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Margot Sticks Out

Does she want John Kerry's job? Or Jen Psaki's?

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GUSTAV ADOLFS TORG (SWEDEN'S FOREIGN OFFICE HQ) (Rixstep) — Bildt did this all the time. But everyone knew he had an agenda - he'd been sucking up to the yanks already by 1973. But Margot Wallström? Sweden's most beloved politician? The one who pushed to recognise Palestine? The one who dared call the Saudis 'medieval'? So if this isn't part of an agenda, one must conclude that she's somewhere between uninformed and incompetent. Read on.

Sweden's MFA Margot Wallström unleashed an op-ed a month ago tomorrow. To the 'Moderate' daily SvD. It reads like something Carl Bildt might publish there. But it's Margot supposedly writing this drivel.

'Russia a serious threat to European peace'

Yup, that's what it says. The piece itself starts even better.

'A year ago, they took the final steps to complete Russia's occupation and unlawful annexation of Crimea.'

Who, Margot? The Crimeans? They wanted to leave Ukraine. And who'd blame them? There are more neo-Nazis crawling around Kiev and Lviv than there are in Sweden! The bastards were holding midnight torchlight parades and denouncing the Crimeans as subhumans and threatening to wipe them all out. The Russian language was going to be forbidden. Do you know what a Nazi is, Margot? Or is that before your time - and your schooling? Did you pay attention in class when they spoke of the Nazi atrocities? Vladimir Putin had two members of his family wiped out in WW2, Margot; how did your family fare?

And now your meathead of a PM is not going to attend a ceremony for the defeat of the Nazis? Because of 'Russian aggression' in Ukraine? Are you kidding us? You're what's left of the party of Olof Palme?

'Back then we could see how Russian military without national insignias step by step took control of the Ukrainian peninsula...'

By 'Ukrainian peninsula' you mean Crimea of course? That 'Ukrainian peninsula' which since the 1700s, and only because of a blooper by Ukrainian Nikita Khrushchev back in the 1950s who moved administration of Crimea to the Ukrainian soviet, has been Russian?

The coup in Kiev wasn't legal, Margot. Check your facts again. They didn't get the required votes to make their coup legal. The coup was illegal, Margot. Close only counts in horse shoes.

Let's take another matter while we're at it, Margot. If those soldiers didn't have any national identification, how could you know they were Russian? Did you get that info from Carl Bildt?

You do realise the Russians had every right to be there anyway, right? That they had by agreement a right to have 25,000 soldiers there to defend their naval base? (But they only had 16,000 - you know that too, right?)

You do realise how dangerous the situation was with Banderite Nazis, backed by Victoria Nuland, knocking at their door?

What would have happened to Crimea if they hadn't voted to seek membership in the Russian Federation? The US would have gotten what they wanted, wouldn't they? The jewel. And you'd have been pleased with that, Margot?

When's the last time you checked a map of Europe, Margot? Compared maps of 1991 with those of 2014? Not an inch further to the east, said Baker to Shevardnadze, said Reagan to Gorby, back in 1991. The same Reagan who backed Contras in Nicaragua.

And you accuse the Russians of aggression? The US with their 800+ military bases in over 3/4 of the countries of the world today, their fleets who control every coast on the planet, control the Mediterranean, who'd love to get that base in Sevastopol - the US who invade country after country and have been doing so since the end of WW2?

(Shall we see your name in the next tranche of cables released to WikiLeaks, Margot?)

And you accuse the Russians of aggression? The Russians who sacrificed 30,000,000 lives to defeat the Nazis in WW2? The Russians who saw NATO formed in 1949 as a response to the threat of a land invasion by a country that just lost 30,000,000 in the war, and to the formation of the Warsaw Pact which was formed first six years afterwards?

Did you too go to Östra Real, the Carl Bildt 'Moderate' version of modern history? That's right - your fathead PM can't attend the ceremony because of 'Russian aggression'.

How many military bases do the Russians have outside Russia? Was it two? Or perhaps three? And you're worried about Russia?

And Margot. Shall we talk 'democracy' for a moment.

Did you ever think about asking the Crimeans what they want, Margot?

We all know what they want. They're very happy about the outcome. And you know it. But you fancy-arsed politicians, serving agendas of foreign powers, are going to try to lord it over them? Like with that Irish vote where you told BBC HARDtalk that you'd go on and keep holding referendums until the people voted right?

There are Nazis crawling all over Ukraine, Margot. Over one million in Donbass have fled the terror of your friends in Kiev. They've fled into Russia where they're treated well. And your own newspapers are trying to hide that fact. The Russians have continually tried to assuage the pain of an outright genocide with convoy after convoy after convoy of humanitarian aid - but your papers hide that as well.

The junta installed in Kiev - with elements of a movement (Svoboda) that's been condemned by the EU and with the infamous Right Sector with their assassination squads - are the first genuinely Nazi government installed anywhere since World War Two.

Doesn't that mean anything to you? Doesn't something sink in for you, albeit slowly?

Do you want your country to be taken seriously again, Margot? No one takes Sweden seriously today, Margot. Not the way they used to. Olof Palme would have browbeaten you for what you're doing today, Margot. You do remember Olof Palme, don't you?

We don't have to be pro-Russian or pro-anyone, Margot, to realise we're simply not 'pro' the bullshit you're spewing out.

You might get Swedes to swallow the bullshit, Margot, but only because news is harshly filtered and skewed by media at home. But for anyone able to access news sources outside Sweden, you come off as an incompetent fool. A puppet. A bad puppet only serving the interests of a cruel master.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, Margot. Almost every great thinker in the world is against you. John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti... And that's only the ones still living in the belly of the beast.

Stop embarrassing us, Margot. Du är vårt ansikte utåt, Margot. Stop making us all look like simple-minded idiots.

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