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Lots More Ways to Leave Your Lover

Get yourself free. Introducing ACP templates.

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Make sure you have your Dear John or Dear Sally at the ready. Use TempEdit to tweak the text.


Fire up Outbox and put in your own address, your addressee, and a poignant subject line.


Go to your Window menu and select 'Templates' (or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Y).


Double-click 'Dear Sally' in the popup.


Your template has been inserted. Fill in the recipient's name and send the letter.

ACP templates are an eminently scaleable system-wide feature. They're totally managed by the ACP Framework. All ACP client applications can opt in for the feature. No client code has been changed.

ACP templates are managed by the new ACP application TempEdit. Any text can be used as a template; double-clicking the template title in the popup inserts the template text at the insertion point in the key text view.

There's no longer any need to learn new syntax to write HTML files - or any other type of files for that matter.

Get yourself free.
 - Paul Simon

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