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Stuffit, Stuffit.
Ya bum, BOM.

Zippit is to Stuffit what archiving is to expansion. Zippit compresses your files, something the free Stuffit will not do for you (for that you'd have to pay dearly). Both bzip2 and gzip are there on your disk, but they might be a pain and a bother to both use and learn. Drop a directory on Zippit, or browse to it, and in a flash it's been zippited.

And so has Stuffit. And so have Apple's fork-laden offerings.

And now that 10.4 and 10.5 are upon us and we're given 'enhancements' to command line tools so those resource forks get stuffed in all over the place - and no longer by Stuffit but by the system itself - one needs a tool to placate one's confused and upset friends on other platforms who've never before seen a .DS_Store file, much less a resource fork on it, and would prefer to never see either of them again.

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