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Tracker Playback

Rixstep's unique system scanner adds a cool feature.

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Tracker is Rixstep's one of a kind file system scanner. It follows and monitors changes to your file system through an application run, an application install, over reboots or not - anything you want.

Tracker shows you what's transpired within a given time frame and gives you file management capabilities for 'cleanup' operations all in the same app.

Tracker is one of a kind. Unknown, untested, or untrusted software shouldn't be run without it.

A slight drawback up to now: you have to complete your 'cleanup' before you exit. You can export the results of the system scan in text format but you have to work through this text file in the future to pick up any stray items you want to further investigate or eradicate.

Tracker Playback eliminates that need. Simply hitting ⇧⌘P (Playback) or choosing the command from the File menu gives you the opportunity to save a 'freeze dried' archive of your current session. Drop this file on any Tracker document window at any time and your archive is restored and you can continue your cleanup operations.

Tracker Playback is available in ACP and Xfile versions 10.4-10.6 as well as the Xfile Test Drive released today.

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