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MacJanitor: A Few Clicks, A 308 KB Download

The one good thing about this program is it's free (as in beer).

You can see a screen shot of it here, and you can download it here.

It's a 308 KB download.

What does MacJanitor do? It runs your periodic scripts.

For 308 KB, all it does is encapsulate the following three scripts.

sudo periodic daily
sudo periodic weekly
sudo periodic monthly

That's all. Open a console (Terminal) and type in 'sudo periodic' and then 'daily', 'weekly', or 'monthly'. Go for it. Or simplify your life: try all three at once. Be bold.

sudo periodic daily weekly monthly

Your daily runs automatically at 3:15 AM; your weekly runs on Saturday mornings at 4:30 AM; your monthly runs early in the morning on the first of every month.

If your computer is off during the night and you miss the daily, run it when you start up again. If you miss a Saturday morning weekly, run it when you start up again. If you miss a monthly, run it when you start up again.

It's at least easier than managing kernel extensions. Twelve characters, two spaces, and a final parameter that makes you go back to the keyboard at most eight (8) times, including the struggle to find the Enter/Return key.

Or you could put on your drool bib, paint


on your forehead, and suck up the download.

It's your choice, Sir Clickalot.

If you really want to try and learn something - and suspect you may be ready for the challenge - click here.

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