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2020-05-21 PRESS RELEASE: This might not be the time but... | Industry Watch
Updates to both Keymaster Solo and the Test Drive.

2020-03-15 COVID19 Resource Page
Exponential growth. Don't forget.

2020-02-09 The Catalina Files | Industry Watch
The Catalina Files: a timeline of 79 previously published articles dating from when, some ten years ago, Rixstep first became aware that something was going very wrong at Apple, from the time of those first wobbly years after the 'merger' with NeXT, and through to the time when iPhone was first introduced and when major changes were subsequently made in the way Apple did business, and how they treated their customers and developers, and how they consequently incurred the condemnation of the industry, by everyone from Paul Graham to the New York Times to Forbes.

2020-02-07 Keymaster: Mind the gap! | ACP
History won't be kind to Tim Cook. Not computer history, not history in general. No corporation, public or otherwise, has so desecrated something so universally lauded and appreciated as Tim Cook's Apple did with Unix and NeXTSTEP. No other Unix platform makes such a mess of things. No other Unix platform attempts to constrict developers and users. Paul Graham didn't condemn other Unix platforms - only Apple.

2020-03-18 PRESS RELEASE: The Rixstep XA Utilities and Tools | Industry Watch
It's quite the collection!

2020-06-01 Zoom Says Apple Sucks | Learning Curve
Not exactly a news flash.

2020-05-17 Gab Did Something Big | Industry Watch
Surpasses anything else out there.

2020-03-31 Corona Updates | Industry Watch
There would seem to be a solution. Stop farting around.

2020-03-29 Bill Gates | Heroes Banquet
Don't feel too bad about all the money you squandered on Microsoft.

2020-03-28 #FuckCorona | Red Hat Diaries
'I'm standing here, holding a man who can't breathe.'

2020-03-28 Containers | Developers Workshop
When will it end?

2020-03-14 A Murderous System | Red Hat Diaries
There'd have been no case.

2020-03-11 Apple's NSDocumentController Taking Liberties | Developers Workshop
Apple did it again.

2020-03-09 The Apple Virus | Industry Watch
It's real.

2020-03-04 MHN RIP! | Industry Watch
There goes the neighbourhood, welcome back to the jungle.

2020-03-04 A Letter for Julian | Industry Watch
And free software for you. So please do your part - it's a worthy cause.

2020-02-26 Neon Moon by the Foxes and Fossils | Heroes Banquet
If you lose your one and only, there's always room here for the lonely.

2020-02-15 The 2020 State of Malware (Mac) | The Technological
Stupidity should be painful.

2020-02-15 Gabe Skid & Friends | The Technological
Don't try this at home.

2020-02-14 Surviving Apple | Learning Curve
It's possible, but there are limitations.

For immediate release. For Apple's macOS Catalina. For free distribution.

2020-02-05 Keymaster Too | Industry Watch
Mind the gap. Accompanies today's ACP release.

2020-02-03 Foxes & Fossils: 2 Million | Heroes Banquet
It took a while, but finally...

2020-01-21 Leaks Like a Sieve | Developers Workshop
Was Woz right? After all, memory management is simple - isn't it?

2020-01-14 Apple Cooks Barr & Benner | The Technological
Simply wishing for it won't make it happen.

2020-01-08 A #WWDC19 Takeaway | Learning Curve
They reoccur annually.

2020-01-06 The OmniFocus Project Revisited | Learning Curve
You've just read about it.

2020-01-04 NEW RELEASE: OpenTerminal™ 1.0.2 — 110% Opacity | Industry Watch
When things happen they happen fast. New release for Catalina, Darth Mode. Free!

2020-01-01 Ushering in the Roaring Twenty-Twenties with Gozer | Industry Watch
Actually he's never been gone. Not really. Think about it.

2019-12-30 Keymaster in Action (1) | Industry Watch
Come on in!

2019-12-30 Fighting Back | Learning Curve
Have fun, drive safely.

2019-12-27 The Long Run - Extended Attributes from Tiger to Catalina | ACP Guru
Remember the Steve Gambit?

2019-12-26 Keymaster | ACP
Come on in!

2019-12-23 AN URGENT MESSAGE ON APPLE | Industry Watch
And happy holidays.

2019-12-25 Happy Xmas From Google | Hall of Monkeys
It takes a lot.

2019-12-24 XNU | Learning Curve
Pick your team wisely and carefully.

2019-12-23 OS X RIP | Developers Workshop
And Catalina only makes it worse. From the forum.

2019-12-23 Cheat Sheet | Industry Watch
Provided by one sole mole who naturally wishes to remain anonymous.

2019-12-21 Your Call is Being Connected | Industry Watch
A first look at a new app.

2019-12-19 Changes | ACP
New app released 19 December.

2019-12-17 The Cult's 'Catalina Fix' | Industry Watch
There's another fix that may be easier still.

2019-12-10 Please Mr Jobs | Learning Curve
The old speckled cat. A look back ten years ago.

2019-12-10 Forza | Heroes Banquet
'Che la forza sia con te.'

2019-12-09 Peeking Inside the Walled Garden | The Technological
From far far away.

2019-12-09 Course Review, Study Questions | Industry Watch
Pursuant to the exam a week Monday. Rush transcript.

2019-12-02 Imminent Methods | The Technological
Who does it affect?

2019-12-02 Apple: Tap-Tap, Tick-Tock | Industry Watch
See what's happening?

2019-12-02 Don't Visit Your Library | Learning Curve
Steve already pegged it.

2019-12-02 Tuesday Ten | Developers Workshop
'It'll be good for something.'

2019-11-30 The bigger they are, the Appler they fall | Industry Watch
Where's the only way?

2019-11-30 Jony, Steve, & Scott | Industry Watch
'Does it matter if I believe this?'

2019-11-28 Thanksgiving Day Remedial | Industry Watch
Rush transcript.

2019-11-23 The ACP/Xfile Test Drive — 'Catalina' | Industry Watch
Get with the programme.

2019-11-17 Seahaven Technology - II | Industry Watch
Two of three. More to come.

2019-11-17 RELEASE: SEAHAVEN IN CandS FOR MAC | Industry Watch
Let freedom ring! The freedom feels unfamiliar - but it's very very good.

2019-11-15 The Crafty Hog | Heroes Banquet
'If you're going to have barbecue, you might as well make it crafty.'

Let freedom ring! The freedom feels unfamiliar - but very very good.

2019-11-11 Dock Leaks 10.14.6 | Developers Workshop
It's not better. It's worse. No one's paying attention?

2019-11-10 Seahaven Technology | Industry Watch
Being tested, in the pipeline, coming soon now.

2019-11-06 Your Morning Marmalade | Red Hat Diaries
What side do you put your marmalade on?

2019-11-03 Don't Bet Against IBM | Red Hat Diaries
Big Blue forked over $34 billion.

2019-11-03 Dear Client | Industry Watch
'We'll be publishing updates to this melodrama online tomorrow.'

2019-11-01 Uncle Unix | Developers Workshop
The quintessential example.

2019-10-23 The Burbank Diet! | Learning Curve
It's easy! It's painless! No carbs, no tags!

2019-10-23 Socially Engineering macOS Catalina | Learning Curve
Don't be engineered. Do the research. Prove them wrong.

2019-10-22 Mikael Damberg | The Technological
Take notice, world.

2019-10-20 Dear Diary. | The Technological
Now I'm fine again.

2019-10-18 Höstkonferens 2019 Del 4 Gunnar Sandelin | Industry Watch
Not a misunderstanding.

2019-10-18 Bilyana Martinovsky Released | Red Hat Diaries
'They humiliated me.'

2019-10-16 Golden Moon | Heroes Banquet
They're back.

2019-10-15 macTag: Grey Paper | Learning Curve
A tutorial and a proposal.

2019-10-12 APFS: Don't Create Before... | Developers Workshop
Spooky stuff no matter what.

2019-10-12 Swapping on APFS with Catalina | ACP Guru
Yes it's an exercise.

2019-10-08 Bulletproof! | Industry Watch
Initial media reactions to Apple's Catalina.

2019-10-07 Catalina Available for Download | Industry Watch
Details to follow.

2019-10-05 Vincent's Ear | The Technological
Some artists do the more honourable thing.

2019-10-04 The Appler They Are, The Harder They Fall | Industry Watch
That creaking sound: is it a soundtrack?

2019-09-28 Files! Files! Files! | The Technological
Come on in! We got room!

2019-09-27 In Loving Memory of Clarence Beeks | Industry Watch
'They're panicking!'

2019-09-25 Code-Signing Safari | Industry Watch
Behaviour that's expected?

2019-09-21 Apple and Open Systems | Learning Curve
A rise, a peak, a fall?

2019-09-20 Cleaning Seahaven Island | Learning Curve
Cleaning is easy.

2019-09-19 Downloaded to Seahaven Island | Learning Curve
More real than reality itself.

2019-09-18 CLIX: White's the new Black | Industry Watch
Repackaged for future contingencies.

2019-09-17 Apple's Truman Show | Red Hat Diaries
'There's no more truth out there than there is in the world I created for you.'

2019-09-16 Sweden's MeToo Hangover | Industry Watch
Take two aspirin and get in a Danish bed.

2019-09-11 One Word | Red Hat Diaries
Or perhaps two.

2019-09-10 Apple != iPhone | Industry Watch
Mobile mostly a means to an end?

2019-09-10 Apple Special Event — September 10, 2019 | Industry Watch
Best wishes to Terrance Davis, wherever you are.

2019-09-05 The Day Competence Rained Down on Sweden | Industry Watch
A textbook case of media manipulation and perfecting the old game of propaganda.

2019-09-04 A Mille Watch | The Technological
From Rodeo Drive to the rape capital of the world.

2019-09-03 Thanks But No Thanks | Industry Watch

2019-09-02 Hack Your Mac | Developers Workshop
Can they do it? Of course. Apple left the door open. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

2019-09-02 The Mouse and the Labyrinth | Learning Curve
With an important update (sort of).

2019-08-30 That Option Key | Developers Workshop
Things blow back.

2019-08-29 Bulgarian and Romanian Beggars in Sweden | Learning Curve
From 2015.

2019-08-27 Monday Morning in Ribersborg, Sweden | Industry Watch
It could have been just like any other Monday morning.

2019-08-23 How and where to choose, how to install and uninstall, how to do it right | Learning Curve
Good teachers are an asset.

2019-08-15 Reflections on Woodstock's 50 | Red Hat Diaries
You just need the opportunity.

2019-08-11 A Gucci Attaché | Red Hat Diaries
How Apple would have fared better.

2019-08-09 Xfile Test Drive: Revolutions | Industry Watch
(It's reloaded.)

2019-08-03 10.14.6 Supplemental, Tracked | Learning Curve
A few details.

2019-08-02 A$AP Rocky Says Bye | Industry Watch
No more Sweden for a while?

2019-08-01 A$AP Rocky in Sweden: Jafari Doesn't Remember | Industry Watch
The trial of A$AP Rocky gets off to a flying start.

2019-08-01 No one's going to Catalina (Xnews) | Red Hat Diaries
A bit on Apple and Gab both. The week of 1 August 2019.

2019-07-28 Apple macOS Update Mojave 10.14.6: Tracked | Industry Watch
Painless. But a few reflections.

2019-07-28 Why Darwin Failed | Learning Curve
Rob's farewell.

2019-07-26 The Dirty Word | Industry Watch
Yes, it's 'Apple'.

2019-07-25 A$AP Rocky's Tormentor: He's Got a Rap Sheet | Industry Watch
And he changes identity too. And, for Sweden's MSM, mum's the word.

2019-07-20 Cruz Grills Google | Red Hat Diaries
This could be an interrogation of Vito Corleone.

2019-07-20 Crenshaw Grills Google | Red Hat Diaries
Five minutes of one ginormous soundbite.

2019-07-17 Sometimes light bulbs take a long time to turn on | Developers Workshop
From the forum.

2019-07-17 Swedes Move To Gab | Industry Watch
'Everybody look what's going down.'

2019-07-08 Some Like It Hot | Learning Curve
Ask Cupertino how hot it is. Remember that your Mac is your friend.

2019-07-07 Yes They Are (Doomed to the Margins) | Industry Watch
Of course they are.

2019-07-03 Orthodox File Management | Reviews
A closer look.

2019-07-03 Angry Foreigner | The Technological
'Sweden is what Tumblr would look like if it was a country.'

2019-06-25 That Gatekeeper Vulnerability | Industry Watch
It's now been exploited.

2019-06-24 More on Codesign | Developers Workshop
From the forum. 2009-02-18 02:18 AM.

2019-06-22 ACP Tools: Forty More | Industry Watch
New release coming soon.

2019-06-19 Louis Flips Grandma the Bird - Twice | Red Hat Diaries
Somebody got owned.

2019-06-17 _Hoax | Developers Workshop

2019-06-11 Karma's right around the corner | Developers Workshop
A Catalina wish-list. Knock knock.

2019-06-09 com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X | The Technological

2019-06-02 All About the Eve | Developers Workshop
Here comes the WWDC.

2019-06-02 Locked in the Garden | Red Hat Diaries
Here comes the WWDC.

2019-06-01 $429 Million | Developers Workshop
Arno revisited. The glory of Pascal.

2019-05-31 VirtualBox 6.0.8 | Industry Watch
On macOS 10.14.5. A story in pictures.

2019-05-29 Sharyl & Fake History | Industry Watch
The one thing more evil than fake news. A Wikipedia story.

2019-05-25 RELEASE: appleclean | Industry Watch
For general release. For everyone on a Mac. For free. Updated.

2019-05-22 Managing File Attributes Revisited | ACP Guru
A look at all the things your Finder doesn't give you. Updated for 2019.

2019-05-16 WhatsUp With WhatsApp | Red Hat Diaries
So far the story - as is - is not enough.

2019-05-12 Ray Blanchard & Vijaya | Learning Curve
Finally enough to scramble the sheep?

2019-05-03 'An OS Vendor' | Red Hat Diaries
Something Apple will never accept. Not even begrudgingly.

2019-04-29 Get the free 'appleclean' | Industry Watch
No in-between.

2019-04-19 Facebook Again | Learning Curve
These are not mere accidents.

2019-04-19 Lightman | ACP
For geeks? This general purpose Swiss Army knife made over beautifully for 'dark mode'.

2019-04-03 Too Much Cook Spoils the Mac? | Red Hat Diaries
'He came from Compaq, after all.'

2019-03-30 'Why is OSX better than Linux?' | Learning Curve
Get rid of the creepy-crawlies.

2019-03-29 Dock Leaks 10.14.4 | Developers Workshop
Something is wrong here.

2019-03-23 The Xfile Mojave Test Drive | Industry Watch
Tell your friends! It's free! Not like in Old Speckled Hen, but really free!

2019-03-22 Microsoft's the Main Offender | Industry Watch
Upton Sinclair has a tummyache.

2019-03-22 While You Were Restarting | Learning Curve
Of things that go bump on the boot.

2019-03-19 Apple Locking Down 10.15? | Industry Watch
As yet unconfirmed.

2019-03-16 18 + One | Industry Watch
A look through eighteen ACP updates this past week.

2019-03-14 Why We Don't Like Swift | Developers Workshop
There's nothing wrong with excellence.

2019-03-11 Shredding in the Mac World | Industry Watch
Do it in moderation.

2019-02-23 Much Ado About a Trivial App | Learning Curve
On the decay of legacy code.

2019-01-29 A Walk on the Wild Side | Developers Workshop
This little piece of geniality.

2019-01-26 XaBatch Nighttime | Industry Watch
Get rid of the creepy-crawlies.

2009-02-16 Hacking Apple's Code-Signing | Developers Workshop
A rabbit hole? From the forum.

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