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New Test Drive

All Your Fanboys Are Belong To Us. 2023-01-01
A new rollout for the new year.

On Substack

Orientations & Associations 2023-01-16
Things keep getting confusinger?

Do Be Do Be Do 2023-01-14
The new app.

ACP CHANGELOG 2023-01-12
Do Be Do Be Do.

Stress Test 2023-01-01
One minute 40 seconds of complete boredom and then you see it.

Industry Watch

Do Be Do Be Do 2023-01-12
The new app.

Stress Test 2023-01-02
One minute 40 seconds of complete boredom and then you see it.

Past Masters 2022-12-27
Up to but not including today. All as one. Cheap.

Sweden's Navy On Site Before Nord Stream Explosions (Radsoft) 2022-10-04
Only 24 hours earlier, Sweden now confirms.

Odysee (The Technological) 2022-10-02
Twenty-five years behind.

Apple Apps Like To Phone Home. Ours Don't. 2022-08-04
We won't let them.

Apple Pay Antitrust Violations 2022-07-18
'Apple was not immediately available for comment.'

CLIX: Cheap and No Strings 2022-07-04
From academia to jet propulsion laboratories and around the globe...

They Came, They Saw, They Lied 2022-04-21
Journos create wars? Empire of Lies, continued.

Sometimes 2022-04-10
'Sweden creeps me out.'

Learning Curve

Orientations & Associations (Developers Workshop) 2023-01-16
Things keep getting confusinger?

Mac AVs, Cleaners, Optimisers 2022-10-10
After a while you just... From Radsoft.

20221002,00.clix 2022-10-02
Time to clean out Apple from Apple.

A Unix Primer for the Mac with Xfile 2022-09-08
Twenty-five years ahead of today.

Your Internet Can Be Your Computer 2022-07-17
'An address space for everything and everything in its own address space.'

ILOVEYOU2, PC Matic! 2022-07-16
Do like the cabbie.

Open File With Application 2022-05-09
A revisit.

Learn To Mode 2021-11-26
Study your octals. They're very important.

Teaching a Maccie Manners 2021-11-25
You can't add grey cells to an empty vessel.

Telegram 2021-10-05
Their sensitivities and standard cautions may not be the same as yours.

About Rixstep

Stockholm/London-based Rixstep are a constellation of programmers and support staff from Radsoft Laboratories who tired of Windows vulnerabilities, Linux driver issues, and cursing x86 hardware all day long. Rixstep have many years of experience behind their efforts, with teaching and consulting credentials from the likes of British Aerospace, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Lloyds TSB, SAAB Defence Systems, British Broadcasting Corporation, Barclays Bank, IBM, Microsoft, and Sony/Ericsson.

Rixstep and Radsoft products are or have been in use by Sweden's Royal Mail, Sony/Ericsson, the US Department of Defense, the offices of the US Supreme Court, the Government of Western Australia, the German Federal Police, Verizon Wireless, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Microsoft Corporation, the New York Times, Apple Inc, Oxford University, and hundreds of research institutes around the globe. See here.

All Content and Software Copyright © Rixstep. All Rights Reserved.

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Media Contact
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