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Camino 0.7

Mozilla Foundation

Camino - formerly called Chimera - is the strongest offering out of the Mosaic/Netscape camp since version 3 'gold' went its way for Netscape 4 several years ago. It's also a completely native OS X browser, with a look - unlike its big sibling - concomitant with Aqua (Moz hasn't changed appearance in seven years, still sporting those ugly green and purple toolbar buttons - even on the Mac).

Camino is also fairly stable today, and those who claim Safari is even faster are feeding on their own hype: the difference in speed is dramatic. Unfortunately, Camino does not have the light footprint of Safari, weighing in at 21.1 MB even after trimming, and it really likes to put its 'doo-doo' all over your disk without documenting where the droppings are going.

And while Safari has made the transition to a textured window interface, ostensibly with the approval of the HI group in Cupertino, Camino remains in the standard Aqua camp.

Camino is not a bad browser; it's about as good as it gets; but then there's Safari, and the name of the game changes overnight.

Still, it's worth a try.

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