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(For those who don't get the joke with this piece of junk, here it is: This is none other than Ali Ozer's TextEdit, the source code to which is available on every developer CD for free. Worse still, these "geniuses" at "Aquatech" didn't even have to compile the code - all they had to do was get the "NIB" open in Interface Builder and put all those dumbass buttons in there. Cover the upper area of the window and you will see it is EXACTLY the same as TextEdit. The reason they're having "some trouble" opening files from other programs is they haven't a clue what they're doing, or what TextEdit is, what Cocoa's text engine is, or any of that. Yes, they're that dumb and greedy. But hey - those buttons are convenient, aren't they? Possibly worst is the "Speak Text" radio button group - it's "either/or": You have to pick the one or the other. Check your Edit menu and see if it works that way. Of course it doesn't.)

"Novel is the very first application that AquaTech created. Novel is a simple word processing application that is very easy to use. It has the same features as other word processing applications do, only in a much more convenient way.

"This is a beta version, and has some trouble opening files made in other word programs."