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Quicksilver B5X

Vacuous Virtuoso (Ankur Kothari)
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Ankur Kothari's taken over the Quicksilver source. He's already done wonders with it. The current download is a mere 1685108 bytes expanding to 5 MB on disk. There are some plugins that don't yet work but the lean and mean façade reflects a total makeover of the innards you don't readily see.

If you're a Quicksilver fan this is the link to watch.


Cleaning Up Quicksilver

Kothari took over the Quicksilver source when the original author abandoned it. The original author made no bones about the source being in a state of disarray. A 17 year old student on his way to a pre-med education with about one year's experience with Cocoa, Kothari took on the task of cleaning it up. You can read about Kothari's project at the following link.


Quicksilver B5X is the antithesis of 'Landed Gentry' slop. Landed Gentry take note - if you can.

I wonder how long it'll take people to notice the Frankensteinian nature of the Quicksilver source and respond - appropriately - with pitchforks.
 - 'Alcor'

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