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The heroes lose in the beginning but have an epic victory in the end anyhow. That's the only thing Hollywood ever taught us.
 - Peter Sunde

Even if I had any money I would rather burn everything I own and not even give them the ashes. They could have the job of picking them up. That's how much I hate the media industry.
 - Peter Sunde

Is there anyone who doesn't have one today? The boy in the drawer is so handy - he never complains, never has a headache, and doesn't complain when I bring other toys home.
 - 'Sarastrah'

Privacy of user communications is protected in European and Irish legislation. ISPs can not be expected to ignore these merely because it does not suit another private party. To do so would breach the privacy of our users as well as having serious implications for the continued location of international e-business in this country and the jobs these generate.
 - Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland

ISPAI is disappointed that the great potential of the Internet, to provide opportunities to connect with users in new ways and develop new business models, is being missed by the music recording industry. The Internet has revolutionised countless other services where consumers have benefited from any-time accessibility, wider choice and reduced prices.
 - Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland

People who use Pascal for serious programming fall into a fatal trap.
 - Brian Kernighan

Well colour me bummed. I'm not experienced with Objective-C/Cocoa yet. Then I read the position and saw 'if you aren't a master coder today start sharpening your skills! We plan on slowly hiring developers over the next couple years now that we have more space to grow'. Sweet - maybe in a few years I'll be ready.
 - 'Dan'

Sure you will. Fuckhead.
 - Brendon C Bleebwart

Sometimes you have to play along to get your evidence.
 - Henrik Pontén

Upgrading is an inconvenient option.
 - Mack Diesel

Apple gained about one point but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction. The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment - same piece of hardware - paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be.
 - Steve Ballmer

More than 97% of all emails sent over the net are unwanted, according to a Microsoft security report. Microsoft said people should not panic about the high levels of unwanted email.
 - Darren Waters BBC News

We are not in any way shape or form trying to pick on Microsoft but the problems with this particular system are known nationwide. And the XP operating system is working very well.
 - Juan Hinojosa

I have to admit I stopped downloading my favourite TV shows on 1 April. The legislation scared quite a few people and we're adopting a 'wait and see' policy. But plenty of people I talked to didn't change their habits when it comes to BitTorrent. Every room in these student dorms got its own 100 Mbit Internet connection. I approached my corridor mates but they were split on the issue. I proposed we get rid of our connections and keep just one for the entire floor and then share it and absorb the cost of a VPN. Whose loss is it? The ISPs who are going to lose five customers!
 - 'lixee'

There is a principle which is a bar against all information which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep us in everlasting ignorance. That principle is 'contempt prior to investigation'.
 - Herbert Spencer

The world will not end when Conficker is activated. Cats and dogs will not live in harmony. Wham! will not get back together.
 - Ben Worthen

Patch and clean, patch and clean!
 - Nicole Miller Microsoft

A couple of decades ago the vast majority of microcomputer companies realised the jackpot was in sales of computers to business. Apple opted to not play and as a result had a troubled history throughout most of the 1990s.
 - Scot Finnie

I wonder if anyone bothered to inform Lauren, the 30yo trying to look like a 22yo featured in those Windows ads, that her $700 Windows box could get infected with Conficker but a Mac or a PC with Linux as the operating system can't?
 - Aaron Barnhart

It's funny to see Microsoft's products' reputations on a par with Pizza Hut's. The Mojave Experiment would be like Pizza Hut's pasta campaign if Pizza Hut got a bunch of people together, ate the pasta in front of them, then told them how good it tasted. Then told them it was from Pizza Hut. Of course it's not all that surprising Microsoft didn't want them to use V*sta. And that alone says more about the operating system than anything anyone says in those videos.
 - Dan Pourhadi

I cannot even talk about waste without being indignant. My introduction to Hollywood was a society that used it, sniffed it, and threw it away. We've become a bit like that ourselves in the past 30 years. There's an attitude amongst the successful people of spend and spend, flaunt and flaunt, and don't think of anyone else.
 - Julie Christie

A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.
 - James Madison

Conficker can only hit those computer users running Windows.
 - Emma Gårdsäter

Today more money is spent on silicon breasts and Viagra than on Alzheimer research so in thirty years we'll be sitting there with monstrous bosoms and erections but won't remember why.
 - Tuva Novotny

God doesn't go into cupboards.
 - Dave Allen

Disruptive companies don't listen to their customers.
 - Mark Zuckerberg

Win2K is every bit as fast as NT - you just need more RAM and a faster CPU.
 - Windows luser

I suspect when the Win2K beta ends a lot of testers are going to find themselves balking at the upgrade, at least for the short term. Suddenly that wonderful ugly duckling we know as NT 4.0 doesn't look so bad after all.
 - Paul Thurrott

You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.
 - Barack Obama

Wikipedia is a work in progress and many articles contain errors, bias, duplication, or simply need tender loving care. We encourage readers to help us fix these problems. The great majority of articles are written primarily or solely by individuals who are not subject matter experts and may lack academic or professional credentials in the area.
 - Wikipedia content disclaimer

None of the contributors, sponsors, administrators, or anyone else connected with Wikipedia in any way whatsoever can be responsible for the appearance of any inaccurate or libelous information or for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.
 - Wikipedia general disclaimer

If you need specific advice (for example, medical, legal, financial, or risk management) please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.
 - Wikipedia general disclaimer

Since when has anyone ever referred to an iPod as a pod? Apple are a bunch of lame ass bullies.
 - 'Sax25'

Apple will host discussion boards for developers to exchange tips and get help with their work six months after threatening them with legal ramifications for merely talking about their applications.
 - Tom Krazit

Like many other malicious programs Conficker preys on Windows.
 - Bill Thompson

There will always be flaws and security holes in the rich, complex computing environment, and as a result there will always be space for malicious software to propagate.
 - Bill Thompson

Whatever happens with this particular worm, we have to hope that the security features in Windows 7 will reduce the impact of all types of malicious software in the Microsoft ecosystem.
 - Bill Thompson

But while it's easy to blame Microsoft for making its systems vulnerable we should also acknowledge that our own demands have contributed a great deal to the current situation and may make a complete solution unachievable.
 - Bill Thompson

Perhaps we should not be surprised that attempts to make these systems secure have failed.
 - Bill Thompson

I see a parallel between our attempts to have security and reliability in the complex computer systems we are building today and the attempts by philosophers at the turn of the 20th to reduce all of mathematics to formal logic.
 - Bill Thompson

The world always suspected you were a Gates call girl, Bill. Now they know it to be true.
 - Brendon C Bleebwart

The whole TPB trial thing is absurd. It turns into an ugly witch hunt by the big record companies. The smaller record companies are largely unaffected.
 - Gustav Haggren Marilyn Records

Alf Svensson speaks of Jesus as 'the most fascination person in world history'. Why? Because he could turn water into wine? An obvious lie. Because he died, came back, and flew around? Another obvious lie. Fairy tales like this and superstitions are supposed to impress us? For that matter Jesus isn't even a historic person. This is the infantile in religions. There's room for mysticism and personal experiences but there is no room for fairy tales and superstition and the things Alf speaks of other than as a prank like Father Christmas to play on small children. If we take fairy tales like this seriously we'll see how things turn out - with religious intolerance, murder, inquisitions, and other acts of insanity.
 - Mats Forssblad

Alf Svensson is correct that illusions are an important part of life. But personally I prefer the magic of Joe Labero to the collective guilt cult of christianity.
 - 'Bo T'

'Faith' with a capital 'F'. Cute. Alf Svensson is the biggest bag of wind Sweden has to offer. This closet fascist is a blight on the Swedish ideal.
 - 'Sune'

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