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The Bad

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Pay me money or get lost forever.

CleanMyMac 1.5.1
Please don't anthropomorphise Mac computers. They really hate that.

FileBuddy 8
This is a great app - it's just not OS X.

FTP Clients
A good FTP client is essential for website administration - now try telling that to Mac users.

iPulse 1.0.3
Get yer oxymorons here!

Mozilla Fire[bird|fox]
The new 'lean and mean' Mozilla browser.


OmniWeb 5.0
Instant access to the world's growing information infrastructure.

Path Finder 3.0.1
What would Doug McIlroy say?

Where is Matthias Wille?

Transmit 2.6.2
Transmit 2.6.2: Point By Point
It looks good but...

Three kinds of lies.

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