AI History

Besides a great software company that delivers decent applications at low, low prices, Anomaly Industries is a caring, loving leader in the software industry.

Anomaly Industries began as an experiment with a Macintosh computer and a spunky go-getter by the name of Kevin. Kevin, having just installed OS X 10.0 onto his G4 tower, quickly realized that all had not gone to plan, and wanted to remove the OS as quickly and cleanly as possible. OS X, being very different than OS 9 and OSs before that, did not have two or three folders that stored all of its files, instead it had the entire hard drive packed with little invisible files here and there that were difficult to get rid of without erasing the drive. Not being one to accept this as the final fate of the G4, Kevin quickly set out to create a program to rid the hard drive of the invisibles, and be done with that install of OS X. Harnessing his programming knowledge, Kevin began coding, and didn't stop until the program was done. The end result, Utilit-é v1. It became apparent that Kevin was not the only person with this need for a file management program, so he decided to distribute the software under the name Anomaly Industries.

But all was not well in the Land of Anomaly. A hard drive crash on the iBook that was being used to perfect the app erased the project and with that the dream of a once perfect Anomaly Industries. Well, perhaps the dream was not erased with the hard drive, so Kevin began again, and the result of that, Utilit-é, version 2.

But what of Hg3 you ask? Well that story is equally, if not more uninteresting than the last. Hg3 started out as a crappy little mp3 player, it got erased too, so Kevin decided to make a descent [sic] second version, as he was tired of iTunes and wanted to change his songs without using the Dock menu. And so a start was born.

That was about a couple of months ago in April of '02. After some tweaking, and submitting to a couple of download sites, Hg3 has a small user base, and has brought some popularity to Anomaly Industries. So much as to prompt us to make this web site just to handle the traffic, and we hope that Hg3, along with the other Anomaly applications will keep growing.

Oh yeah, Kevin got Briton to work on the web site when Kevin himself was busy with Hg3, so Briton just became the web master, and has also started his own programming. Jeremy goes to school with Briton and has a programming past, he himself is responsible for 'RandomTrashcan', of which I know little, but he seems to know what he is doing.