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Snowden to Sweden?

A Very Bad Idea™.

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ANKEBORG (Rixstep) — All of a sudden this evening Swedish media are in a frenzy about Edward Snowden and a last minute attempt to get him to Sweden - to not only guarantee him safe passage but to get him to stay. To give him asylum.

That would be a Very Bad Idea™.

The only reason Swedes can say something like this today is Carl Motherfucking Bildt is in the maid's closet at RAND. The goons supported by Karl Rove can return at any time. Bildt already sabotaged an awards ceremony solely because Edward Snowden was hurting his lords and masters in Langley. Snowden is not safe in Sweden and never will be.

But there's more to it. For the Swedish Greens, coming out of a disastrous week that saw their popularity plummet, have felled intelligent remarks like the following.

'It's a shame for both Sweden and the EU that Putin, a democratically dubious leader, is the only one that offers the hero Edward Snowden asylum.'

Russians would surely be happy to learn their beloved Volodya is 'dubious'. Taking the country out of the genocidal clutches of the US and their Swedish lackeys in the 1990s, Putin's concentrated on one thing and one thing only: building the country back up again.

This includes repairing the infrastructure, improving the standard of living for everyone, curbing the oligarchy bleed without causing a civil war, and - get ready - responding to questions from Russians at large in yearly marathon sessions up to five hours long where anyone can and does ask anything they like. And Volodya sits there and calmly and factually answers their questions.

He even fielded a question (in English) from Edward Snowden.

Snowden of course believes Volodya was hiding something, but even so: what Putin does is a far cry from what we see in the west, where our politicians are anything but factual and open, where they regularly lie to us, where things just get worse and worse all the time.

The US and the west have been on a campaign against Putin for fifteen years, all the while the Russians have understandably grown more fond of the former 'apparatchik'. Putin doesn't play ball. He's boring and plays by the old book - he follows rules (and laws) and nobody can figure out how to bribe the bastard, so unlike Yeltsin, who was right in the pocket of the US, drunk most of the time, and who needed a crack PR team from California to win reelection in 1996.

Putin's enormously popular in Russia, and for many a good reason. Here are a few.

  • He stopped a major conflict in Syria.
  • He stuck up for the Crimeans.
  • He avoided an escalated conflict in Donbass.
  • He gave asylum to Edward Snowden.

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