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gets serious.

XX transforms files through a predefined succession of 'find/replace' commands. The idea builds on Xsed. But in contrast to Unix sed Xsed is not a true 'stream editor' - it loads files and then performs the requested transformation. So there's really no reason to not perform a succession of transformations if that's what's needed.

Creating and managing XX files is much as with CLIX or Xbase — the main difference being you yourself determine the order of the commands.

You change the order of the commands by simply moving them where you want them.

You can also copy drag and move commands between XX documents, save and open XX documents, and so forth.

When you're ready just assemble the list of files to be processed and drop them anywhere on your XX document window. XX shows you which files it's processing as well as the transformation it's currently running.

Finally XX reports on the total number of transformations and changed files.


Because XX saves your transformations - and places them on screen where you want them - it's the perfect tool for assembling small 'recipes' you need from time to time.

Download a site directory to change it; double click your XX file and drop all the files on the XX window; and 'WHOOSH' it's all done. With one drag of the mouse.

Talk about improving workflow.

XX is the second ACP application to utilise Rixstep's extended attribute technology. Click here.

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