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The Rixstep site is relatively free of graphics and embedded URLs. Neither cookies nor scripting are used. You can disable these 'features' in your browser while you're here.

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The Rixstep site is currently hosted by Pair Networks and runs on FreeBSD with Apache/2.4.39.

The original masthead is from a photograph taken on the isolated southern shore of Crete.

Every byte at the Rixstep site is hand-coded, meaning the proprietors are amongst the few who know how to write HTML anymore. Every page at the Rixstep site is consequently optimised for maximum throughput and maximum response to you.

All other things being equal, this site will render better on an Apple Macintosh computer running macOS because:

  1. Almost everything renders better on a Mac;
  2. Almost all Macs run Safari, not Internet Explorer; and
  3. OS X is definitely not Windows.

If you still think the Mac is a dweeb toy, think again: the FBI swear by them; they're used by the United States Department of Defense, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, the US Army, the US Navy, the US Marines, the US Air Force, the armed forces of other countries worldwide, at research centres and military bases everywhere, at CERN where the World Wide Web was invented, and at hundreds of universities across the globe.

They're secure 'out of the box' and need no additional software or hardware for protection; they boast a performance and graphics wizardry Microsoft and the Linux desktops will never approach; they have the best return rate and quality control in the industry, bettering even IBM; they're the best 'bang for buck' on the market, dramatically outperforming Windows PCs and undercutting them in price.

And they work great with iPods and iPhones.

If you're still running Windows, do the research now: every day you waste on that trashy platform is a day truly wasted, and it's never too soon to get away and be safe again.

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