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Inside the Mind of Marianne Ny

Being an annotation of a published timeline of an eminent research prosecutor. Happy holidays.

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STOCKHOLM/GÖTEBORG/LONDON (Rixstep) — An agreement has finally been reached between Country of Sweden™ and the Republic of Ecuador on the interview of Julian Assange. So things are going well? Considering Marianne Ny's performance as Curator of History™, who knows?

The information provided at Marianne Ny's website changes by the day; here's a recent impression of a very crucial document - her 'timeline' for events in the case.


But as can be seen, the document has been meticulously scrubbed. So why don't others help Marianne Ny keep better track of events? For who knows - someday it might prove to be important!

Inside the Mind of Marianne Ny

Going directly to the archive:

20 August 2010
The duty prosecutor orders the arrest of Julian Assange, suspected of rape and molestation.

She sure did! Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand's her name. And she was contacted right away by that pinnacle of yellow journalism known as Expressen and, in breach of her office, corroborated details of the case, evidently adding a few surprises of her own.

For case files had been opened for Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén.

Expressen's martini-drinking Rottweiler, Agent 000 Niklas Svensson, was out at the prime minister's summer residence in Harpsund at the time, watching the PM and his power friends eat crayfish and guzzle vodka (of course without drinking a drop himself). The photographer assigned to him, Stefan Söderström, suddenly got an SMS, presumably from Diamant Salihu at their HQ in Marieberg, asking him to scoot into town, as word had it Assange would soon be nicked, and Expressen of course wanted to have a photographer there for a double page splash with photos of the arrest.

Editor-in-chief Thomas Mattsson was likely still miffed that his rag was the only one in town Assange wouldn't grace with an online Q&A chat. And as Niklas Svensson was to later reveal, after trying to elbow everyone else off the story so he could claim it as his own, this Assange scoop was the BIGGEST in their entire publishing history! As for publishing Assange's name, something strictly forbidden in the Country of Sweden™, Mattsson later said that it was justified because 'Assange was such a well-known name' (which of course means nothing in that context) and mentioning nothing of the visions of sugared kronor in his eyes.

21 August 2010
The case is transferred to a prosecutor at City Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm.

That would be Eva Finné, considered one of the country's sharpest (and most honest and far sharper than Marianne Ny). She wasn't at the office that day, a Saturday, but out at her country estate. The official timeline mentions nothing of why Finné was contacted. She was contacted because the clumsy behaviour of the police and prosecutor had stirred up a shit-storm online and Country of Sweden™ needed to scramble into Damage Control Mode™ - illa kvickt.

Already that same day, Finné would dismiss the rape allegations against Assange, stating that there was no evidence of a crime (inget brott begåtts). She clarified that she had no reason to doubt the testimony of Sofia Wilén, but there simply wasn't a crime committed. (Eva Finné is a hardworking, very professional attorney; she has no agenda.)

At approximately the same time, the police came to the flat of Anna Ardin, who only hours earlier (and by all accounts severely hungover) had blurted to them that she still had the condom she and Assange had used a week earlier. In a fright, Ardin procured a new condom, and ripped it in approximately the same way she'd described it to the police. (She evidently didn't think about the DNA or lack thereof, something the state crime lab would later note.) The Swedish media, all their 150+ sites, have dutifully kept this tidbit hidden all these years, even though the information is publicly accessible and was presented to the British courts.

25 August 2010
The prosecutor takes a decision to terminate the preliminary investigation concerning suspected rape.

A mere formality. The decision had been in effect made four days earlier.

27 August 2010
Lawyer Claes Borgström, legal representative of the women who reported Julian Assange, requests a review of the prosecutor's decision to terminate the preliminary investigation concerning rape. The review request is sent to the Prosecution Development Centre in Gothenburg.

Oh but so much is missing!

We have to first consider that Ardin and Wilén (one of them) contacted Borgström at the weekend, for first thing come Monday, Claes Borgström was hard at it.

The first thing Borgström did was apply to be their counsel. This can take a few days, but Borgström didn't wait. He contacted policeman Mats Gehlin straight away and asked for access to Wilén's testimony. As he wasn't yet appointed, he had no right to see it, but Gehlin gave it to him anyway.

This is where the plot thickens, for Borgström is said to be very 'good' at embellishing witness testimony. He redacted the testimony, adding things like 'Assange snored' and he acted 'like a real man' (to trigger the new prosecutor) and then sent it back to Gehlin.

But here comes a new problem. For the police doc system, which goes under the curious name DurTvå, is made to be secure. So as to, amongst other things, prevent tampering.

When constable Irmeli Krans, a friend of Ardin's (yes) who'd conducted the unfinished interrogation of Wilén, returned to work on Wednesday, she was greeted by a shambles. Her boss Gehlin ordered her to reinsert the testimony, now 'embellished' by Claes Borgström, into the DurTvå system. Which is impossible. So a bit of kerfuffle ensued. In the end, Gehlin ordered Krans to just put the goddamned document into the system, damn the torpedoes. The original testimony of Wilén is today lost to the world, whilst the testimony essentially given by Borgström is in there with the wrong date and everything, and with Borgström's 'triggers'.

And on rolls Sweden's justice train.

And Borgström didn't wait until the 27th to contact Marianne Ny. And it should be also added that a prosecutor has no justification for walking over another prosecutor as Marianne Ny had done - unless of course new 'evidence' has come to light. Marianne Ny had a condom on its way to the state crime lab - but no more. And that condom essentially blew up in her face. But as the compliant Swedish media decided to not blow her cover, she could proceed. Now five years have passed.

1 September 2010
Marianne Ny, Director of Public Prosecution, takes a decision to resume the preliminary investigation concerning the suspected rape. The preliminary investigation on sexual molestation is expanded to cover all the events in the crime reports.

This is the day Marianne Ny officially gets the reins of the investigation. Remarkably, she appoints herself as chief police investigator! (Considering how she also presented herself as a member of the judiciary, nothing should surprise.) She also announces quite dramatically that hers will be a very thorough investigation, and 'no stone will be left unturned'. (Such irony.) Then she goes on to add an amusing level of hyperbole to all the allegations, not unlike Borgström.

September 2010
The investigation is underway.

Oh this is too rich! September is the most eventful month of them all! But all the previous information has been studiously redacted from her site.

27 September 2010
Julian Assange is arrested in his absence.

Yes. Officially at 14:15 that afternoon, according to Britt Svensson at MN's office. So much we know:

Assange had tired of waiting to be interviewed, and had urgent business in Berlin (and later London). So he finally asked if he could get out for a while.

MN's assistant replied (they didn't always reply) to say that yes, Assange could depart if he wished.

Assange packed and left for the Arlanda airport about midday. He was evidently being shadowed by at least three domestic intel agencies.

The warrant for his arrest, kept secret by Marianne Ny, was propitiously issued after his departure for the airport but before his flight to Berlin took off.

Assange's luggage (laptops for the staff at SPIEGEL) was disappeared from behind the checkin counter. Subsequent attempts to investigate this disappearance were derailed by the Swedish police.

October 2010

And October 2010? Where is October 2010? Marianne Ny made an entire month disappear? Even Winston Smith's bosses weren't that good! But let's take a leisurely walk down memory lane for ourselves, shall we?

Well, Julian was supposed to return to Stockholm in early October. Why? Because he wanted to clear up the case and, it would seem, he still hadn't fully understood what kind of 'cat and mouse' game Marianne Ny was playing. His lawyer Björn Hurtig had tried to set up arrangements for an interview, but Marianne Ny nixed all the suggestions for one reason or another (including her fav policeman was sick) and this over her assistant Erika Lejnefors. When Hurtig and Assange heard about the arrest warrant from 27 September, they were most likely very sceptical, but Marianne Ny promised them that Assange could return for an interview without being arrested.

Then she went and did the exact opposite. Hurtig was told to stay in his office after hours the evening Assange was to return to Stockholm; he's since debited the district court for this time, and Lejnefors corroborated for the court accountants. Marianne Ny told Hurtig that he'd be needed as his client would soon be 'in custody'.

Assange found out about this; whether it was Hurtig or someone else isn't known; but Assange got word of the ambush and stayed away. At which point Marianne Ny lost her ish and went for a new arrest warrant, finally issued 18 November.

That should fill in a lot of the blanks. And what was Marianne Ny supposed to do? Write that she'd try to double-cross an attorney and his client, but managed to fuck it all up?

18 November 2010
Marianne Ny orders the detention of Julian Assange, with probable cause, suspected of rape, three cases of sexual molestation and illegal coercion. This measure is taken as it has been impossible to interview him during the investigation.

That's all true, save for the final sentence. Julian Assange was available all along, but Marianne Ny ignored him (as she's done ever since). And after issuing a secret warrant (perhaps to provide the legal fiction for disappearing his laptops at the airport) and then making up to Hurtig, and then promising there'd be no incarceration for Assange if he returned, she went and plotted to do the exact opposite.

Assange was available all along - it was Marianne Ny who was deliberately sabotaging the legal process. Over and over again.

Stockholm District Court takes a decision to detain Julian Assange in accordance with the Prosecutor's request.

This is true, but it suggests something that is not true. The court didn't look through Marianne's application; they rarely do; they simply took her at her word.

In order to execute this decision, the Prosecutor takes a decision to issue an international warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange, a European Arrest Warrant.

At which point the case left the country as well. And right on the heels of the EAW comes the Red Notice, something even Gaddafi didn't get.

But there's nothing at all fishy about this case. Oh no.

What is certain is that, with the way Marianne Ny keeps revising her own timeline, and removing massive chunks of it, that Sweden's wobbly judicial system simply cannot be trusted. As long as Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny is anywhere around.

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.
 -INGSOC doctrine

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