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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
 - Anonymous

You gotta be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one's really been far even as decided once to use even go want it is then that they have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense.
 - Anonymous

Politicians seem to regard the Internet as a toy where they don't have to respect things like freedom of speech or privacy. We want to go to Brussels to remind them that universal human rights apply on the Internet as well. And these issues are very much decided in Brussels, so it's the right place to be.
 - Christian Engström

It feels fantastic. Citizens have understood it's time to take their fists out of their pockets. That they can make a difference. We don't accept the fact the state listens in on our conversations. People have begun to understand their governments aren't always good. That they need a referee.
 - Rick Falkvinge

How do I know our politicians are lying about Lex Orwell? Their lips are moving.
 - Richie Olsson

Everybody who knows me is grinning now. They know how much I love tabloid journalism. To me it's about as beneficial as rectal cancer. Tabloid journalists are just free roaming rectums.
 - lholmq42

Gudrun Schyman received 60,000 votes. We need more mental health checks in Sweden. That's a lot of menstrual women.
 - 'byke'

The economy and the climate are the principal issues.
 - Fredrik Reinfeldt

Ask yourself: when there's a surly character in a leather jacket standing in your stairwell claiming he does things like this every day, claiming things will only be worse if you insist on your civil rights, telling you it's daft to demand legal counsel, and when he's got a film crew with him - what do you do? Do you dare refuse him entry even though he's threatening to triple your fine if you don't get down on the ground? Do you dare insist on your rights when you know for a fact he hangs out with the court magistrates and for another fact that it's almost impossible to find an impartial magistrate in the entire country anymore?
 - 'lholmq42'

Never put off till tomorrow the smile you can give today.
 - Claude Jeremiah Greengrass

We can go warp speed together.
 - Roberto Orci

You got numb tongue? I can fix that!
 - Bones McCoy

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
 - Amanda Holden

Look out for more feathers and chainmail.
 - Amanda Holden

I myself would have run to the hills and reinvented myself as an accountant.
 - Amanda Holden

I'm excited but dying inside that the flame of Britain's Got Talent is about to burn out for another year.
 - Amanda Holden

Why is Britain's Got Talent so much shorter than X Factor?
 - Amanda Holden

Windows temp (/username/appdata/local/temp) which if not cleaned can hold every single unzipped file/torrent/etc since you installed the operating system. Just cleaned up a computer at a friend's house that was nearing 200 gigs in temp from mostly anime porn avi he downloaded and unzipped. I showed his gf some of the stuff thinking it was funny and was told to leave the house, he was not very happy either. Damn kids, lol.
 - 'linzeal'

I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft.
 - Jim Allchin

Our country is full of towns that size. What do these people do? What do they have for fun? A bowling alley? No wonder we have so many molested children. Oh right - they have the churches. No wonder we have so many molested children.
 - 'yelm'

Speed is ppoor subsittute fo accurancy.
 - Lucky Numbers sign

We're not going to criminalise an entire generation.
 - Fredrik Reinfeldt

Shit goes out, it doesn't go in.
 - Heidi Mark

Is there a problem officer?
 - Jim Kirk

That claim is made by nearly every spokesperson for any major organisation that is forced to disclose a malware attack to the public. In nearly every case the claim cannot be substantiated. Run of the mill malware often scans hard drives and uploads data to remote servers over encrypted connections. Most organisations have no way of knowing if these even happened. They don't know how long they have been infected. They don't know if the attack is directed at them specifically (and thus might be smarter about hiding its activity). They really don't know yet what the extent of the damage is. The stock line should be 'we don't know' not 'nothing bad happened'. Something bad did happen - malware got onto your network!
 - Gary Longsine

My only hope is that awareness of this long-standing critical issue will allow users to protect themselves by disabling Java and will also encourage Apple to produce a patch and protect their users - which includes myself and my family.
 - Osama bin Fuller

The attacks the Pirate Party have had to put up with the past few weeks show what jealousy and unrest politicians feel and nothing more. To declare the Pirate Party are a single-issue party is principally correct but the greens were like this in the beginning as well. Some single-issue parties disappear as fast as they appear whilst others develop and become multiple-issue parties. Which path the Pirate Party choose remains to be seen. That Christian Engström says in addition that he in many other issues will vote with his party group only shows that he's grasped that no single MP can digest every issue in detail. It's more realistic to admit that a single MP can only support one or a very few number of issues.
 - Camilla Lindberg

We'd have been called the Pirate Party whether we used the name ourselves or not. If we use the name then we can define who we are. We can't do that otherwise. And we'd never have come this far without a name that broke through the noise barrier. When I put the website up on 1 January 2006 the only advertising I did was dropping the URL a single time into a chat channel. That was enough to get us three million visitors within 48 hours. This would never have happened with another name. We'd never have been able to found the party.
 - Rick Falkvinge

I can't do this with all that racket!
 - Sheriff of Nottingham

Do you mind, Locksley? We've just been married.
 - Sheriff of Nottingham

Internet security has to be improved so we don't get infected by viruses and similar issues in our terminals.
 - Jan Färjh Ericsson Sweden

Auslogics ought to make the rainmaker list for their deceptive tactics when it comes to running their disk defrag utility. HEY! Yu0 HAVE TEH JUNK FILZ ALL OVER YOURE PC STEELIN YOURE M3G4H3RTZ!!!111 Yu0 best buy our optimiser to clean it all!!!111one
 - 'AlphaMack'

While Linux can frustrate me from time to time with its quirks, I cannot imagine how anyone can sit there with a straight face and tell me that Windows makes the world go around between the constant exploits and patches, the stupid letter drives, the fragmentation, the start menu madness, and whatnot. But hey, more side money for me. Your PC needs fixing? Heh heh heh.
 - 'AlphaMack'

That version of history has to be reconciled with the version told by Gil Amelio and others. They're sort of wildly different. There's no mention of the fact Jobs sold his entire Apple portfolio up to the July 4th weekend and got the Apple board furious for deliberately causing a run on AAPL. And that's a matter of public record. Jobs double-crossed Amelio. He beseeched Amelio for months to put in a good word for him with the board. Amelio reminded him that he still wasn't very popular with the board. That fairy tale about roaming around and trying to help is only because Jobs of all people from NeXT was not offered a substantial position (nor cash for the acquisition - everybody else got cash but not him). Both Rubinstein and Tevanian immediately became heads of hardware and software respectively but by board decision Jobs became head of nothing. Anybody who accepts Jobs' story at face value is an illiterate fanboy fool.
 - '99cent'

I love people but I hate paper.
 - Rick Falkvinge

Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard and cynical where we are trustful in a way that unless you were born rich it is very difficult to understand.
 - F Scott Fitzgerald

Well it was a tough situation you know. It wasn't so much about the money because a very small percentage of my net worth is from Apple. But everybody likes to be recognised by their peers and the closest I've got - or any CEO has - is their board of directors. And as we've seen in the discussions of the past hour I spent a lot of time trying to take care of people at Apple and to - you know - surprise and delight them with what a career at Apple could be - could mean to them and their families. And I felt that the board wasn't really doing the same with me. So I was - 'hurt' I suppose would be the most accurate word. And you know the board had given me some options but they were all underwater. They weren't underwater necessarily because of our performance but - you know - the bubble had burst in the dot-coms and here I had been working - you know, I don't know - four years five years of my life and not seeing my family very much and stuff and I just felt like there is nobody looking out for me here. You know. So I wanted them to do something and so we talked about it. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. I'm not a piggish kind of guy. I mean - you know - I'd wished they had come to me and said 'Steve we've got this new grant for you' without me having to suggest anything or be involved in anything or negotiate anything. That would have been much better from the company's point of view because it would have made me feel better at that time.
 - Steve Jobs

We're the open society's last line of defence. The whole world's watching us. When I give keynote addresses at IT expos in San Francisco halfway around the world half the audience know about us - but not about any other party or about any European parties either. Stories about the Swedish Pirate Party spread like wildfire through Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and the other social media.
 - Rick Falkvinge

How embarrassing for the Swedish justice system. The highest profile case in years, one that's being observed all round the world, and the judge is effectively working for the prosecution. Disgraceful. What's more, many people must have been aware of this in advance but chose to keep quiet. Like the previous poster, I'm against piracy - but I'm even more opposed to corruption in the judiciary.
 - 'Gower'

Justice should not simply be done - it should be seen to be done. Retrial!
 - 'Keith'

That's what the lawyers are trying to get done right now. They're so pissed it's scary.
 - Brokep

This is an awful time to be alive.
 - Lara Antipova

I love almost all people. But I'm honest - Danes can't speak English - or Danish.
 - Brokep

I'm so not Swedish. That's a plain lie!
 - Brokep

The judgement doesn't really hold up. It was ordered.
 - Brokep

Oh how I love the smell of victory in the morning.
 - Brokep

My administration is the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.
 - Barack Obama

The trial of The Pirate Bay is an excellent example of how ugly stupid companies motivated only by their greed and inertia want to prevent people sharing music, movies, or anything on a purely altruistic basis.
 - Moscow Street Pirate Party

I feel that such as many americans are like, such as the gays and for example, the map of the world and such as the bible says so.
 - 'Janey'

I followed the trial and decided to bring back all records I ever bought from the prosecuting companies. I will make a movie of it and spread it as torrent but also on YouTube. This whole process is the biggest danger for the Internet ever and they have to understand that they cannot ignore 20,000,000 people. I will make appointments with the record companies in Belgium in the coming days and bring back their own stuff I personally paid for and will let them know I will never ever buy anything from them again.
 - 'Cliff'

Don't worry - we're from the internets. It's going to be alright. :-)
 - TPB home page

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