Plain Text Editor 1.2

Ah, the plain text editor. Simple, small program, easy to use, fast to load - don't we have that already? Ali Ozer's TextEdit for OS X - the system default - is 500 KB on disk. Ali's been working on that program since 1995, and Ali really knows how to program. This "Plain Text Editor" is FIVE TIMES that size (a crushing 2.4 MB or 2,207,008 bytes for just the executable - and this guy is so dumb he somehow gets a few .DS_Store files in there), offers a minute fraction of the functionality of TextEdit - and costs $10 more. AlphaOmega have been written up in all those magazines? So what - don't buy this shite. The nimrod who wrote this in R***b***c couldn't even supply a standard app icon - he's still doing it as a null-sized file with a resource fork, the way it was done something like eight years ago. But what can you expect from a cracker jack named "Pascal"? (For a real treat in the ugly and gory, visit the author's personal home page here - and don't say you weren't warned.)

"You miss a text editor able to open, edit and save pure text files? You want special features such as scrolling through all opened windows, unlimited number of undo or text wrapping and unwrapping? Then Plain Text Editor is what you need!"