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The Second Casualty of War

The MSM of Sweden are doing their best to make the 'balanced approach' impossible to find.

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'The second victim of war seems to be the ability to think clearly', writes Lars Schaff today.

The first victim of war is of course the truth, as Julian Assange pointed out on his visit to the Swedish capital back in August 2010 as the storm clouds were gathering.

The prospect that the 'bystanders' also be influenced by direct and deliberate war propaganda is something that makes matters only worse. Lars Schaff has, as many of us, been witnessing this for months, most recently in regards to the Ukraine.

Swedish media have taken, to almost the very last one, the side of Bildt and Zbig, blanking out the frightening presence of Ukrainian Nazi movements that survived the end of the second world war, carrying the flag of the US and NATO at all costs, bending the truth if needed because, after all, they're the good guys.

The ground trembles and disappears beneath one's feet. Not only is Russia not the Russia (Soviet Union, USSR) of old, but more and more facts emerge all the time to show us that the 'Russia of old' wasn't really the Russia of old either.

Fogh's pet NATO formed in response to the imminent threat from the east? The Warsaw Pact was formed a full six years after NATO! And there's no way Russia could have begun a land invasion of Europe anyway - they'd lost nearly 30,000,000 in heading off the Nazis! And that very fact means they are far more sensitive to Nazi and fascist dangers than just about anyone. Hitler and Stalin may have entered into a non-aggression pact (which Hitler of course betrayed) but the far left and the far right have always been enemies. The only ones who called out Hitler's Nazis on what they were getting up to were in fact the far left of Germany - the 'communists'. And now, with all those glorious war years behind them, they were going to - to do what? Going to launch a ground invasion of Europe? For what purpose? And with what army? The US lost only 800,000 in the war, the Brits even less; the Russians lost en entire generation!

So yes, it gradually dawns on even the most disinterested amongst us that possibly, purely possibly, we've been fed a load of rubbish all along.

David Cornwell's excellent Russia House points this out sharply, albeit through the use of fiction, citing the point that the US could not let anyone know just how crappy Russian ICBMs were, for those manufactured in the US were just as bad (or worse).

So who stood to profit? Ike knew. He said it over 50 years ago. One of the most respected generals of the allied forces, an individual known to despise the political crowd (Nixon in particular) who finally let fly when leaving office on 17 January 1961.

People could have listened, but let's be real here: they weren't interested. Change takes place as soon as enough people feel the outrage. Ferguson could become a new Occupy movement, but likely will not. And we should remember what happened with the original Occupy movement, how the President of Transparency got it all shot down in a Wall Street Minute. The odds aren't good, and the people aren't yet up to the challenge, so the carnage - the senseless unforgivable loss of human life - will continue until the couch potatoes revolt.

How many amongst us truly understand why Julian Assange is in an embassy in London? Surely fewer than 1 in 100. If that. People don't care. They're napping on their lounge furniture. And so the mainstream media move in.

Some of those influential people in the media are of course on the payroll of the CIA and the FBI and the NSA. Operation Mockingbird of course never ended - HW Bush merely said it did. Taking him at face value is like taking anything that any of them say at face value, even as one's reminded they're lying their socks off all the time.

Things got screwy in the Ukraine when in November last year Yanukovych and his people came back empty-handed from discussions with the EU. His country needed a bailout desperately, but the geniuses of the EU, perhaps being hand-held by Washington, gave the Ukraine a bitter pill. No soliciting other nations (Russia) for additional aid, strict IMF 'austerity' measures, massive unemployment, starvation even - the sort of pill Greece and Spain are reeling under today. And don't kid yourselves about the benign approach of the IMF: they're controlled by the banks, and the banks want countries down on their knees so their ordinary clients can move in. The best international aid package from their point of view is an installed dictatorship where land rights and rights to natural resources can be sold off (or given away). Then the dictator buddy keeps the local population under control by intimidation, death squads, torture chambers, you name it. The standard Rx for any US involvement in other countries.

'The combination of deep demagogy and shallow thinking we experience in our 'enlightened' countries today will stun future historians', writes Lars Schaff. Oh if ever. The most common 'screed' on the situation in the Ukraine (or elsewhere for that matter) reveals a trait of Swedish society (perhaps found elsewhere) to simply follow along, to regurgitate what one's already been told, to 'fall in line', as Julian Assange noted about academic institutions in general and professor Marcello di Noli noted about Sweden in particular.

The so-called 'pro-Russian separatist rebels' didn't start shit, as Lars Schaff reminds us. They held referendums of their own - Donetsk and Lugansk - and the people had their say, and their say is that their provinces be more independent (but still part of the Ukraine) because no one in their right mind wants to be affiliated with the Nuland Nazis.

The current conflict, a conflict Lars calls 'the war of aggression', was launched indeed by the Ukrainian leaders - and more importantly: was launched within minutes of the announcement of the results in the presidential election. The 'anti-Kiev forces', as they more properly should be called, were ready for the attack, but they didn't harm a fly. At no time have they entertained (or been interested in) any act of aggression against, for example, the west of the country (the cradle of Nazism, Lviv) or the centre (Kiev). No. They just waited and prepared for the bombardment they knew would come.

And come it did.

How about Vladimir Putin? Tough one. Crimea was easy. They're even more anti-Kiev, they fought like few others against the German and Bandera Nazis, they were not about to let that happen again. And when the putsch announced they were going to outlaw their native tongue and re-legalise Nazi symbolism, they needed no more: they took to the streets in manifests against the US coup, and their regional government picked up the hint, announced a national referendum, and the rest is history. It was to no one's surprise that the election turnout was massive and the vote to apply for membership in the Russian Federation was almost unanimous: who would want to linger behind with the likes of Yatsenyuk, Yarosh, and the other Nazis? Hadn't World War Two seen the end of fascism and Nazism? Not if you lived in the Ukraine it hadn't. And these Russian people, part of Russia since 1783 and only recently (1954 by Nikita, himself a Ukrainian) been put under the administration of the Ukraine, were not going to let their lives be turned inside out any longer. Russia will now protect them from the Kiev goons, and that's what they want, even though it's still a bit tense having people like that on their border.

Donbass was another matter. Putin's been aware all along of the neocon shadow at State in Washington: those maniacs really truly no-joke want all-out nuclear war with Russia. They're so far gone that they truly believe they'll win. An all-out nuclear war. That's how bad it is, those are the people who run - and ruin - our planet. They would embrace the chance to take on Russia as Germany once did. All they need is an opportunity - an excuse. And as we see today, the kinds of excuses they find are about as good as Germany's were.

They were after Putin and Russia over Sochi, now over this, and he's the only one in that vainglorious mess that remains incorruptible. And very patient. Oh so patient. No hot-tempered shenanigans like Mr Ketchup. No fighting his own military, no trigger-happy. Putin's patient. It suits his personality and it's the only way to go anyway, the only option. He couldn't say 'no' to the people of Donbass, so he organised a 280-lorry convoy of humanitarian aid. After months of shelling schools and daycares and hospitals and ambulances, all in an attempt to eradicate the peoples of Donbass and - dare they hope - provoke Russia into an act which could be used by the US and NATO to launch the invasion they're itching for, Kiev put the clamps on the convoy and stalled them up at the border for ten days. All the while the peoples were starving, without water, without electricity or phones - and that's only the ones who somehow survived, spending their days and nights below ground in makeshift shelters. Too bad for the over two thousand they've already murdered, in a type of atrocity the world's not seen for a long time.

'Media in Sweden are almost unanimously propagandistic in favour of the attacking Ukrainian forces, spearheaded by neo-Nazis', continues Lars Schaff. Indeed. And worse still for the erstwhile bleeding hearts of Sweden: there is no outcry for compassion.

'The way our media palliate the Nazi connection is quite remarkable', he continues. 'Remarkable' is the delicate way of putting it. But here we're talking about a country that gladly could function as the Benjamin Syrsa of the civilised world - but that 40 years ago started falling under the shadow of the fascism of Carl Bildt, a jezebel of the highest order who won't even try to hide the fact that he collaborates with the CIA, a man personally vetted by the CIA already in his early 20s, then given the red carpet treatment by the US ever since, who's openly informed for them... A man who fits every definition of 'spy' and 'agent of influence'. And who still, in the bizarre Sweden of today, continues to get away with it.

'The Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera is still honoured by large groups wearing swastika-like symbols.' Indeed. Bandera is a national hero - at least to the troglodytes who fuel the mania, get people out by the tens of thousands in the middle of the night to march in Nazi parades. Powerful and dangerous people who get little of the popular vote but still manage - think Germany 1930s - to get into power.

Who's running their 'domestic forces' today? Who's the one person Nuland told Pyatt must remain close to the people in power, as his advice was crucial? How many Ukrainian oligarchs today have militias of their own which work together with the dreaded Right Sector Nazis?

Nazism should and must always be condemned, never tolerated, under any circumstances, no exceptions. Yet this isn't happening. Sweden's MFA lets himself be photographed with the worst of the Nazis, even flies into Kiev to advise them; Kerry brings his son on board to profit with them; McCain holds one of his crazy speeches on stage with them; and the head of the CIA comes into town right before the attack to advise them on how to proceed. (Rank's paper on the matter was leaked to the public. Read it.) Yet where are the media?

A few voices are heard outside Sweden's infamous duckpond, but none inside.

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