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(Julian Assange/WikiLeaks.)

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Stefan Löfven Blames Everything Else 2017-07-27
From the Swedish original by Rebecca Weidmo Uvell.

Checkmate, Löfven! 2017-07-25
Katerina Janouch brought Sweden's PM him out of the woodwork. And now...

It's Not Assange 2017-06-25
Britain can't use Sweden as a scapegoat anymore.

Sweden: The Moderates Must Apologise 2017-05-14
'They need to admit they made a mistake.'

Sweden's Assange Investigation to Close? 2017-04-21
The beginning of the end?

Who's Doing the Brainwashing in Sweden? 2017-04-18
SVT's media control up close.

Milla's Story 2017-03-11
It's high time to protect the right people.

Supporting Anderson Supporting Assange 2017-03-10
Love is a beautiful thing.

Vault7 and the dissolution of the 'Deep State' 2017-03-07
Klaatu was right.

The Donald & the Duckpond 2017-02-19
Klaatu was right.

Julian Assange on Twitter 2017-02-14
Rumours of death greatly exaggerated.

Time for Wolo to Say Goodbye 2017-01-15
The truth's taken too much of a beating.

Anna/Irmeli/Sofia 2017-01-07
No new information, no real changes.

When Fox Fell in Love with WikiLeaks 2017-01-03
Sean Hannity takes the obvious step and visits 3HC.

Assange, Irmeli, The Dark Side 2016-12-24
Swedish feminist pot stirred to provide cover?

Swedish Media Report on Assange Statement 2016-12-17
72 for 18.

'The Assange Case is Completely Absurd' 2016-12-14
Swedish foreign correspondent Rolf Söderberg comes out of retirement to speak his mind.

Sex Degrees of Separation 2016-11-14
What lies within.

2016-11-14 2016-11-14
What lies within.

Assange in Sweden: Paving the Way 2016-08-17
Three cheers for Swedish justice.

The Mystery of the Wayward Police Docs 2016-08-14
How did those preliminary police investigation protocols get into the wild?

Sydsvenskan 2016-08-12
The old journalism is dead. Long live the new journalism.

More on That Blasted Condom 2016-07-29
'I couldn't resist', said the police inspector...

Assange in Sweden: The Wait 2016-07-17
Prosecutor, judge, police investigator...

Assange in Sweden: Cliffhanger 2016-07-12
'Remember that Marianne Ny never counted on her preliminary investigation leaking to the media.'

The Conduct of Marianne Ny 2016-06-01
Would anyone else still be in office? For how long?

2000 Days 2016-05-28
The Old World failed. It's only a matter of time.

The Day Sweden's Music Died 2016-05-25
The country of Per Albin, Tage, and Olof is no more.

Assange in Sweden: Hiding Marie Thorn 2016-04-03
More new questions than answers.

Marianne Ny Retires 2016-04-01
'Fresh air and sunlight can cure most ills.'

Sweden: Fart in a Flat 2016-03-30
Never on a Sunday.

DDOS Attack on Swedish MSM 2016-03-19
Some might say it's about time.

Marianne Ny: 'Hellre Häkta än Höra' 2016-03-18
Flashback's 'outoftheblue' scrutinises the Swedish prosecutor's correspondence.

The Bonnier Political Kindergarten 2016-03-16
Expressen's editor-in-chief arraigned today on charges of aggravated libel.

Schrödinger's Cat & Marianne Ny 2016-03-09
A Swedish runaway prosecutor's loser game. A discussion at Flashback.

Marianne Ny's Human Rights Crimes 2016-03-06
From 'outoftheblue', in reply to a forum troll.

'A Very Strange Place' 2016-01-30
Swedish shenanigans go global this time.

These Two Own Sweden 2016-01-19
And the ducks take care of the rest.

'Your Place or Mine' 2016-01-14
A case study of Swedish judicial procedure.

Sweden is Fantastic! 2016-01-02
Flashback's resident troll scores an epic own goal.

What Kind of Judiciary 2016-01-01
Flashback's 'guaponi' has the word. Happy New Year.

'It is a fact' 2016-01-01
High times and frivolities from Flashback.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence and the European Arrest Warrant 2015-12-29
Food for thought.

Swedish Justice 2015 2015-12-07
'Sweden is what Tumblr would look like...'

36.363636363636% 2015-11-10
Or 0.000000000000%, depending on what you'd be measuring.

From Hurtig to Ny 2015-11-07
'I await your response.'

Shaking the Tree 2015-11-07
A matter of ethics.

Seven Years 2015-10-03
Costs too high.

Assange in Sweden: Dare Swedes Talk About It? 2015-09-30
The Assange case is about politics.

Sweden's Keystone Kops vs NYPD's SVU 2015-08-19
Maybe they don't all go on holiday in May?

'Ren och skär lögn': An Open Letter to Marianne Ny 2015-08-14
Marianne Ny's gone too far. Way too far.?

Two Days 2015-08-10
Meditating on an almanac.

Assange Standoff: Ecuador's Response 2015-08-08
Something was obviously wrong.

Sweden Down the Tubes 2015-07-26
The short version.

Marianne Ny's Bells Toll 2015-07-25
Tick tock, tick tock.

Assange & WikiLeaks June-July 2015 2015-06-17
The genii's got out of the bottle.

Assange Case: Ny's Assistant to London 2015-06-15
She's formally asked permission of the UK and Ecuador. Buy those lottery tickets now.

Fredrik Neij's a Free Man 2015-06-03
And he's enjoying his beer. And he says Sony orchestrated his arrest.

'Her behaviour undermines trust in our legal process' 2015-03-14
Per E Samuelson on yesterday's news.

Sweden's Primetime Playhouse 2014-12-03
First the subs, now this: a new governmental crisis.

Svea's Covered Wagons 2014-11-20
When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.

Sweden: Let Sleeping Ducks Lie? 2014-10-14
Anyone curious? No sign of life in the duckpond? It's been a long slumber.

The Last Years of Bildt? 2014-08-29
Covering a career from 2010 and forward.

Poroshenko's Detailed 'Plan B' 2014-07-04
'It's gotta be grand if it comes from the RAND.'

Assange: #June19 2014-06-19
Marking a two year anniversary.

US to Charge Chinese Military with Espionage 2014-05-14
The irony's thick.

Ο φιλότουρκος Κ Μπιλντ: Carl Bildt & Turkey 2014-05-14
Thumbs in many pies.

Carl Bildt: Scandal After Scandal 2014-05-12
'Brains'll only get you so far...'

Carl Bildt Runs Own Race 2014-05-11
On a racetrack for one. One winner, everyone else a loser.

Carl Bildt's Millions 2014-05-02
Sweden's MFA propagated for an invasion of Iraq and profited by it.

Look What You've Done, Carl Bildt! 2014-05-01
When you find yourself in the thick of it...

The Bildt Files 2014-05-01
Or what makes a Danish blueblood betray his new country.

NATO Planes Over Sweden 2014-04-30
Decision reached today.

Swedish TV: No Independent Foreign Analysts for Decades 2014-04-30
The ducks are being fed the psychotic pabulum of Carl Bildt.

Unbelievably Awkward, Carl Bildt! 2014-04-29
So says the head of Sweden's Constitutional Committee.

Our Foolhardy Carl Bildt 2014-04-29
Are we being kind?

Carl Bildt: Secrets & Lies 2014-04-28
Things gets worse still when one thinks again of the context.

Carl Bildt's User-Friendly Memory 2014-04-27
Sweden's MFA remembers everything except of course when it's not a good idea.

Carl Bildt: The Seeds of Betrayal 2014-04-27
All cables courtesy the WikiLeaks 'PlusD' project, analysis courtesy Aftonbladet.

Carl Bildt's in Carter's Cables 2014-04-26
Recently released despatches from 1977.

The Duplicity of Carl Bildt's 'Moderates' 2014-04-10
'The data retention directive was wrong from beginning to end.'

Marianne Ny's Wicked Game 2014-04-06
Is she simply diabolical? Or is she caught in a trap?

Freedom 2014-03-21
By Sture Bergwall.

Free 2014-03-20
By Ingegerd and Sten-Ove Bergwall.

Likely Swedish Police Interrogate 2014-02-24
Why have they all been lying?

'They don't even mention the sex crime accusations' 2014-02-24
Pretence shed.

Assange Given Negative Special Treatment 2014-02-19
Marianne Ny's painted herself into a corner.

Assange in Sweden: Nobody Ran 2014-02-15
Debunking yet another myth. Courtesy Flashback.

Complaint Filed Against Swedish Radio 2014-02-12
Defamation of character by father of Elin Nordegren.

Assange in Sweden: The Second Protocol 2014-02-09
Does Marianne Ny have an additional - but hidden - case?

Marianne Ny Has Nothing To Say 2014-02-04
And even that was an effort.

Swede Held in Custody Four Years 2014-01-21
A new record in the Land of the Midnight™. Assange beware.

Swedish Prosecutor: Time to Close the Assange Case 2014-01-12
By Swedish former district prosecutor Rolf Hillegren.

Where in the world is Sofia Wilén? 2014-01-11
Who knows where she's come from or where she's gone to now?

Sweden's Hurricane Beatrice 2014-01-07
A pent-up duckpond storm gains attention in the world around.

Swedish Justice Minister Pressured To Resign 2014-01-06
Puts foot squarely in it.

Assange in Sweden: Marianne Ny 'Quiet as a Mouse' 2014-01-02
As are the country's regulatory agencies and mainstream media.

The Wonders of the NSA Toolbox 2014-01-02
Let this sink in slowly but steadily.

Carl Bildt Hits Head, Wakes Up in Aššur 2014-01-01
Ducks sleep better after a good laugh.

Assange in Sweden: 27 September 2010 2013-12-31
A very busy day.

Assange in Sweden: Prosecutor Parties in the Sun 2013-12-31
Going abroad to interrogate is a perk of the job.

Slottsstek med gurka 2013-12-29
The game most ducks don't realise they're playing.

Jurisprudence in Sweden: Case Study 2013-12-27
And people wonder how Julian Assange got messed up.

Ah Those Ducks! 2013-12-14
What's to be done? They don't represent anyone.

Bildt's Party & Mandela's Darkies 2013-12-10
Make no mistake: a Swedish 'moderate' might not be what you expected.

Party of Carl Bildt Late in Recognising Mandela 2013-12-06
Frequent use of the 'N word'.

Swedish Magistrates Condemn Göran Lambertz 2013-11-29
Calls for scandal SC justice to resign.

Scandal SC Justice Shames Sweden 2013-11-27
There's no longer a turning back.

Swedes Blocking Quick Documentary 2013-11-27
Trying to contain it to the pond?

Cumberbatch Vehicle Wins Gobble-Gobble Award 2013-11-25
Weird WikiLeaks movie crafted by Domscheit-Berg is year's biggest box office flop. And then some.

Cracking the Code (Too Many Cooks) 2013-11-23
The Flashbackers won.

The Quick Mafia Power Play 2013-11-22
Truth, ethics, honesty: all out the window in the name of career.

Assange in Sweden: 'Operation Persuasion' 2013-11-21
There may have been two.

Who got the green card? 2013-11-16
Ruminations at Flashback.

Snowden's Letter to Hans-Christian Ströbele 2013-11-04
Shall cooperate with German investigation into the NSA.

Obama: 'Give Me Everything on Merkel' 2013-10-29
POTUS knew of spying back in 2010.

WikiLeaks: Seven Years Today 2013-10-04
We live in exciting times.

'Offering an opinion, without being familiar with the facts, is indefensible.'

Kjöller in Context 2013-09-27
Nothing beats lies like raw documents.

Hanne Kjöller & Half-Truths 2013-09-25
It wasn't just JA. It was everyone. It was her.

The Sleepbrains 2013-09-11
Pearls of wisdom from Sweden's prime minister.

Diary of an Awake Human Being 2013-09-10
By Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Shoard 2013-09-06
Sorkin must be smiling.

Warmonger president in a peacenik suit 2013-09-04
Shapeshifter campaigner who now recommends violence to cultivate tranquility.

Ahlin and Bildt: Stand Up to Obama! 2013-09-01
Do not legitimise a military solution in Syria.

Sweden Fellating US 2013-09-01
'Astonishing subservience' says former right wing Assange-hater.

Why Obama to Grace Lilliput 2013-09-01
Why choose Sweden when one's afraid of losing more face with Russia?

Bildt Hired as War Hawk 2013-08-27
He of course denies it, but the facts speak for themselves.

Board Members at Lundin, Big Shots at Bildt 2013-08-26
Oil, gas, MENA, Bildt, and their connections.

'I have a drone' 2013-08-26
Obama murders innocent people from the high in the skies.

Gibney Scouts Sweden Before Obama Arrival 2013-08-22
Few will dare speak up.

Bildt's Tough Questions for Barack 2013-08-14
Sweden's foreign minister has his work cut out for him with the POTUS.

Swedish MD Files Police Complaint Against Barack Obama 2013-08-09
For war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Assange/Quick: A Long Time Coming, A Longer Still to Wait 2013-08-03
Injustice is repeatedly seen to be done.

Snowden Granted Asylum, Enters Russia 2013-08-01
'We have won the battle - now the war.'

Quick: They Invented a Serial Killer - Not Held to Account 2013-08-01
The Swedish judicial system remains as corrupt as ever. An Australian waits in an embassy.

Swedish Journos Hide Tails Twixt Legs 2013-07-22
But nothing to worry about, say the Flashbackers.

Assange in Sweden: The Spider in the Web 2013-07-15
Who's calling the shots?

Microsoft Give Encrypted User Data to NSA 2013-07-11
Don't wait for your margin call.

Assange Case: Closing in on Sofia Wilén? 2013-06-30
She's the key, say the Flashbackers, as their investigation continues.

Borgström Digs Ditch Deeper Still 2013-06-19
The competition is mega-tough.

Assange Case: Who is Sofia Wilén? 2013-06-15
She's the key, say the Flashbackers, as their investigation continues.

Assange Affair: The Return of 'OOIOO' 2013-06-06
Are appearances as they seem?

Assange Case: Sofia Wilén Puts on the Fritz 2013-05-26
Deconstructing Sofia Wilén's new legal eagle and Sofia Wilén herself.

WikiLeaks Payment Channels Reopened 2013-04-24
A tacit guarantee of solvency.

Assange in Sweden: Claes Borgström's Bill 2013-03-28
As sent to the Swedish judicial authorities.

Assange in Sweden: 'Extortion is a Crime' 2013-03-26
And it's not Julian being accused this time.

Oy Vey Jemima! 2013-03-07
A look at how Alex Gibney and Alexis Bloom do their work and do Jemima Khan.

Assange: Drama Behind the Scenes July 2012 2013-02-05
Something's going on or not going on that should be going on.

On Swedish Soil: Julian Assange, Carl Bildt & Mutual Legal Assistance 2013-02-05
Searching for the real motives for the otherwise inexplicable and indefensible.

Steven Spielberg Has Blood on His Hands 2013-02-02
As do the ferrets at the Guardian and Oxford Union.

Assange Affair: Trenter's Timeline 2013-02-02
Through the past more clearly.

FBI Banned from Iceland 2013-01-31
Attempted to infiltrate country in hunt for WikiLeaks.

Assange Affair: Anna Ardin's 'We' Complex 2013-01-30
Through the past more clearly.

Marianne Ny's Personal Reply to FOI Request 2013-01-27
And what a reply it is.

3 Hans Crescent: Thumbs Up! 2013-01-17
A mysterious parcel finally makes it to the Ecuadorean embassy.

Swedish Security Following Somali Swedes for Four Years 2013-01-12
Case closed just as FBI arrive in Djibouti.

Sweden Threatened by US 2012-12-27
So says Lindh friend Eva Franchell. From 2009.

Assange Case: Press Statement from 'Under Mattan' 2012-12-16
Swedish government accused of interference.

Assange Case: Sweden Playing Peekaboo with Rule of Law 2012-12-15
'We want a free Internet.' From 'Under Mattan'.

Assange: Shutting Down a Swedish FOI Site 2012-12-15
How free is information in Sweden?

Assange: Police Docs Published in Swedish MSM 2012-12-06
Do you want to know Sweden?

Truth of Sweden is Stranger than Fiction II 2012-11-28
Wherein a lowly architect and writer from 'Downunder' gives a fluffed up duck its due.

Truth of Sweden is Stranger than Fiction 2012-11-25
There's a point where morality flips.

Assange Case: Flashback Surpasses 50,000 Posts 2012-11-05
The forum thread on the Julian Assange case reaches a milestone.

Assange: A Flashback Invitation to Discussion (2) 2012-10-30
New press release sent to youth associations of all political parties in Sweden Tuesday 30 October 2012.

Assange: A Flashback Invitation to Discussion 2012-10-28
Press release. Sent to all political parties in Sweden 19:00 Sunday 28 October 2012.

Quick: Elizabeth Day Travels to Sweden 2012-10-21
One of the grossest miscarriages of justice in recent times?

Assange, Gaga, MIA, Olsson 2012-10-09
Ceviche in Knightsbridge, humble pie in Marieberg.

Assange Case: Where's the DNA? 2012-09-17
And where's the MSM coverage? Retelling an old story and pretending it's new.

Assange Case: Claes Borgström Reported to Justice Chancellery 2012-09-07
Charges filed by former chief district prosecutor.

Assange in Sweden: 3½ Wasted Hours 2012-09-03
When the show turned to the ugly.

Desperate attempt by Borgström, Lambertz to save reputation 2012-08-30
The trick is to stand perfectly still.

Claes Borgström: 'I feel deeply violated' 2012-08-30
The man behind Sweden's two biggest judicial scandals in history had his feelings hurt.

Assange Case: The 'Smoking Gun' 2012-08-24
And a 'big surprise' in the offing?

Assange Case: Anna Ardin's Shitfaced Lawyer 2012-08-18
After-shave, old booze, and a faint smell of shredded paper.

Assange in Sweden: Charges Filed Against Marianne Ny 2012-08-02
Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren file with the ombudsman for justice.

Assange in Sweden: An Exchange 2012-07-29
So it's not against Swedish law after all.

WikiLeaks Again Accepting Donations via Visa, MasterCard 2012-07-18
Back at last? The press release from the whistleblower website.

Trenter's Grand Plan 2012-07-16
There isn't one. But there is a straw man - and it's being used to silence Flashback.

Jen-Rob Meets Carl Bildt 2012-07-07
And has a casual conversation.

'Bye Bye Miss American Pie' 2012-07-07
'Use of force is authorised.'

Assange: Unlawful Interference by Mats Gehlin? 2012-06-29
Could Kojak afford such a lifestyle?

The Elements of Journalism 2012-06-24
By ProEtContra. From the Flashback forum.

Assange in Knightsbridge 2012-06-24
Guest of the Ecuadorians until something gives.

Assange to Sweden in 14-24 2012-06-14
What happens now?

Assange & UKSC: Why the Wait? 2012-05-09
The doyens of Flashback speculate.

The Arrest of Nabeel Rajab 2012-05-07
A quick roundup.

#Embed2012 2012-04-24
What's it all about? Watch the clip.

US Govt: Formal Travel Warning Sweden 2012-04-24
The iceberg's bigger still. Change your travel plans.

Common Misconceptions of the Assange Case 2012-04-20
By m_cetera of WL Central. Used by permission.

Assange Slams Media for Libel 2012-04-05
75 official complaints. 'Press standards matter.'

Quick #4 2012-04-05
Claes Borgström's scandal continues to unravel.

The Silence of the Swedish Lambs 2012-04-02
August 2010 revisited. New information in the Assange case. But not really new at all.

Another Bonnier Sunday 2012-03-25
Force feeding the ducks again.

PROOF: Julian Assange Didn't Flee Sweden 2012-03-21
An admission from Marianne Ny's office clears up eighteen months of malicious smears.

Third Quick Case Dismissed 2012-03-14
Cleaning up their biggest judicial scandal ever.

Project Simoom 2012-03-09
Can a Saharan wind bring down Sweden's incongruent right wing government?

'Pig Farm Expressen' 2012-03-05
Remember who they really are and what Expressen really stands for.

'Journo Pigs Suffering from Mass Psychosis' 2012-03-05
Remember who they really are and what Expressen really stands for.

'A lie that Mikael Persbrandt is an accident at work' 2012-03-05
Remember who they really are and what Expressen really stands for.

Duckpond Boys Freed in Big Apple 2012-02-29
Case expedited in radical fashion.

Sweden's Lay Judges: Their Criminal Records (1) 2012-02-21
Yet another scandal in the duckpond. Unexpected journalism by Aftonbladet. Part one.

Sweden's Lay Judges: Their Criminal Records (2) 2012-02-21
Yet another scandal in the duckpond. Unexpected journalism by Aftonbladet. Part two.

Sweden's Lay Judges: Their Criminal Records (3) 2012-02-21
Yet another scandal in the duckpond. Unexpected journalism by Aftonbladet. Part three.

Sweden's Lay Judges: Their Criminal Records (4) 2012-02-21
Yet another scandal in the duckpond. Unexpected journalism by Aftonbladet. Part four.

Our Man Bildt (1) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part one (of seven). Introduction.

Our Man Bildt (2) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part two (of seven). Lundin Oil.

Our Man Bildt (3) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part three (of seven). Block 5A.

Our Man Bildt (4) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part four (of seven). Persson & Schibbye.

Our Man Bildt (5) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part five (of seven). Media Outcry.

Our Man Bildt (6) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part six (of seven). Questions.

Our Man Bildt (7) 2012-02-14
A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part seven (of seven). Bibliography.

Duckpond Boys Busted in Big Apple 2012-02-10
Case expedited in radical fashion.

Assange at the Supreme Court: Day Two 2012-02-02
Day and night.

Assange at the Supreme Court: Day One 2012-02-01
A rout in theory.

Assange in Sweden: The Longbow Six (Introduction) 2012-01-29
Some things don't otherwise add up. And who fooled who? Article series in seven parts.

RT, Assange Splash Land in Sweden 2012-01-26
The Duckpond Truth Filter™ currently out of order.

The Julian Show & The Lamestream Media 2012-01-26
Sounds good for the world, not too good for the MSM.

Sweden & Depleted Uranium 2012-01-18
The end of the innocence.

Neutral Sweden's Not So Neutral CIA Flights 2012-01-18
Offer up your best defence.

Sweden: The End of the Innocence 2012-01-18
Offer up your best defence.

Sweden: The End of the Neutrality 2012-01-16
An incredibly big iceberg.

Assange Flees Ellingham? 2011-12-16
That's what Owen Bowcott of the Guardian is claiming.

Assange Case to Supreme Court 2011-12-16

WLSTORAGE.NET 2011-12-12

Marianne Ny on Trial 2011-12-07
There's a scapegoat? Flashback comments on the coming SC appeal.

Swedish Prosecution Damage Control 2011-12-06
Trying to argue the case before it even gets to court.

Assange Granted Appeal 2011-12-05
An issue of general public importance.

Assange in Sweden: Black Monday 2011-12-05
They're wrong.

Infographic - WikiLeaks Profile 2011-12-02
'Constitutes a threat to military operations and US security.'

Walkley Award to WikiLeaks 2011-11-27
For 'justice through transparency'.

Julian's & Anna's Molecular Biology 2011-11-26
There's but one explanation. All others are highly unlikely.

WikiLeaks Submission System Reopened 2011-11-26
Goes live 1 December. A new system. SSL is beyond repair.

Pepper Spray All the Way 2011-11-20
From UC Davis. Again. Several million views in two days. One clip removed. Linda Katehi.

Christina Assange Canberra 2011-11-18
Outdoor speech 17 November.

The Assange Dream Team 2011-11-17
Another league entirely.

Assange/Sweden: Bonnier Continue Attack on Harald Ullman 2011-11-17
But the attack's pretty lame and Harald doesn't seem particularly worried.

#OccupyWallStreet Raid 15 November 2011-11-15
Starting shortly after 01:00 AM. Amy Goodman reporting on location.

For Harald Ullman, Dealing with Smears is Old Hat 2011-11-14
'Things are looking good.'

Assange: Black Wednesday 2011-11-02
High Court upholds extradition, 14 days to file an appeal.

Hallowe'en, Assange, WikiLeaks, The Opposable Thumb 2011-10-31
Taken in reverse order. Tap-tap-tapping to the truth.

#OccupyFlashback: The Moderator War 2011-10-28
Getting more frenzied. Oh what a perfect day.

#OccupyFlashback 2011-10-26
Forum members claim world famous thread on Julian Assange corrupt and sabotaged.

The Great Escape 2011-10-24
Life flows better with freedom.

Clip Book: #OccupyWallStreet 19 October 2011-10-19
The Occupy Wall Street commercial. Several instances of escalating violence.

Picture Book: 15 October 2011-10-16
An eventful day to say the least.

The Swedish Duckpond: A Life in Isolation 2011-10-16
'Quiet lives of boring desperation.'

Julian Assange: #Canongate III 2011-09-27
The #Canongate transcripts are published.

Julian Assange: #Canongate II 2011-09-27
The Byng Gambit flopped.

Julian Assange: #Canongate I 2011-09-21
It's a dog eat conduit world.

Philip Dorling on #Grauniadgate 2011-09-07
'WikiLeaks is here to stay and governments will have to get used to that.'

Guardian: New Heights of Buffoonery 2011-09-06
Not knowing is never enough.

AlphaMack on the #Grauniad 2011-09-02
David Leigh and James Ball down a deep hole.

Cablebomb! 2011-09-01
Remember remember the 1st of September.

Irmeli Krans' Man-Hate Skews Swedish Police Investigation 2011-08-31
Brilliant research by Flashback.

Timeline: Daniel Domscheit-Berg 2011-08-29
An history of Daniel Schmitt/Domscheit-Berg and WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks Release 5000+ Cables in One Go 2011-08-24
Fighting evil with good.

The Domscheit-Bergs Destroy 3,500 WikiLeaks Submissions 2011-08-21
The story of Germany's latter-day Bonnie & Clyde gets uglier by the minute.

WikiLeaks Statement on Daniel Domscheit-Berg and OpenLeaks 2011-08-20
The story of Germany's latter-day Bonnie & Clyde gets uglier by the minute.

Statement by Julian Assange on the Domscheit-Bergs 2011-08-20
The story of Germany's latter-day Bonnie & Clyde gets uglier by the minute.

OpenLeaks: Schmitt on Toast II 2011-08-15
Daniel Domscheit-Berg's expulsion from CCC only 2nd in 30-year history.

OpenLeaks: Schmitt on Toast 2011-08-14
Daniel Domscheit-Berg expelled from the CCC.

OpenLeaks Off to a Flying Fail 2011-08-12
Daniel Domscheit-Berg even has his German countrymen against him.

BAC Win Olympic Downhill 2011-08-09
Karma anyone?

Assange/WikiLeaks: The 2011 Voltaire Award 2011-08-06
You can still catch the dinner.

Assange Affair: Swedish Media Just Doing Their Job 2011-08-04
Sweden's feminist mafia at it again.

Swedish Feminism Takes on Medical Science 2011-07-29
They've already destroyed Swedish academia. Now they want to destroy something more.

Stockholm Clinic Criticised for Bogus Medical Certificates 2011-07-28
Another layer of corruption in the duckpond brought into the light of day.

#opPAYPAL 2011-07-27
The bells were ringing.

Assange in Court 2011-07-14
Can set a new precedent.

Credit card donations to WikiLeaks now accepted again 2011-07-08
Visa/MasterCard back down, AMEX join in.

Action by Wikileaks/Datacell Against Visa/Mastercard 2011-07-02
'Release after Sat 2 Jul 2011 00:00:00 GMT.'

Democracy Now! Live from London! 2011-07-02
With Amy Goodman, Slavoj Žižek, and Julian Assange. Starts at 16:00 BST 2 July.

The Vindication of DSK 2011-07-01
That's one. The authorities in the US shine. Anybody watching this from the duckpond?

The WikiLeaks Palace Revolt 2011-06-24
Revolt or man overboard? A spectacle seen through the spectacles of Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

Sweden versus Assange 2011-06-16
Site launch on an anniversary.

Julian Assange/WikiLeaks Win Prestigious Gellhorn Prize 2011-06-02
A unanimous decision.

'WikiSecrets' Julian Assange Full Interview Footage 2011-05-24
The full 'behind the scenes' interview between Julian Assange and PBS Frontline's Martin Smith.

The Story Behind Abbottabad 2011-05-07
Why wait so long?

709 Swedish Jurists Agree with Assange 2011-04-19
According to survey by Swedish jurist periodical 'Legally Yours'.

Sweden Blocking Assange/WikiLeaks Smear Documentary 2011-04-07
Can't be shown outside the duck pond - 'legal restrictions'.

Assange & Sweden: Letters to Marianne Ny 2011-03-12
Welcome to the world of gobbledegook. Turning over Marianne Ny's stones.

Assange & Sweden: Expressen Hold Back on Full Story 2011-03-12
The stench grows only worse.

Swedish Assange Case Interrogator Outed 2011-03-11
'OMFG what a smell from Sweden!'

Why is it so important Assange come to Sweden? 2011-03-03
Five strange things.

Finnish Court Frowned on Swedish 'Tack' in Rape Case 2011-03-02
Appellate court rejected request to issue international arrest warrant.

Guardian Censoring Information in Assange Case 2011-02-25
Alan's forum nannies are hard at work.

Assange & Sweden: Witness Statement of Professor Ferrada-Noli 2011-02-24
'I fully stand for my report. I am not alone.'

Assange & Sweden: Pea Soup & Pancakes 2011-02-17
Scratch everything else you've learned about Swedish justice and read this - it's far worse.

Shock & Horror! Swedish Judicial System Ridiculed Worldwide! 2011-02-08
Yes it's true, Victoria. SvD decided to tell Swedes what they don't want to know or read about.

Greeting from New Chairman Brita Sundberg-Weitman 2011-02-08
From the citizens rights magazine Medborgarrätt 1994.

Assange: Belmarsh Day 2 2011-02-08
A new surprise witness?

Assange: Belmarsh Day 1 2011-02-07
So far a rout for the defence.

The Assange Police Protocol: Translator's Note 2011-01-30
The truth will out, the truth wins out.

It's All About the Condoms 2011-01-20
Keep to the high road.

#PrataOmDet: The Smoking Gun 2011-01-20
Anna Ardin & Co behind new hate campaign against Julian Assange. Seven steps indeed.

Assange, FSI, Marianne Ny, & The Swedish Media 2011-01-12
Their way of thinking doesn't apply anymore.

Assange @ Belmarsh 10:00 2011-01-11
Julian Assange back in court today.

Julian Assange & The Swedish Feminist Conspiracy 2011-01-02
The irony's thick.

Assange: The Hornets Nest 2010-12-27
Anna Ardin snapping pics of Julian Assange sleeping naked in her bed. And more.

Claes Borgström - Defence Attorney? 2010-12-24
Sweden's #1 legal clown puts foot in mouth again for WaPo.

WikiLeaks: Notorious Swedish Tabloid in New Smear Campaign 2010-12-18
The best Swedish 'journalists' can manage isn't very good.

Nick Davies' Deep Throat 2010-12-18
Kindergarten leaks - oh so trustworthy.

Snow Shovels! 2010-12-17
Crisis in the constitutional monarchy.

Larry Flint Hustles $50 K to Assange Defence Fund 2010-12-17
And tells the readers of HuffPo why he did it.

Assange: Intercepted SMS Traffic Exposes Setup 2010-12-17
The case is purely political.

TIME Person of the Year™ 2010-12-15
The others never had a chance.

Assange/Sweden: Case Børked from Get-Go 2010-12-14
Scandalous details surfacing at last. Børk børk.

Julian Assange Soon Out on Bail 2010-12-14
Breaking. Certain obstacles remain.

Anna Ardin: 'Oops I Did It Again!' 2010-12-14
A followup from Internet detective Göran Rudling. From 12 December 2010.

Hurtig: Ardin and Wilén Had Hidden Agenda 2010-12-12
Asked permission to testify in London.

Re: WikiLeaks Merchandising 2010-12-10
An important notice.

WikiRebels: Rough Cut 2010-12-09
A coming documentary on WikiLeaks from Swedish national television.

7th December 2010-12-07
A scrapbook.

Don't Shoot the Messenger 2010-12-07
Remember remember the 7th December.

Assange Case: Ny Knows the Girls Made it Up but Doesn't Care 2010-12-02
Revelations by Assange's Australian barrister James Catlin.

Assange Update 2010-12-02 2010-12-02
Happy holidays everyone. Serious revelations herein.

Assange: Swedes 'Intensify Hunt' 2010-12-01
Björn Hurtig and Mark Stephens both highly critical.

WikiLeaks: Twitter Harvest 2010-11-30 2010-12-01
A selection.

Cablegate DDOS #2 2010-11-30

Choking on Their Turkey 2010-11-29
People in the US finally noticed WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks: Distributed Denial of Service Attack 2010-11-28
Felonious hostilities by opponents in the run-up to the new release.

DA Notice Letter of Advice 2010-11-27
From Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance to all UK editors.

WikiLeaks: Panic Growing in Diplomatic Circles 2010-11-26
Poor US reps are waxing increasingly hysteric.

Svea Knocks Down Assange Appeal 2010-11-24
All downhill for Sweden now.

Global History Redefined 2010-11-22
The puppet master reveals.

Assange: Appeals Court Summons Ny 2010-11-22
Will she be arrested in absentia?

7x 2010-11-22
Will anything ever stop them? Let's hope not. Help them instead.

Ny: 'I Don't Want to Discuss It' 2010-11-19
Marianne doing the Isengard two-step. The stench is overwhelming.

Tired of Feminists with Double Morals 2010-11-19
Malin Otterström won't be apologising to Anna Ardin.

A Simple Swedish Factoid Collection 2010-11-19
For international consumption and amusement.

Assange to Appeal 2010-11-18
'World, we have a problem.'

Assange Arrested Again 2010-11-18
Hamlet smelled the wrong country.

Ny Wants Assange 2010-11-18
Court order imminent.

F-2011-00078 2010-11-05
Thanks, guys. Gee what a nice bunch of guys.

WikiLeaks: Enemy Action? 2010-11-04
What would Auric Goldfinger say? What would the CIA say?

Al Jazeera: The Secret Iraq Files 2010-10-24
The 60 minute documentary now on YouTube. Brace yourself.

Twelve More Hours That Shook the World 2010-10-24
Redefining 'maximum impact'.

Atika Shubert 2010-10-23
Graduate cum laude from the Kay Burley School of Journalism.

WikiLeaks Press Conference 23 October London 2010-10-22
400,000 documents; Daniel Ellsberg flying in tonight.

Pentagon Blocking WikiLeaks Funding 2010-10-14
Another centre of gravity?

Assange's MBP Stolen? 2010-10-14
So claims Stefan Lindgren.

Assange Back in Stockholm 2010-10-05
'Meet me in Stockholm baby so we can mess around.'

Assange Case: Evidence Destroyed Over and Over Again 2010-10-01
Sensational news: extraordinary Internet detective work by Göran Rudling. From 30 September 2010.

Assange & City 2010-10-01
The WikiLeaks leader takes the opportunity to set the record straight.

Assange & Sweden: Update 2010-09-29 2010-09-29
News in the ongoing case now into its 41st day.

Schmitt Suspended from WikiLeaks 2010-09-27
On the second part of the Der Spiegel interview.

Schmitt Leaves WikiLeaks? 2010-09-25
Dissension in the ranks?

Too Much Information? 2010-09-24
Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start.

Assange & The Media: Crumbs 2010-09-22
Welcome to the feast. Fill up.

Assange: Go Where You Wanna Go? 2010-09-18
Something's happened in the Assange case?

Graphic Tribe Wallpapers 2009-02-07
Click to download.

Assange: On the CounterPunch 2010-09-17
Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett level off on the lot.

Julian Assange & Anders Perklev 2010-09-17
Meet Sweden's prosecutor general. Force yourself.

Geoffrey Robertson: 'We should stand up for Assange' 2010-09-14
Sweden in violation of European civil rights.

Assange: Aftonbladet's 'Inside Story' 2010-09-14
A timeline including excerpts of case testimony.

Assange Affair: Helin Calls Internal Affairs 'Kling & Klang' 2010-09-10
Aftonbladet's editor in chief insists all is above board.

Chancellor to Hunt Down Leak of Assange Dossier 2010-09-08
Swedish police IAD file complaint against their own.

Assange & the 'Jackal Media': Washington Post 2010-09-08
People truly have a lot to fear.

Assange Gets New Counsel 2010-09-07
Now it's up to Björn Hurtig.

Assange Affair: Prosecutors Leak to Media Again 2010-09-02
After giving their solemn promise. US military blog smells rat in second woman's story.

Assange/WikiLeaks: Prosecutor Reaches Decision 2010-08-25
This is when things start to get dirty.

Charges Filed Against Prosecutor in Assange Case 2010-08-24
Violated secrecy laws in revealing details to the media.

Assange Case: 'Legal corruption, one of the worst I've seen' 2010-08-24
Sweden's most famous lawyer speaks out.

Julian Assange & Anna Ardin 2010-08-23
The person behind the police complaint identified.

The Campaign Against Julian Assange 2010-08-22
Further developments.

Twelve Hours That Shook the World 2010-08-21
Julian Assange charged with rape, then charges suddenly dropped.

Swedish Pirate Party to Host New WikiLeaks Servers 2010-08-17
The Pirate Party provide bandwidth and hosting free of charge.

WikiLeaks Source Protection 2010-08-08
Someone may be working behind the scenes.

The Technological

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Sweden's Model Democracy 2017-07-27
Things have never been better in the land of the midnight sun.

DonaldLeaks 2017-05-09
Who's going to want to help #45?

DonaldLeaks 2017-05-09
Who's going to want to help #45?

Nasty Nick Sucks Hillary's Teat 2017-05-07
She's got a sort of drink ready, Nick. Party time.

SVD's Risk 2017-05-05
Joining the others?

Coincidence! 2016-08-12
Coincidence... happenstance... what's the third one again?

Sweden: Land of the Blackout 2016-08-07
It's despicable.

The Soft Propaganda of the MSM 2016-08-04
Who cared about real news before WikiLeaks?

Fashioning Your Career in the Swedish MSM 2016-06-18
Course number: 101. You can make it to the top. Or at least find your perfect place.

5½ Years of Marianne Ny 2016-05-19
How does Tord manage it?

What a difference a day makes 2016-02-24
'Things took a different turn.'

New Docs in Assange Case? 2016-02-07
Accuracy in research and in reporting? This is the 'MSM'!

The Mouse That Burped 2014-12-28
Five minutes past midnight. Apologies to CC Moore and H Livingston.

Carl Johan von Seth 2014-12-27
Part of the holiday tradition.

SWEDEN: Airbrushing the Airbrushing 2014-12-14
Never has hypocrisy on this level been witnessed in the duckpond.

The Astoundingly Twisted Massi Fritz 2014-07-08
She's written something. Again.

Carl Bildt Always Knows Too Much 2014-04-25
The Swedish MSM on their beloved MFA.

Snowden's Xmas Message 2013-12-25
'A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all.'

Sweden House Back in Business! 2013-12-19
Staff out anyway doing Xmas shopping.

Miley Cyrus is TIME's 2013 POTY 2013-11-26
A landslide victory.

The WikiLeaks Submission System 2013-10-02
There it is, folks.

Anke Domscheit Time Traveler 2013-09-29
Just a bit of Joshing around.

Эдвард Везде (Edward Everywhere) 2013-09-25
Time to freak 'em out.

NSA to cut syadmins by 100% to completely limit data access 2013-08-09
By Booz Allen.

US Senate Flips Dome 2013-08-03
Is 'freedom borscht' the next?

Manning Trial: One Fein Mouthful 2013-07-26
Nothing else so exposes the gargantuan gap between the US and the rest of the world.

Double Sting for the Bonnier Rags 2013-06-16
Comeuppance? Karma?

On Gibney's 'We Steal Secrets' 2013-05-29
Aka 'Gibney: Aliens Ate My Brain'.

Showdown at the Omena Hotel 2013-02-26
'You are the dead.'

Truth of Expressen is Stranger than Fiction 2012-11-26
Sweden's premier sleaze tabloid have done some pretty dumb things in their day, but this may top all.

Carl Bildt Does a Sarah Palin 2012-11-24
Or a Marianne Ny. A reminder that naïvety runs strong in the duckpond.

Crazy is as Crazy Does 2012-11-09
And it's all Julian's fault.

Lisa Magnusson Scores Own Goal 2012-11-01
No rebuttal necessary.

Amelia Andersdotter Pops Fuse 2012-10-25
'Another first class idiot.'

Mattias Bjärnemalm Pops Fuse 2012-10-20
'A first class idiot.'

@AnonymousIRC 2012-10-12
One more reason Daddy should password-protect the family computer.

Whistleblower Warning: Expressen 2012-09-03
Whistleblowers beware.

Assange Case: Dear Marianne Ny 2012-09-01
A world held hostage by obstinacy.

Assange Case: Found in the Attic I 2012-08-28
'Two houses not alike in dignity...'

Assange: The Intractable Marianne Ny 2012-08-22
'What we're able to tell you at this time is that we're not able to tell you anything.'

Push-Polling in the UK 2012-08-20
How would you vote?

Göran Hägglund 2012-08-15
Swedish cabinet minister goes berserk on Twitter over Julian Assange.

Jeffrey Kuhner 2012-06-24
Learn about the conspiracy between Assange and Obama to destroy Hillary.

@JuliaGillard 2012-06-18
Now she's blocking Assange supporters.

Whistleblower Warning: Radioleaks 2012-06-06
Some things are pathetic and shameless. Others are still worse.

Kremlin Controlled! 2012-04-29
They were right!

Daniel Persson SvD 2012-04-17
He'll try again tomorrow, folks!

'Mohammed, 23' 2012-03-21
Following or breaking the rules when you want to. Or are told to.

Thomas Bodström's 'Bodström Society' 2012-03-19
Go ahead - try to make this up.

Carl Bildt: 'Keep Building Those Factories!' 2012-03-14
The idea is to think like the big dogs.

Max & Stacy ♥ WikiLeaks 2012-03-04
The densest half hour of television you'll see in a great while.

Assange Shames Expressen 2012-02-27
'Acting like a political kindergarten.'

Clueless in Kardashianistan 2012-02-23
The journalistic integrity of Sweden's sleaziest tabloid called into question.

Ronald Koven 2012-02-15
Barnum & Bailey got nothing on this guy.

Don't Drink and Tweet, Anna Ardin! 2012-01-01
Posted late afternoon New Year's Day by one of Julian Assange's accusers.

Downhill with the Real Anna Ardin 2011-12-19
She thinks consistency is overrated.

Sweden: The Soap Opera 2011-12-12
Folks, this soap opera's for real!

Fun with Swedish SCUM 2011-11-28
Good climate. Fair trials still possible.

The Goose, The Gander, Anna Ardin 2011-11-21
There's enough for a psychologists convention.

Anna Ardin Witness Nicked Shoplifting 2011-11-19
Stole 5 books for $235.

Assange: Swedish Media Hysteria 2011-11-11
Aka 'SMH'.

WikiLeaks: Crikey/Rundle Hit It Out of the Park 2011-10-25
With the bases loaded.

WikiLeaks Frontline Takeaway 24 October 2011 2011-10-24
Lots of stenographers, not so many journalists.

Mayawati 2011-09-06
Fond of fine footwear.

That Super-Secret WikiLeaks Encryption Key File 2011-08-30
And who's the mysterious media partner contact?

Ms Ylva's Mustache 2011-07-08
'This is clearly yet another way women are discriminated against.'

How to Earn a Cool Half Million 2011-07-08

Wild Tom Hayden 2011-07-08
Hiding the truth is bad enough. Grossly misrepresenting it is another matter altogether.

Australia's Internet Industry Association 2011-07-08
Never before in the history of human endeavour...

Kitty Flanagan on Swedish Daycares 2011-07-05
Major liberating lulz.

Zack Whittaker 2011-06-23
A fairytale with trolls jumping around. And lots of your beloved O RLY pets.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg: The Reviews 2011-06-04
Read what others are saying about this exciting book that's been picked up by Spielberg.

The Life and Times of the Leberkäse Kid 2011-06-01
Inside Daniel Domscheit-Berg - the dark tragedy and the comedy gold.

Hôtel Crillon Welcomes Berit the Witch 2011-05-27
All expenses paid by Swedish taxpayers. Get on the right bandwagon and score.

Feeding Frenzy 2011-05-26
'Here we go, here we go again.'

Encounter at Ellingham 2011-05-19
Many are speechless, a few are frozen with disbelief.

Aled John 2011-05-12
Exposing efficiency.

WSJ SafeHouse 2011-05-06
'Can they be any dumber?'

Irmeli Krans 2011-04-18
What's 'foot in mouth' called in Swedish? An homage to one of many loose cannon police inspectors.

Gudrun Schyman Burns Up Ten Thousand Something 2011-04-17
Promoting fascism through populism and PR stunts.

Feeling Royally Flushed? 2011-04-14
Someone's all in?

Oskar Does the Annamotion 2011-04-07
Not quite 'without a trace'.

Julian Assange: Houseguest 2011-03-22
At least he didn't eat all the cauliflower and Leberkäse.

Nick Davies' House of Corrections 2011-03-22
It's a house of cards.

The Swedish Model 2011-03-18
Stockholm, you have a problem.

Jules & Julia 2011-03-15
Some people should never show their right profile. H/T Joyce Lowenstein.

Göran Rudling Declares War on Entire Universe™ 2011-03-08
Of windmills and bipolar disorders.

Slovenia's Barbie Girl Meets His Ken, Welcomes Gitmo Grads 2011-03-05
Twenty minutes 'one on one' with Barry: priceless.

Bad Drugs, Late Hours 2011-03-03
They don't mix.

Anonymous by Colbert 2011-02-26
What was it went into a hornets nest?

Sound & Fury: Howard Riddle 2011-02-24
Shakespeare put it best.

Swedish Feminist War Song 2011-02-24
Cut them into pieces.

Assange to NATO: Sweden a Voluntary Vassal State of US 2011-02-14
And it can all be read online.

Reinfeldt's Brain 2011-01-30
Which one is which?

Barry + Gittan = ♥ 2011-01-07
'Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...'

Happy Twitter Holidays 2010-12-25
The hits just keep on coming.

The Tale of Fair Gudrun 2010-12-21
By Tage Danielsson. He had them pegged half a century ago.

Björn Hurtig to Jennifer Robinson: Subject: SV: Our client 2010-12-15
Björn Hurtig uses Outlook. Unredacted. OK let's all pretend Marianne Ny has no agenda.

Borgström: 'I Know Things Too!!1!' 2010-12-14
Tripping over one's own feet can leave one with one's nose in the funky stuff.

Re Saudi Drink Drugs & Sex 2010-12-08
The best explanation you'll ever get.

Advice to PJ Crowley 2010-11-25
Some things seem inevitable. This might be one.

Anna Ardin Talks to CIA Contact 2010-11-24
Filmed at a safe house in Stockholm.

An Arlington Hallowe'en Special 2010-10-31
Get home quick, Jamie!

Helin's Legacy 2010-10-24
See if you can find it.

700 Idiots 2010-10-18
It's about time.

Where'd You Get That Hairdo, Jules? 2010-10-01
Some things take the sharpest minds by surprise. Then there are the students at City.

City University London 2010-09-30
The lolz that grew into a roar.

Sweden & The Data Retention Directive 2010-09-18
So who made this into an issue anyway?

Assange: Ingrid Carlqvist Speaks Out 2010-09-16
The famous author on Sweden's crazy treatment of rape accusations. From 23 August.

Assange Affair: So Proud, So Proud 2010-09-06
The media in Sweden are trying to convince their sheeple that everything's OK.

Hall of Monkeys

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Vanity Fair 2017-02-27
10,000 miles to Baghdad.

SOS Sweden 2016-01-26
Politically correct is never correct. Paradise lost.

Uzbekistan, Brzezinski Father & Son, Carl Bildt's Sweden 2014-05-05
Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Carey Wedler on Barack Obama 2014-03-21
A long time coming but finally it's here.

143 2013-10-14
They sold out their country.

Teo Loses His Ish Again 2013-02-04
So do others. Sometimes Swedish diplomats just don't know how to be diplomatic.

'Amnesty an Important Organisation' 2012-10-15
And truth, freedom of speech, and democracy are important concepts.

Max Keiser on the Nobel Peace Prize Joke 2012-10-15
'Go back making dynamite! Only Julian Assange deserved to win.'

Assange and the Wolves 2012-06-24
Fair trial?

The Australian Government 2012-06-23
They continue to provide consular assistance.

Zetter 2012-05-17
Another incompetent MSM moron.

Madman Joe Lieberman 2012-04-21
At least he's not running for reelection. Or president.

Thomas Mattsson: The Curse of Journalism 2012-02-27
Mattsson's - and Expressen's - journalism is the worst kind ever.

Crazy Elin 2011-12-15
It never gets better than this.

Hanne Kjöller 2011-11-22
Brown paper bags and cold sweat.

@PGarrettMP 2011-11-14
He doesn't want to be the one.

Candypig & Humpty Dumpty 2011-11-04
All sparkle.

Ungood: Anatomy of a Smear 2011-10-02
Rupert's Rottweiler Jon Ungoed-Thomas takes on Julian Assange but falls flat.

Gudrun Explaining the Sexual Power Structure 2011-07-16
It's very scientific.

That Double Crossing Marianne Ny 2011-07-09
A 'cat and mouse' game.

'Mr Assange's Defence' 2011-06-14
From Expressen February 2011.

James Ball, Inadvertently 2011-05-24
A mere oversight.

Jan Guillou Comes Out of Retirement to Bark 2011-04-24
Or burp. Or just to be a nuisance again.

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize 2011-04-12
'The more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes.'

Ireen von Wachenfeldt 2011-03-29
'Men are animals! Don't you think so?'

A Threesome Made in Heaven? 2011-03-19
Talk about 'MFEO'. Talk about imminent danger. Three's a crowd or not?

Aqua's Barbie Girl Swedish Style 2011-02-15
Funded by the People's Republic of China.

Three Women 2010-12-31
Behold the fountainhead. They've taken Sweden to the brink of ruin.

Carina Rydberg's Done It Again 2010-12-21
She's opened her mouth.

One Is the Loneliest Number 2010-12-15
You forgot step 8, Anna Ardin.

Bobbie McCee 2010-12-04
'Good enough for me.'

Larry Sanger 2010-11-28
Words cannot. Words don't need to.

Hillary Oh Hillary 2010-11-27
Where's the love?

Erik Rush 2010-11-27
A prince of peace.

Carina Rydberg 2010-11-24
'People need to get all the info they can on the maniacs cheering on this development.'

Jonah Goldberg 2010-10-29
Put a bone in your nose.

NY Times 2010-10-25
They shilled before and now they shill again.

David Aaronovitch 2010-10-02
Novel way to get a suntan.

Geoff Morrell 2010-09-26
Time capsule terrorist.

Heroes Banquet

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Master Justice Assange 2017-01-15
An oil painting in realtime by Natalie Buske Thomas with music by Kevin MacLeod.

@ioerror at Logan 2016 2016-03-16
Dedicated to the cunts at the Guardian.

Suelette's Friend 2016-01-27
Some may vaguely remember.

Aleksandra Boscanin 2016-01-20
Restoring Sweden's damaged reputation.

Sarah Harrison's Willy Brandt Award Speech 2015-10-24
'Let's dare more democracy.'

#HAPPY 2014-09-19

RIP Inna Kukurudza 2014-06-06
This must not be in vain.

Forgotten Years 2014-05-09
We will remember.

Sarah Harrison in Berlin 2013-11-06
In these times of secrecy and abuse of power there is only one solution.

Sarah Harrison 2013-10-03
Her courage is contagious.

Ten Things to Know About Edward Snowden 2013-06-10
Get ready for the shocker of your lives.

Edward Snowden 2013-06-09
'It'll be turnkey tyranny.'

Julian Assange with Bill Maher 2013-02-09
Who better to interview the WikiLeaks leader?

AJE: Collateral Murder? 2012-12-24
An in-depth analysis by US defence analyst Ivan Eland and Julian Assange. Have a happy holiday.

Gaga Acceptance Speech LennonOno Peace Prize 2012-10-10
Reykjavík 9 October 2012. Breathe compassion. Give peace a chance. Strawberry Fields forever.

Swedish Sex 2012-06-04
The new book by Oscar Swartz is one of the most important books of the new millennium.

Gavin MacFadyen on WikiLeaks 2012-05-01
From the International Journalism Festival in Perugia Italy 28 April 2012. Transcript by m_cetera.

Jennifer Robinson on WikiLeaks and Democracy 2012-03-31
'May you be involved in a lawsuit in which you know you are right.'

The Virtual Revolution 2012-01-03
A great leveling? By Aleks Krotoski for the BBC.

Pilger on Assange 2011-12-17
Did you have any idea?

Breaking Wars 2011-11-22
People don't like them.

Letter to the US Govt on WikiLeaks 2011-10-26
Barack Obama. You are a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Act like one!'

WikiRebels: The Documentary (Full) 2011-10-26
Produced by Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist.

WikiLeaks: The Impact on Journalism and Government 2011-10-09
With Kristinn Hrafnsson.

Afghan War Diaries Press Conference 2011-09-27
At the Frontline Club.

WikiLeaks is Good 2011-09-12
By Kyle Pounds. Give it time.

Julian Assange í Silfrinu 2011-08-14
The birth of the IMMI.

Thomas Drake 2011-08-12
Yes he would do it again.

Assange Teaches Summer School 2011-07-08
At CIJ 17.45 - 19.00 Friday 9 July 2010. You thought good journalism was easy?

What Does it Cost to Change the World? 2011-06-28

LulzSec 2011-05-29
PBS and Martin Smith weren't expecting them.

Assange Sydney Peace Prize Full Video 2011-05-17
10 May 2011. Courtesy Frontline London. Previous recipients: Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama.

The Flashback 2600 2011-05-16
Whistleblowers of the world unite.

Julian Assange: Hero in AU, Terrorist in US 2011-05-12
С Алёна Минковски.

Julian Assange: Is WikiLeaks Biased? 2011-04-29
From 18 April 2010 at the UC Berkeley graduate school of journalism.

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize 2011-04-12
'History will win. The world will be elevated to a better place.'

Assange 60 Minutes 2011-04-10
With Steve Kroft.

Flashback Stops Witch Trial of Assange 2011-03-26
The elephant's getting too big.

Rubber Stamp Process 2011-02-25
A flawless extemporaneous speech by the man who turned down $100 million.

Jemima on WikiLeaks 2011-02-16
She hates lies.

Two Thumbs Up 2010-12-14

Christine Assange 2010-12-12
Perhaps the most important reason Julian can be who is he today.

All Your Cable 2010-11-29
Another WikiLeaks desktop wallpaper. Download and support WikiLeaks.

Do It 2010-11-28
The latest WikiLeaks desktop wallpaper. Download and support WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks as Seen from Outer Space 2010-11-08
Download the desktop wallpaper and support WikiLeaks.

Flag of the Sovereign State of WikiLeaks 2010-10-27
Download the desktop wallpaper and support WikiLeaks.

Mark Stephens 2010-11-22
The best solicitor in Sweden is in London.

Assange @ UN Genève 4 November 2010-11-04
The full WikiLeaks press conference. Cough cough.

Obama Under Siege (Jules Too) 2010-10-27
The full interview with Democracy Now.

Julian Assange Oslo Freedom Forum 2010 2010-10-26
Defining and explaining civilisation after the Cold War.

Julian Assange @ Frontline 25 October 2010-10-25
How democracies engineer escalation to war and keep things going indefinitely.

WikiLeaks Posters 2010-09-30
By Agents of Chaos.

Ethan McCord 2010-08-15
He was there. He's the one carrying the child to the Bradley.

Assange @ Frontline 27 July 2010-08-01
Reflections on the 'war diary' releases.

Assange @ TED Oxford 2010-08-01
A surprise appearance 16 July.

The United What of America? 2010-08-01
Multinationals rule the planet. By Julian Assange.

The Thoughts of Julian Assange 2010-08-01
Things connect together.

Julian Assange 2010-07-31
Frontline press conference 26 July.

Learning Curve

Get It

Try It

Making Sense of Julian Assange 2017-03-01
Asking a few key questions.

Two Interviews, Two Swedens 2017-02-23
The famous DVTV interview with Katerina Janouch, followed by DN.se's Hynek Palas. English subs.

Never Attribute to Malice 2016-06-24
Everything's above board in Country of Sweden™.

Sweden's Dark Waters 2016-06-12
How the Swedish people were duped by a submarine scare.

#Brexit 2016-05-16
It's not just about Britain.

Five Years Going on Six: Marianne Ny's Spite 2016-04-02
Damn the torpedoes, damn international law, damn any and all agreements. Marianne Ny's five years of spite.

Arbitrary 2016-02-27
She owns it.

#dngate 2016-01-21
Sometimes it's a little bit of everything.

The Extraordinary Marianne Ny (Part I) 2016-01-19
Justice must be seen to be done. A reunion of sorts. September/October 2010.

Inside the Mind of Marianne Ny 2015-12-14
Being an annotation of a published timeline of an eminent research prosecutor. Happy holidays.

A Marianne Ny Takeaway 2015-10-18
What the latest tranche of FOI docs reveal. A first look.

'Not Innocent - Yet' 2015-09-02
Remarkable statements from Sweden's prosecution authority 23 August 2010.

Julian's Suffering, Sweden's Shame 2015-08-08
'An uncomfortable situation.'

The Sinister Symbiosis of Sweden's Judiciary and Media 2015-08-03
By noted blogger 'Citizen X'. From August 2012.

Margot Sticks Out 2015-04-05
Does she want John Kerry's job? Or Jen Psaki's?

Two Speeches 2014-12-25
Tough times need brave solutions. Together these speeches define our times.

Spinning Boris, Screwing Vladimir 2014-12-21
Who's really good for the country?

Snowden to Sweden? 2014-11-30
A Very Bad Idea™.

Bonniers & Free Speech 2014-11-26
How things work in the duckpond.

Assange Case: Something Sick About the SMS 2014-10-28
Assange lawyers trying to protect evidence that the prosecution are trying to destroy?

The Curious Case of Assange in Sweden 2014-10-28
'There, but for pure luck, go you.'

Of Cables, Search Engines, and Revolving Doors 2014-10-01
Who gets back to you when you can't reach Hillary? Someone connected to Google of course!

OR Books: When Google Met WikiLeaks 2014-09-21
'Do you want us to start eating?'

The Second Casualty of War 2014-08-24
The MSM of Sweden are doing their best to make the 'balanced approach' impossible to find.

War in Europe: Schaff Annotated 2014-08-20
A dangerous escalation.

Hearsay's OK 2014-07-30
More signs that Swedes have, at best, a haphazard justice system.

08MOSCOW265 2014-05-14

Remember Odessa 2014-05-03
The neocons in State prefer you not be shown.

Sweden: A Model for Internet Freedom 2014-04-23
Published on New Year's by Sweden's highly respected and eminent MFA Carl Bildt.

What Carl Bildt Did for Iraq 2014-04-19
The contributions of Sweden's MFA towards the Iraqi bloodbath.

Ukraine is Yugoslavia 2.0 2014-04-03
A talk by Michael Parenti given on 16 May 1999 in Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle.

Зашто? 2014-03-24
A documentary of the bombings that began 15 years ago today. By Anissa Naouai and Jelena Milincic.

To Kill a Mockingbird 2014-03-19
Don't forget: Boo's the good guy.

Putin's Unification Speech 2014-03-18
Features RT English simultaneous translation voiceover.

Tony Benn's 10-Minute History Lesson for Neoliberals 2014-03-14
3 April 1925 - 14 March 2014. RIP.

Anachronisms 2014-02-15
A brief look at how ridiculous the movie TFE really was. Compiled by Radsoft.

Assange Extradition: Marianne Ny's 'Allegation 2' Curveball 2014-02-04
Can you base a European Arrest Warrant on what you know to be false evidence?

Remembering Anne 2014-01-18
She could tell you, and in some ways she is.

Sweden: New Case Law for Rape Trials 2014-01-14
Back in 2009 that is. Did anything change?

Snowden's Clemency 2014-01-04
It's the wrong question.

The NSA & iOS 2013-12-30
But of course we live in the best of all possible iWorlds.

The Cult Behind the Quick Scandal 2013-11-05
The elite against the downtrodden.

In the Tradition of Sam Adams 2013-10-11
Honouring Julian Assange.

Syria's Dirty Dozen 2013-10-08
Presented by Steve Smith of AOAV.

Anakata's Open Letter 2013-10-06
Sent to cabinet ministers in Denmark.

How do you do, Cablegate2 2013-10-01
DreamWorks might sell a movie, but they can't buy the truth.

The Secret Cables 2013-09-27
Subtitles by Figaro Pravda.

On US Patent 5,937,422 & 'Semantic Forests' 2013-06-14
They told you so. Do you remember?

Palme: Sweden's Mousetrap 2013-01-03
CIA behind yet another assassination?

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War 2012-12-24
And you thought you knew it all. Yes journalists can be war criminals.

The WikiLeaks Julian Assange Standoff 10 Minutes Complete 2012-12-06
Somebody really did their homework here.

Sagan om den farliga åsnan 2012-11-15
By Lars Schaff. This one's in the original Swedish for all the ducks in the pond.

Assange and the Attack on the Republic of Ecuador 2012-11-15
By Sergio di Cori Modigliani. Reedited in English from a Google translation by Sandhya Jain.

Swedish Criminal Code: 'Rape Doesn't Have to be Unpleasant' 2012-09-05
Caveats in the new law crafted by Claes Borgström and Marianne Ny.

Assange Case: A Sequence of Events 2012-08-27
The official explanation doesn't wash, doesn't even rinse.

Assange Case: Sweden's Secret War in Afghanistan 2012-08-08
They're trying to be taken on as a NATO/US military power.

Assange Case: Prosecutors Not 'Judicial' in Sweden 2012-08-07
Their own law's against the notion.

Assange Case: Björn's Letter to Jennifer 2012-08-06
Paints a very clear picture.

No Questioning Assange in the UK? 2012-08-06
What do Marianne Ny and Carl Bildt know that they're not telling anyone?

Why Julian Assange will be a columnist for Aftonbladet 2012-07-10
From 14 August 2010.

Swedish Sex: The Tragic Case of Billy Butt 2012-06-09
Further background on what Julian Assange stepped into.

Assange Case: Many Questions, Few Answers 2012-05-15
50 good ones for starters.

Iraq: The Hidden Story 2012-04-08
From Channel 4. Happy Easter.

Swedish Right + Bonniers = TRUE 2012-02-29
Two sides of the same coin. The political power of the Swedish media giant. From 12 November 2010.

Internet 101 2012-01-02
This should be curriculum in all schools. By yesterday. From 2009.

The Corruption of Press Ethics in Sweden 2011-12-30
Could it be any more corrupt? From Laholms Tidning 29 December 2011 23:30.

Don't Make Waves in the Duckpond! 2011-12-17
The art of disarming critical rhetoric so as to not ruffle too many feathers.

'Hjernevask' 2011-11-27
That's Norwegian for 'brainwash'.

The Swedish Sex War 2011-11-24
Click 'CC' for subtitles. NSFW.

Six Feminist Myths 2011-11-17
By Pär Ström.

Who wouldn't shout with the stakes so high 2011-10-25
The real story of Heather Brooke, David Leigh, Ian Katz, and Alan Rusbridger.

Ike Said Goodbye 2011-10-04
Uncanny and spooky.

Assange at the High Court: The Alexander Street Summary 2011-10-03
Courtesy Flashback.

Renata's Open Letter 2011-08-17
Renata Avila, Guatemala City, 15 August 2011.

RT at High Court 2011-07-12
See especially the second half as they connect the dots. And learn. (Requires Flash.)

12 July 2011 2011-07-12
Back to court for the same ridiculous nonsense.

Let's Talk Condoms 2011-06-19
Ruminations at Flashback.

No Requirement of Proof in Swedish Sex Trials 2011-04-02
Court rulings sealed to hide lack of evidence. Another ugly thing about the Swedish judicial system.

Assange: The Case Against Sweden 2011-03-05
The mother of all chronologies woven into a submission to the Australian parliament.

Mark Stephens on Hurtig Ny Riddle & Sweden 2011-03-01
An interview with InfoTorg Juridik.

Statement by Dominique de Villepin to the UNSC 2010-12-23
On Valentine's Day 2003. The birth of Freedom Fries on the eve of the invasion of Iraq.

Open Letter to the Three Stooges 2010-12-23
To Nick Davies, David Leigh, Alan Rusbridger.

Conspiracy as Governance 2010-11-28
From 3 December 2006.

Red Hat Diaries

Get It

Try It

Thoughts on Malmö 2017-02-27
That's never been a journalist's duty.

Rinkeby 2017-02-21
Safer than Stockholm.

The Illogic of Illegality and Irrationality 2017-01-01
Sounding out vox populi as things get curiouser and curiouser.

Let It Snow 2016-12-26
First Gladys and Marvin, now Alan and a flock of notables...

Assange: Case Closed 2016-12-23
The truth will out, the truth wins out.

We're Living in an Increasingly Dangerous World 2016-08-11
Translated from the original.

Vi lever i en allt farligare värld 2016-08-11
From Skånska Dagbladet. For Swedish visitors.

#ChilcotEve 2016-07-05
Never forget, never forgive.

Political pressure protected Margot Wallström 2016-05-26
It's hard to shake off the suspicion...'

Borgström & Bellman 2016-01-18
The Swedish judicial system in a nutshell.

Good thing it wasn't Marianne Ny 2015-12-16
Are we looking at the worst prosecutor ever?

December 10, 2015: The Silence 2015-12-10
'There are over 150 news sites in the country, and yet there's still total silence.'

It's not the Swedish people 2015-12-03
It's their autocratic media.

A Perfect World 2015-10-17
From a Twitter stream.

The Cambridge Referendum 2015-10-10
Hogwarts on bad acid.

Prestige Corrupts 2015-08-01
'We're waiting for Marianne Ny to declare...' From an op-ed by Svante Thorsell.

WikiLeaks is Back 2015-07-20
They're flooding the world with disruption.

Swedes & Their Irrepressible Urges 2014-07-22
Are you ready to believe anything?

'Vladimir Putin Ate My Baby' 2014-07-19
Things hotting up even more; someone runs for it.

The Mind of a Swedish Left-Wing Neocon 2014-05-18
Can they think for themselves?

'The Swedish prison system: we call it torture' 2014-04-02
Top lawyers say the judges are avoiding the public debate about detention and 'restrictions'.

So 2014-03-20
Royal decrees change nothing.

Crimea 16 March 2014-03-16
It was almost too easy.

Partisangirl Talks to Ukrainiangirl 2014-03-16
Possibly the best coverage of the current crisis you'll ever see.

60 Minutes to 16 March 2014-03-12
An executive summary.

How to create a blog for $250,000,000 2014-03-12
Things aren't as easy as they seem.

Out with the Old, In with 1984 2014-01-02
Orwell didn't go on about only mass surveillance. Translated from the original at Scriptorium.

Sweden's Three-Headed Monster 2014-01-02
And the detective novelist? Translated from the original by Kjell Häglund.

Gingerbread Data Centre 2013-12-17
Seasons greets to the TLAs from Jon Karlung and Bahnhof.

The Country Behind Quick 2013-12-01
Symptoms of something far more comprehensive, far more dangerous.

Life Rights Contracts Signed in Blood 2013-10-08
They didn't care.

WikiLeaks Party - The Aftermath 2013-10-03
They forgot rule number one.

Schmidt, Keating, Hypocrisy, and Propaganda 2013-09-27
The alchemy of how bullshit becomes history. Your apathy is an important ingredient.

WACA 2013-08-21
Here they go again.

BHO on Jay Leno 2013-08-18
Speaking violence to truth.

Mike Grunwald 2013-08-18
Such a character.

Assange in Sweden: Open Letter to KimNeilJung 2013-08-10
Enough is enough. The whole world is watching.

Obama in Stockholm 2013-08-08
Thoughts on the upcoming visit of the POTUS to the Country of Absolut.

Rule of Law: It's All Over Now 2013-07-19
These are uneasy times. Today's been an uneasy day.

Transparency Matters 2013-06-28
What Texas can teach us. By Bridget Hunter PhD.

Assange in Sweden: A Time to Smear 2013-06-25
It took only a few short generations.

Kære Svenskere 2013-06-05
Danish anthropologist Dennis Nørmark writes an open letter to Sweden.

Assange Statement on the First Day of Manning Trial 2013-06-04
Bradley Manning's not on trial. The trial of Bradley Manning ended long ago.

Political Power in the Hands of Learned Witch Doctors 2013-05-23
No one will dare contradict them. By Jan Guillou.

On the Preposterous and Massi Fritz 2013-05-23
End it. Now.

Room 101: End of the Line for Sweden's State Feminism? 2013-05-16
War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Tokyo Rose on Julian 2013-05-14
And on the decency of the UK justice system.

Assange in Sweden: A Perfect Spy 2013-04-29
Fiction and truth aren't always that far apart.

Submitting to the Superpower 2013-04-28
Simple politics adjusted to promote personal ambitions.

03USUNNEWYORK298_a 2013-04-10
The first casualty of war is truth.

Memo to the People of the US 2013-02-17
A better Sunday than most for most.

Hiding & Accused 2013-01-31
From Lars Schaff's 'Postcards from Sweden'.

Marianne Ny & TIME 2013-01-27
Through the past more clearly.

Marianne Ny & The Secrecy Act 2013-01-27
It's more about Marianne Ny and Julian Assange. Or Carl Bildt.

Swartz Fought for Us 2013-01-27
By Maria-Pia Boëthius.

Doin' the Gibney 2013-01-23
'There's roughly infinity other reasons.'

Oxford in the Cold 2013-01-23
'Reminiscent of the witch trials of the 1600s.'

Arresting People Leads to a Lot of Legal Hassles 2013-01-12
Carl Bildt again bends to the US, betrays Swedish interests.

Assange & Media Truth 2012-12-21
Figure out their agendas.

Silence of the Lambs 2012-12-05
If at first you don't succeed...

Four More Years 2012-11-08
What's in store?

Thanks to Pär Ström 2012-11-08
Two things emerged.

A Whistleblowing Primer 2012-11-04
Blowing a kiss to Sweden's ridiculously corrupt and irrelevant pirate party.

Quick: My Final Chat with Borgström 2012-10-19
By Sture Bergwall. Published 8 October 2012.

Circus Quick 2012-10-16
Claes Borgström and 'Team Lambertz' continue to try to bamboozle the media.

Why isn't CNN's Anderson Cooper an enemy of the state? 2012-10-06
Where we are in history right now.

Politics & sensationalism behind Swedish travesties of justice 2012-09-24
By Jan Guillou. Published by Aftonbladet 23 September 2012.

Sweden Abandoning Afghans to Dreadful Fate 2012-08-12
The true colours of their government are showing.

Justice in Sweden: The Ulf Files 2012-07-31
Corruption up to the highest levels.

Bergman & Fridén 2012-07-19
Astute of the former, overexposure of the latter.

Swedish News Sites Cower Before 'Media Elite Mafia' 2012-07-15
They'd rather expose one of their own than stand up for the truth.

Red Notice for Questioning? 2012-06-11
By Björn Hurtig and Johann Binninge.

Pilger on Sweden 2012-06-10
The verdict against Sweden in the court of public opinion's been in for quite some time.

Sweden's justice system stands accused 2012-06-09
And the international verdict won't be kind.

Julian Assange's Concerns Are Justified 2012-06-08
There is no rule of law in Sweden. By Per E Samuelson.

Agreed Facts? 2012-04-10
Are they really?

Two Years 2012-04-05
The genie's out of the bottle.

WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower 2012-03-30
The two hour BBC documentary by Richard Bilton.

'A Lifeboat to Democracy' 2012-03-28
Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli speaks with RT.

Assange Will Be Punished! 2012-03-27
That's what happens to people who expose the US.

Swedish Pots & British Kettles 2012-03-21
Thomas Bodström's illiterate outburst.

Shakin' in the Cuff 2012-03-11
Swedish PM Reinfeldt's last stand?

Short Memory (The Clip) 2012-03-07
The SHEEPLE decide. The SHEEPLE shall be held responsible.

Short Memory (The Lyrics) 2012-03-07
The SHEEPLE decide. The SHEEPLE shall be held responsible.

Short Memory (The Bottom Line) 2012-03-07
The SHEEPLE decide. The SHEEPLE shall be held responsible.

The United States of America Has Gone Mad 2012-02-14
By John le Carré. From January 2003.

Offending the United States 2012-02-09
Know who you're dealing with.

400th 2012-02-06
500,000 words.

The Claes Borgström Interview 2012-02-06
'Your former client Thomas Quick now claims to be completely innocent.'

Duckpond: Who Controls Swedish Wikipedia? 2012-02-05
'The sun always shines on the coastal artillery.'

Assange Case: A Colossal Travesty of Justice 2012-01-31
By Björn Karlin. Published 17 January 2012.

Group participation: what's wrong with this picture? 2012-01-29
Things are getting freaky in the Land of the Free™. Sent in by someone on Facebook.

18 January 2012-01-19
Time for some people to get a clue. Time for others to get to work.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt? 2012-01-09
Judicial Decay™ in the Country of Sweden®.

Snaps on New Year's Eve 2012-01-01
Two of Flashback's most articulate contributors share final 2011 thoughts.

Open Letter to Kevin Rudd 2011-12-18
Signed by a veritable international who's who.

Clearly Murder 2011-12-16
'This particular event - this is clearly murder.'

United Nations of America 2011-12-15
Planet of the free?

Man with a Mission 2011-12-14
He's out of the bottle.

Open Letter to Sweden's Prosecutor General 2011-12-12
From Sweden versus Assange. Send to the address below.

Öppet Brev till Riksåklagare Anders Perklev 2011-12-12
Translation by Joakim Ramstedt. Send to the address below.

Julian & Benny, Muammar & Vladimir 2011-11-25
Some people have the money. Others have the suits.

Journalism Award to a Lobbying Campaign? 2011-11-24
From Corren.se 3 November 2011.

Assange/Sweden: Lynch Mob 2011-11-23
Spaghetti monsters have an easier time of it.

The Daily Quack - SVT's 'Agenda' 2011-10-23
News from Sweden 23 October 2011. Part Two.

The Daily Quack 2011-10-23
News from Sweden 23 October 2011.

Assange/Sweden: Day of Reckoning 2011-10-20
Win-win either way, at least for some? Or is it? It's drawing closer.

Assange the Misogynist Pig 2011-10-16
He isn't one.

The Swedish Duckpond: A Life in Isolation 2011-10-16
'Quiet lives of boring desperation.'

NATO Peace Prize 2011 2011-10-07
A prudent decision.

Happy Birthday WikiLeaks 2011-10-04
4 October 2006 - 4 October 2011: five years of crushing bastards.

Give Leaks A Chance 2011-09-17
That's all they're saying.

A Game Out of Control 2011-08-07
A nation out of control.

Assange Affair: Portrait of a Swedish Feminist 2011-08-04
They hurt a lot of people before they finally fall apart.

SA@TAC: WikiLeaks Revisited 2011-07-25
Remembering the false narrative of an imaginary threat.

Four Questions to Answer if Assange is to be Extradited 2011-07-25
Posed by celebrated Swedish jurist Brita Sundberg-Weitman. Riddle remains a riddle.

DSK case shows Sweden must deal with false rape complaints 2011-07-01
Ingrid Carlqvist on Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Skarlock's Legal Checklist 2011-06-26
Swedish state architects? Get to work.

For The Ones That Get Left Behind 2011-06-25
There's an overriding issue that's far greater and far more important.

More About the Condom 2011-06-22
'It's bullshit - it's all bullshit.'

DDB Q&A 2011-06-06
Take your time.

An Expression of Truth 2011-06-04
Now you know.

Bradley Manning: One Year 2011-05-26
Not exactly an anniversary to celebrate.

Swedish Feminism and its Antagonists 2011-05-24
The feminist myth as a Big Lie. From Corren.se.

People v Government 2011-05-12
Government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Alexandria 2011-05-11
Whistleblowing is bad.

Sweden & The Rule of Law 2011-05-06
It doesn't exist. It's not even properly defined.

The Case of the Forged Engagement Rings 2011-04-14
Another look at Sweden's incredibly wacky judicial system.

Assange: Fair Trial in Sweden? 2011-04-10
Fair trial for anyone?

Sweden: How could you do this to us, Julian? 2011-04-07
Yet another Swedish documentary for Swedes only - except this time...

Foreign Policy Condoms 2011-04-02
By Sofi Oksanen. First published in Helsingin Sanomat 22 December 2010.

Süddeutsche: The Suelette Dreyfus Interview 2011-04-02
'Underground' to be finally released in German.

Russian Girls Hot for Assange 2011-03-30
They say they're better than Swedish girls and that's a walkover.

It'll scare the shit out of you.

Assange & Sweden: The Lion Pit 2011-03-11
Uh-oh. Sweden being shamed again according to new Expressen op-ed.

Assange is Right: Sweden's the Saudi Arabia of Feminism 2011-03-01
Another eloquent broadside by legendary Swedish radio personality Helene Bergman.

Assange & Sweden: Read About It 2011-02-24
No stone left unturned.

Assange & Sweden: 2 x Svensson 2011-02-16
Prophetic screeds published almost ten years ago by one of Sweden's foremost jurists.

Unrequited Love, Uncomfortable Coincidences 2011-02-14
Joyce Lowenstein on DDB.

Nordic Legal Scholars: Assange Conviction Unlikely 2011-02-14
From Helsingin Sanomat. Overkill to be sure. But still and all.

Feminists in Assange Case Doing Harm to Feminism 2011-02-11
By legendary Swedish radio personality Helene Bergman.

Assange in Sweden: The Catalyst 2011-01-31
Where catalysts come from is of secondary importance.

Cairo & Sweden's Cultural Elite 2011-01-29
Do the events in Egypt have anything to do with the internalised male sexual power structure?

Open Season for Leaks? 2011-01-26
Do you really believe it?

About the Condoms 2011-01-21
About revenge in seven steps, Swedish feminist media control, and perverting the course of justice.

John Pilger on Julian Assange 2011-01-15
Things are in focus.

'Try Me for Rape Too, Marianne Ny!' 2011-01-09
Sweden's veteran news anchor Olle Andersson doesn't miss much in this attack on feminist Sweden.

The Swedish Geese & The Assange Gander 2011-01-09
Now if someone - anyone - ever insists it's not political again...

Back from the Holidays in the Land of the Shadows 2011-01-07
The Guardian are so yesterday. They're gone. It's a hall of mirrors even if you don't see it.

Henning Mankell: 'Stand by WikiLeaks' 2010-12-28
An appeal to journalists, authors, cultural workers, and democratically minded people everywhere.

Deconstructing Davies II - Naomi Wolf 2010-12-21
'Yes this stinks to me and yes it's about politics.'

Deconstructing Davies 2010-12-21
The story's the leak, not the contents.

Lady Sarah Ludford MEP Lashes Out at Abuses of Marianne Ny 2010-12-19
And it's about time.

How to Rape Julian Assange Twice 2010-12-16
A tale of two stories.

'Welcome to Sweden, Leave as Soon as You Can' 2010-12-14
You really don't want to know what lies beneath.

Operation Avenge Assange 2010-12-06
'Expect us.'

A Few Good Men 2010-12-04
But how many are there?

A Cablegate Scrapbook 2010-11-30
First impressions.

Ἀπάθεια Δύο 2010-11-24
Even the geekiest have things they're passionate about.

Borgström & Quick 2010-11-22
A tale of how a political insider cynically exploits the system, taxpayers, and innocents for ego and profit.

Ἀπάθεια 2010-11-22
It's not about geeks. It's about a special type of geek.

WikiLeaks and the Gutless Swedish Media 2010-11-22
It's all about journalism and how you define it.

Assange/WikiLeaks: The Betrayal of Sweden's Cultural Elite 2010-11-08
A pint and a bit of afterthought at the Publicist Club once it's all too late. By Olle Andersson.

John's Hat 2010-10-20
Who put hallucinogens in his coffee?

'I Regret That!' 2010-10-18
How a Swedish tabloid journalist got the Assange story and how he ran with it.

Håkan's Memo 2010-10-17
Can't prove the crime, can't find the copyright protection.

Bodström Gone 2010-10-15
Sweden's future looking brighter.

Shadows in the Hall of Mirrors 2010-10-15
Washington is leaking.

'They're Casting Spells on Me' 2010-10-01
Anna Ardin's goose is cooked.

George Brock & The Yesterday Media 2010-10-01
Today isn't yesterday anymore. Not any longer.

Jules & The Amateurs 2010-09-28
Take a sad song and make it better.

Assange/WikiLeaks: Face Value 2010-09-25
The one thing you may never take it at.

Assange: Decisions Can Wait 2010-09-19
Saving face and saving careers.

Julian Assange & Claes Borgström 2010-09-19
Peering down a rabbit hole.

Assange Case Should Set Off Alarms 2010-09-09
Don't fundamental civil rights apply? By SvD's Carin Stenström.

Assange/WikiLeaks: Birgitta's Hit & Run 2010-09-07
The 'hit' can be an accident but the 'run' is always a crime.

Assange/CIA: The Smear Campaign 2010-09-05
Stay on track. Don't be naïve. And don't be silent.

Assange/CIA: A Gift of Coincidence 2010-09-05
The luck of Langley? You couldn't make this up.

WikiLeaks Errata 2010-08-29
Pause for the cause. A look at the media hysteria surrounding the Assange affair.

Assange Hung Out on a Phone Call? 2010-08-24
The case gets murkier and dirtier by the day.

The Art of Backpedaling 2010-08-18
Balance is elusive for Reporters Sans Frontières.

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