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Cocoa Browser 0.4.1

Hoshi Takanori, Max Horn, and Simon Liu

Functionally identical to Andy Lee's excellent AppKiDo, Class Browser by Hoshi Takanori, Max Horn, and Simon Liu comes with a GPL licence, meaning the source code is included, and you can twiddle with it to get it just the way you like.

Class Browser opens with four browser columns at the top and a display area at the bottom. The root nodes for the Foundation and App Kit are already filled in. You can browse by the topics General, Classes, and Protocols, and you also get the option of using the Objective-C or the Java documentation trees.

The implementation of Cocoa Browser is somewhat incomplete: the Find function, accessible off the menu bar as with text editing programs, will not delve into the hierarchy of the documentation as Andy Lee's program will.

Nor are there any frills, such as the drawer AppKiDo provides, for faster and easier access.

As with AppKiDo, certain links will launch your browser to access the relevant page.

But it's all open source, meaning you are free to improve the program any way you can.

Just remember it's GPL, and any addition you make to it has to be GPL too.

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