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ACP 2.1

A complete upgrade.

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沖縄県 (Rixstep) -- Version 2.1 of the ACP and the Xfile System will be released in early December. This upgrade is for all users. All applications, command line tools, service bundles, and screen saver bundles should be upgraded. Note: this is for 10.6 only.

√ CLIX. 2,011 commands follow with this release.
√ All ACP/Xfile apps and tools. Rebuilt for version bump.
√ ACP Framework. Retooled to allow client garbage collection.
√ CLIX. CLIX now allows passphrases in any character set in the Unicode BMP.
√ Classes. Application loses a legacy Objective-C runtime data field but is now 64-bit.
√ Tracker (Portable). Application rebullt with a workaround for the Apple bug described here.
√ ACP Framework. Rebuilt for version bump. Note: legacy Leopard software is no longer compatible.
√ Rorschach. Rebuilt to require garbage collection (necessary for new 64-bit screen saver framework).
√ Xstat. New app. Secrets and details found in the documentation.

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