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2020-11-29 Apple: Fight the Rot
No one likes Apple anymore.

2020-10-01 Keymaster
All your attribute are belong to us.

2020-07-29 Xfile
The standard-setter. Still invincible.

2020-06-27 Xframe Makes It to the Dark Side™
Xframe shines light on your Internet better than ever.

2020-11-28 Pushers & Hookers
Kick back. Enjoy the show.

2020-11-19 Apple Suicide Fanboys
Off the cliff.

2020-11-19 Apple's Enola Gay
Total control. It's in their DNA.

2020-11-15 I Want a Gold Mac
By Brendon C Bleebwart. All rights reserved.

2020-10-03 ForkLift 3.3.8
What are you looking for?

2020-09-10 Free Test Drive: All Your Attribute Are Belong To Us
The new free Test Drive for Catalina, Big Sur, and beyond. Now with Keymaster.

2020-09-26 Obscene
Watch where you tread, boy.

2020-09-19 Align, Bkgnd, Font, Frame, Spell
Extrapolating Redwood City past Cupertino and into the future.

2020-09-18 Li-Meng Yan
Why is Li-Meng Yan so important?

2020-09-07 NEW RELEASE: appleclean
Come join the movement.

2020-08-30 Honourable Apple
They're all honourable.

2020-08-30 BSD and Linux Thirty Years On
All is well - isn't it?

2020-08-19 Finding Your Fortune in Foster City
The trials and tribulations of Anthony Fauci's darling.

2020-03-18 The Rixstep Catalina Utilities and Tools
This is quite the collection. Check them out.

2020-08-03 Proton & Apple
There was once a hope.

2020-08-02 Auntie & Uncle
Never bother ever again.

2020-07-19 Apple's Support System
Everything at Apple leads underground.

2020-07-17 Sweden: The World's Last Feminist Government?
An ugly truth.

2020-07-05 Spike: Send it.
Apple's OS X comes bundled with a network utility...

2020-06-30 Big Sur Morlocks
'Don't stand there like fatted cattle - answer me!'

2020-07-17 16384
Way the F out there.

2020-02-09 The Catalina Files
The Catalina Files: a timeline of 79 previously published articles dating from when, some ten years ago, Rixstep first became aware that something was going very wrong at Apple, from the time of those first wobbly years after the 'merger' with NeXT, and through to the time when iPhone was first introduced and when major changes were subsequently made in the way Apple did business, and how they treated their customers and developers, and how they consequently incurred the condemnation of the industry, by everyone from Paul Graham to the New York Times to Forbes.

2020-02-07 Keymaster: Mind the gap!
History won't be kind to Tim Cook. Not computer history, not history in general. No corporation, public or otherwise, has so desecrated something so universally lauded and appreciated as Tim Cook's Apple did with Unix and NeXTSTEP. No other Unix platform makes such a mess of things. No other Unix platform attempts to constrict developers and users. Paul Graham didn't condemn other Unix platforms - only Apple.

2020-09-22 Come for the NeXT, leave for the Apple
Apple: what they can't get on their own, they can always get from their community.

2020-09-09 Apple Mercenaries
Despite the media hype, Apple's cryptographic seals are not secure.

2020-08-29 Apple's Hot Dogs
An Epic move.

2020-08-29 Leapfrog!
Stay good. Stay healthy. Thanks for watching.

2020-08-12 Worry
Giving something of oneself, and having something to give.

2020-08-08 Charlie and the fanboy factory
Better than chocolate. Roald would approve.

2020-08-04 Plain Text Editor 9.1
And Xojo? But why?

2020-07-19 What Happens?
If you ever consider using an Apple platform.

2020-07-01 Planned Obsolescence is Evil
You know which wires you can cut, which boxes you can remove.

2020-06-30 The Road Ends in Mojave
It doesn't go to Big Sur.

2020-06-17 Why You Need Keymaster
Techies will get it, for fanboys there's no hope. Guest op-ed by Brendon C Bleebwart.

2020-05-21 This might not be the time but...
Updates to both Keymaster Solo and the Test Drive.

2020-03-15 COVID19 Resource Page
Exponential growth. Don't forget.

2020-03-28 Containers
When will it end?

2020-03-11 Apple's NSDocumentController Taking Liberties
They did it again.

2020-03-09 The Apple Virus
It's real.

2020-02-15 The 2020 State of Malware
Stupidity should be painful.

2020-02-14 Surviving Apple
There certainly are limitations.

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