No justice could possibly be done to such a masterpiece of fouled-up English, outright UCITA threats, contradictory misspelled words, et al., without being reproduced in toto.

Thank your DUNGEON MASTER for being so kind.

Anomaly Industries Software Agreement

Revised February 8 2003

Please read before registering your Application

Anomaly Industries grants you the right to use the application. The application is licensed to you, you do not in anyway own the application, it is still considered property of Anomaly Industries. The code must remain unchanged, unmodified, unedited, and still give credit to those who contributed to it. In no way is the application at any time your property.

The license allows you to use the serial number by the individual it is licensed to. Under no circumstances is this serial number to be freely distributed via any means to any other persons unless
1.The prices of $5.00 US is transfered
2.Any software that is licensed to the first party is destroyed before transferring the license
3.The second party had read the software agreement, and understands it completely

If this agreement is violated at anytime, Anomaly Industries can revoke you licensing privilege, where at that time you must destroy any copies of licensed software in your possession.

Do not in anyway distribute serial numbers via any means, be it electronic, mechanical or otherwise. Such action shall result in a violation of this agreement and the consequences listed above.