"AquaTech is a private group of student programmers.

"David Russo and Daniel Fitzpatrick co-founded AquaTech on March 4, 2003.

"There are currently 18 people working for AquaTech.

"AquaTech is mainly a software manufacturing company.

"AquaTech also provides simple and free web services.

"AquaTech only makes software for Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Linux.

"However, if AquaTech starts to expand within the next couple years, it will probably start to make its own hardware as well.

"There is also a possibility that AquaTech will design its own operating system.

"If they do though, it will not be for at least five years or so.

"Currently, AquaTech has only made one application...

Rigth [sic] now, AquaTech does all of their programming, software making, website designing, etc. in Maryland. But, by the end of this summer, most of it will take place in southern California."