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He Thinks of Everything

Found in all versions of Transmit for OS X including 3.5.6 released in 2007:

  • Good: Transmit keeps a log of its session activity in ~/Library/Logs.
  • Bad: Unfortunately every new session window you open destroys the log already there and in use by the previous window.

Do like this.

  1. Launch Transmit and log in to a remote site. Do a couple of file listings in big directories to get the log output 'up there': the file system will flush the cache every 4096 bytes (4 KB).

  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Logs on your own computer and check the size of Transmit Transcript.log. If it is still zero, do some more file listings in Transmit (in the same session) until the size goes up to 4096 bytes (4 KB).

  3. Drag Transmit Transcript.log onto TextEdit, switch to TextEdit and 'Select All' (⌘A), copy to the clipboard (⌘C), close the TextEdit window (⌘W and then ⌘D to not save), open a new TextEdit window (⌘N), and paste the clipboard in (⌘V). Be sure to keep this window open and in full view.

  4. Switch back to Transmit and open a second session window (⌘N). Don't do anything with the window - you don't have to - just open it.

  5. Now drag Transmit Transcript.log back onto TextEdit and compare with the copy you already have.

[Better safe than sorry: finish this entertaining experiment by booting into your install DVD and running Disk Utility's 'Verify Disk' to make sure your file system hasn't been corrupted. Ed.]

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