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The OmniFocus Project: CleanApp

How good are the app uninstallers?

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CleanApp is the weirdest of the lot. For starters, it takes a staggering 65 MB on disk. So if you want to remove files to recover disk free space, you need to get rid of 65 MB before the thing starts paying off.

1346 items, 65613216 bytes, 133552 blocks, 307832 bytes in extended attributes.

[For the technically astute, that's 65.2109375 MB real disk space.]

The second thing is the sheet that comes up as soon as you drop something on the window. This is just plain weird.

The third is the obnoxiously big window that comes up. The following dump is reduced from an original size of 1030x594. All the other apps strain to be as discrete as possible; this one seems to want to go out of its way to annoy.

The fourth is the obnoxious overload of graphics. What are those speedometers on the right?

But it's cool how the app explains how it finds things - the one instance of caches and the two preference files by using the bundle identifier, and the cache in ~/Library/Application Support by looking for the application name.

But CleanApp, for all its 65 MB on disk, still doesn't find as much as AppDelete.

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