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The OmniFocus Project: Epilogue

How good are the app uninstallers?

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To put it bluntly, the 'app uninstaller' is pretty bloody useless. All you really need is something like this and you can do most of the uninstalling yourself.

More accurately: you can easily accomplish what these uninstallers do on your own. They're only searching your home area for files with similar names.

But as the table shows, there's not much they pick up and invariably there'll be a lot they leave behind.

You can do more from your command line than you can with all the app uninstallers in the world. Study the Unix command find and learn how it can find files based on their time stamps.

Take what you read online and at the links below with a grain of salt. Most of the writers and commenters are clueless. They claim utility A is good, utility B is not, but they have no way of testing. (The MacRumors guide is actually pretty good however.)

And as you read comments online such as those below, ask yourself how people are testing their uninstallers. Then ask them the same thing. Best of luck.

'Gah, I just use AppCleaner, it's free! What's there to complain about?'
'The fact that if you try Amnesia you'll see it will pick up things AppCleaner doesn't!!'
'Great list, I'm using AppZapper since a few months and I think it's amazing.'
'AppCleaner is what I have been using. I find it very easy to use. AppZapper is awesome too... but of course AppCleaner is free.'
'I use AppCleaner. Seems to work very well on any applications that don't come supplied with their own uninstall utility.'
'Definitively AppCleaner! I've been using it and I wouldn't replace it! Good and simple and it does it [sic] job!'
'I dont want to bother thinking about what to delete, i guess AppTrap is something for me.'

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