks as they philosophise. Goodness gracious.
01:57:29'He made it all about him'Davies. WUT? 'It always was', replies the cogent DDB. How can Brühl recite that shit?
01:57:34'Only someone so obsessed with his own secrets could have come up with a way to reveal everyone else's'DDB. Ah so that's the explanation! LOL This isn't cheap dime novel shit, melodrama. This is cringeworthy shite not worth even a dime! No matter your POV, this is REALLY BAD WRITING.
01:57:45'There was a time when British papers couldn't report on parliamentary debate...'Davies waxes even more maudlin now so we can distract from the incongruence of Brühl's bile. This scene is filmed in Café Central in Brussels.
01:58:17'Of these few brave souls'Davies is defending JA before DDB but in reality Davies today hates JA's guts and did an incredible hatchet job based on a cherry pick from a bad translation of the Swedish police docs. Truth again being damned.
01:58:29'And now we find ourselves in the same position'Davies again defending but this this time defending the makers of the movie, for the takehome is that despite the mania of JA, a good thing was found that will disrupt the old system and bring on a new. What utter rubbish. Smear at its finest, most professional.
01:58:34'Fifth estate'So says Davies that is. Now we get the title of the movie. Good advertising!
01:58:46'We need more brave souls. You and Julian have charted a course through all this chaos'Davies to DDB complimenting DDB on how brave he is. Oh boy.
01:59:00'The tyrants of this world should beware'Davies again as we SMASH to scenes of the ARAB SPRING. Oh how effective. But do you believe anything in the past one hour fifty nine minutes?
01:59:26'Most good stories start in the beginning'Says Davies to DDB's inane question 'where should we start'. And the reply is just as vapid. Want to know more about Assange and WikiLeaks? Don't watch this movie, or read either of the warped books this atrocity is based on, but start reading documents that give you the truth instead. Of note: this movie didn't start in the beginning but at the end. What does that tell you? Good night and good luck.
01:59:56Herewith the final bullshit in text before the scripted Cumberbatch premptive defence against a sea of critics

Not so fast. The Grauniad deliberately laid a booby trap for WL by giving them a redacted cable that actually wasn't redacted, then publishing the redacted copy themselves, then attacking WL for recklessness. The cable editing system was such that WL themselves could not release cables until the media partners, including the Grauniad. resubmitted the cables, redacted, back in the submission system run on a Tor hidden service. So yes, the statement here in the movie is a lie. likely perpetrated by David Leigh who was pissed hell for being exposed by WL.
02:00:07IN 2011, OVER THE OBJECTION OF THE NEWSPAPERS INVOLVED, WIKILEAKS PUBLISHED ALL 251,287 CABLES IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORM. WITHOUT REDACTIONS.Of course! Because this was the only way to protect innocent lives over the sabotage perpetrated by David Leigh and DDB, the authors of the two books this movie is based on. Leigh published the AES encryption key used to protect the Cablegate file (much as in the case of the famous insurance file which has never been decrypted) and DDB made sure everyone could find the location of the file. The only reason there was no bloodshed is WikiLeaks acted in conscionable manner. Both David Leigh and DDB didn't give a damn if they got blood on their hands - both were hurting and wanted revenge. And without the swift intervention of WikiLeaks, this could have cost lives.
02:00:34JA in embassy defending fact that no one came to harm because of 'Cablegate2'.This is true but it's presented in a way to make you think these are the utterings of a madman who refuses to face reality. But this is actually the reality. The full evil of what DDB and Leigh had done can never be fully appreciated.
02:00:43'Large powerful groups'JA in isolation in EC embassy. In other words a dotty Maggie Thatcher who's lost contact with the real world. Oh whoah.
A cheap lie. JA was with at least 3 girls on his visit, perhaps more, and he didn't know yet at that time who was behind the kerfuffle. This is Fleet Street smearing at its finest.
02:01:04'This is absurd! These allegations!'JA has never commented on the case, especially not in this tone, and Benny should know that. JA has studiously refrained from comment as much as possible as he believes one should not take up such matters in public. He's allowed himself to be interrogated once, has been desperate for another interrogation for over three years, but the powers that be can keep him locked in an embassy. He has everything to win by getting the second interrogation over and done with, as this would clear his name and raise confidence in him and his organisation. But this is what TPTB do not want. It's hard to believe after this 'outburst' by Benny that he really admires JA as he says and was not just out for a hefty paycheque for a hatchet job.
02:01:12'An individual perhaps we should not have employed'Who could JA be talking about here, folks? His real life quote in answer to what mistakes he has made was 'ONE STAFF HIRE'.

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Yep we neutralised him, folks! And yes, JA admitted to having slept with both girls - AS SOON AS HE KNEW TO WHICH TWO THEY WERE REFERRING (and was questioned in that matter already 30 August, ten days later).

The rest is correct but a gross oversimplification, probably because any more details could deleteriously impact the effectiveness of the smear this movie represents.
02:08:15Movie nowhere says it's a work of fiction.

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