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Links & Stuff 2023-04-02
Just lots tossed in.

Apple's Property Lists 2023-02-06
Sleeping science.

Do Be Do Be Do 2023-01-12
The new app.

Stress Test 2023-01-02
One minute 40 seconds of complete boredom and then you see it.

Apple Pay Antitrust Violations 2022-07-18
'Apple was not immediately available for comment.'

CLIX: Cheap and No Strings 2022-07-04
From academia to jet propulsion laboratories and around the globe...

They Came, They Saw, They Lied 2022-04-21
Journos create wars? Empire of Lies, continued.

Sometimes 2022-04-10
'Sweden creeps me out.'

Connie Gordon Masters of War 2022-04-03
'I think we can sell this one.'

So life goes on... 2022-03-31
Covid, Ukraine, freedom of speech, woke software...

RIP Parler 2022-02-06
Some weren't even convinced it worked.

ACP Update 2022-01-28
As of 28 January.

Sweden: Land of the Smugly Snarky 2022-01-26
'We cannot accept non-Swedish sources.'

The Miracle of Uttar Pradesh 2022-01-17
Uttar Pradesh killed off SARS-CoV-2.

A DARPA Transcript 2022-01-12
'It didn't have to be this way.'

The Conversation 2021-12-18
'I don't know how you sleep at night, honestly.'

From Kenosha to Grey Havens 2021-11-19
No winners?

The Comfortable Life 2021-11-17
What you can't see won't hurt you.

The Betamax Problem 2021-11-08
'I hope Apple is listening.'

21C5021h 2021-10-29
Apple's Monterey 12.1.

Less Than Perfect Systems 2021-10-25
Omissions that make them unfit for use.

Apple's New-Old Laptops 2021-10-22
And a cloth.

COVID Vaccines: Fun Facts 2 & 3 2021-10-11
'When we were kids we were punished for lying. Now we're punished for telling the truth.'

COVID Vaccines: Fun Fact 2021-10-08
'When we were kids we were punished for lying. Now we're punished for telling the truth.'

70 Billion 2021-09-15
Computer science should be fun.

'I'm Forever Licking Windows' 2021-07-16
CLIX doesn't like to take prisoners.

Diversity & The Two Tims 2021-06-28
Hello, Money.

Springtime Apple 2021-06-26
Rotten Apple.

Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases 2021-06-04
Starting now, ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Something's Up 2021-05-31
The two landmark interviews with Peter McCullough.

4 x Breitbart 2021-05-24
This isn't our game anymore.

Download your software only from the website of the vendor. No exceptions.

Cookie & the USG 2021-04-10
Aren't gardens nice?

The Free Stuff 2021-04-03
The Googol decided.

CLIX Reloaded 2021-04-02
One build all versions.

Forstalling the Obvious? 2021-03-29
Or just compare.

Silver Sparrow Media Coverage 2021-03-06
Make it easy on yourself. No more bending over for Auntie Tim.

Silver Sparrow 2021-03-03
30,000 witnits and counting.

An Rx or Two from teh Rxstep 2021-03-02
Forego the comfortably numb they planned for you.

Quarantine 2021-02-01
The Apple kind. And how to get out of it.

Alone Against Apple 2021-01-10
The time has come.

Privacy & Security: Apple Myths & Lies 2021-01-03
No longer your machine, no longer on your terms.

ACP/Xfile Test Drive 2020-09-10
All your .DS_Store are belong to us.

Align-Back-Spell-Fore-Frame 2021-01-01
One full year's updates - for free.

Malevolent Medical Malpractice 2020-12-09
There is no way to obfuscate or dodge anymore.

History will be written correctly.

Apple's Enola Gay 2020-11-19
Total control. It's in their DNA.

Thanks, Apple! 2020-10-14
And thanks, Tim.

Apple's Phony Consumer Protection 2020-10-12
Users wide open to privacy attacks.

Come for the NeXT, leave for the Apple 2020-09-22
Apple: what they can't accomplish on their own, they can always rely on their community to help with.

Li-Meng Yan 2020-09-18
And why are her paper and Zheng-Shi Li so important?

Honourable Apple 2020-08-31
They're all honourable.

Apple's Hot Dogs 2020-08-29
An Epic move.

Leapfrog! 2020-08-29
Stay good. Stay healthy. Thanks for watching.

Finding Your Fortune in Foster City 2020-08-19
The trials and tribulations of a Wall Street darling.

Charlie and the fanboy factory 2020-08-08
Better than chocolate. Roald would approve.

Proton & Apple 2020-08-03
There once was hope.

Auntie & Uncle 2020-08-02
Never bother ever again.

Sweden: The World's Last Feminist Government? 2020-07-17
An ugly truth.

Xframe Makes It to the Dark Side™ 2020-06-27
And shines light on your Internet better than ever.

This might not be the time but... 2020-05-21
Updates to both Keymaster Solo and the Test Drive.

Gab Did Something Big 2020-05-17
Surpasses anything else out there.

Corona Updates 2020-03-31
There would seem to be a solution. Stop farting around.

PRESS RELEASE: The Rixstep XA Utilities and Tools 2020-03-18
It's quite the collection!

The Apple Virus 2020-03-09
It's real.

The Catalina Files 2020-02-09
A bit of a diversion. 79 of them.

Keymaster Too 2020-02-05
Mind the gap. Accompanies today's ACP release.

For general release, for macOS Catalina. Freeware.

MHN RIP! 2020-03-04
There goes the neighbourhood, welcome back to the jungle.

A Letter for Julian 2020-03-04
And free software for you. So please do your part - it's a worthy cause.

NEW RELEASE: OpenTerminal™ 1.0.2 — 110% Opacity 2020-01-04
When things happen they happen fast. New release for Catalina, Darth Mode. Free!

Ushering in the Roaring Twenty-Twenties with Gozer 2020-01-01
Actually he's never been gone. Not really. Think about it.

And happy holidays.

Cheat Sheet 2019-12-23
Provided by one sole mole who naturally wishes to remain anonymous.

Your Call is Being Connected 2019-12-21
A first look at a new app.

The Cult's 'Catalina Fix' 2019-12-17
There's another fix that may be easier still.

Course Review, Study Questions 2019-12-09
Pursuant to the exam a week Monday. Rush transcript.

Apple: Tap-Tap, Tick-Tock 2019-12-02
See what's happening?

The bigger they are, the Appler they fall 2019-11-30
Where's the only way?

Jony, Steve, & Scott 2019-11-30
'Does it matter if I believe this?'

Thanksgiving Day Remedial 2019-11-28
Rush transcript.

The ACP/Xfile Test Drive — 'Catalina' 2019-11-23
Get with the programme.

Seahaven Technology - II 2019-11-17
Two of three. More to come.

Let freedom ring! The freedom feels unfamiliar - but it's very very good.

Let freedom ring! The freedom feels weird - but very very good.

Seahaven Technology 2019-11-10
Being tested, in the pipeline, coming soon now.

Dear Client 2019-11-03
'We'll be publishing updates to this melodrama online tomorrow.'

Höstkonferens 2019 Del 4 Gunnar Sandelin 2019-10-18
Not a misunderstanding.

Bulletproof! 2019-10-08
Initial media reactions to Apple's Catalina.

Catalina Available for Download 2019-10-07
Details to follow.

The Appler They Are, The Harder They Fall 2019-10-04
That creaking sound: is it a soundtrack?

In Loving Memory of Clarence Beeks 2019-09-27
'They're panicking!'

Code-Signing Safari 2019-09-25
Behaviour that's expected?

CLIX: White's the new Black 2019-09-18
Repackaged for future contingencies.

Sweden's MeToo Hangover 2019-09-16
Take two aspirin and get in a Danish bed.

Apple != iPhone 2019-09-10
Mobile mostly a means to an end?

Apple Special Event — September 10, 2019 2019-09-10
Best wishes to Terrance Davis, wherever you are.

The Day Competence Rained Down on Sweden 2019-09-05
A textbook case of media manipulation and perfecting the old game of propaganda.

Thanks But No Thanks 2019-09-03

Monday Morning in Ribersborg, Sweden 2019-08-27
It could have been just like any other Monday morning.

Xfile Test Drive: Revolutions 2019-08-09
(It's reloaded.)

A$AP Rocky Says Bye 2019-08-02
No more Sweden for a while?

A$AP Rocky in Sweden: Jafari Doesn't Remember 2019-08-01
The trial of A$AP Rocky gets off to a flying start.

Apple macOS Update Mojave 10.14.6: Tracked 2019-07-28
Painless. But a few reflections.

The Dirty Word 2019-07-26
Yes, it's 'Apple'.

A$AP Rocky's Tormentor: He's Got a Rap Sheet 2019-07-25
And he changes identity too. And, for Sweden's MSM, mum's the word.

Swedes Move To Gab 2019-07-17
'Everybody look what's going down.'

Yes They Are (Doomed to the Margins) 2019-07-07
Of course they are.

RELEASE: appleclean 2019-05-25
For general release. Recommended for everyone on a Mac. Free. Now enhanced with additional technology.

appleclean 2019-04-29
No in-between.

New: The ACP/Xfile Test Drive for Mojave 2019-03-23
Tell your friends.

That Gatekeeper Vulnerability 2019-05-25
It's now been exploited.

ACP Tools: Forty More 2019-06-22
New release coming soon.

VirtualBox 6.0.8 2019-05-31
On macOS 10.14.5. A story in pictures.

Still Life in an Apple Event 2019-03-25
No gadgets, but perhaps Tim's best ever.

Microsoft's the Main Offender 2019-03-22
Upton Sinclair has a tummyache.

Apple Locking Down 10.15? 2019-03-19
As yet unconfirmed but...

18 + One 2019-03-16
What do they use? A look through eighteen ACP updates this past week, and a bit of a detour.

Shredding in the Mac World 2019-03-11
Just do it in moderation.

Google Search Console 2019-02-27
Notice of European data protection removal from Google Search.

No Apple Store in Stockholm 2019-02-09
Apple reps in a rage.

Xfile: A Walk in the Park 2019-01-29
Isn't it amazing. 1337.

Tracking Mojave 10.14.3 2019-01-28

Xscan: Complete Run with Hacking Exposed 2019-01-28
Making sure the foundation is rock-solid.

XaBatch Nighttime 2019-01-26
Getting rid of the creepy crawlies.

Mojave .2 2018-12-09
A look at the third release of macOS 10.14.

For immediate release. Review copies available.

RELEASE: Orange is the new CLIX 2018-04-11
Free High Sierra Standalone version now available.

Oops, Apple! 2017-11-30
Script-kiddie-easy root exploit of macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra forces Apple to force fast update.

Amazon's Little Holiday Gift 2017-11-19
They know who you are.

RELEASE: CLIX for macOS 2017-08-24
A new standalone version. Completely free as always. No strings.

Rixtag Available for Free Download 2017-08-08
'Rixtag makes organising and finding files on huge multi-terabyte drives easier than ever.'

prMac: macOS Tag Editor Offers a Better Way 2017-07-14
'Rixtag makes organising and finding files on huge multi-terabyte drives easier than ever.'

Rixtag 2017-06-19
Been a long time coming. (Three years.) At last it's here.

Steve Loves Apple 2017-09-12
All you need is love.

WOTE Five Years 2017-02-14
A message of positivity.

Julian Assange on Twitter 2017-02-14
Rumours of death greatly exaggerated.

Out of Santa's Bag! 2016-12-19
Keep your Xmas stocking free for all the dongles that can ever be!

CLIX: Sierra Elementary (1) 2016-11-19
Being an introduction. More to come in the weeks ahead. Happy Xmas.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2016-11-03
A dazzling product that represents a fundamental shift in the industry.

Touchbar Macdongle 2016-10-27
'My current MBP is my last.'

Go Your Own Way? 2016-10-12
No Jobs to come riding to the rescue.

Topping Sierra 2016-09-30
Feeling a bit rough around the edges?

Sierra: The Honeymoon's Over? 2016-09-25
Talk about Apple ruining a good game, jeopardising their good name.

Sierra Notes 25/9 2016-09-25
Some of the online reviews from 20/9.

Sierra Notes 24/9 2016-09-24
Really random stuff.

Marianne Ny Retires 2014-04-01
'Fresh air and sunlight can cure most ills.'

Smokin' Rootpipe 2015-06-10
Sometimes the smell lingers on.

09.09 2014-09-09
Something money can't buy.

Download CLIX from Rixstep (And Nowhere Else) 2013-12-05
Tough times at CBS?

CLIX 2.1 2013-11-01
Freeware release of the popular power tool for 10.9 Mavericks, with trebled security.

Samsung to Pay $290 Million More 2013-11-21
And it's not over yet.

Microsoft Give Encrypted User Data to NSA 2013-07-11
Don't wait for your margin call.

NSA Transcribing Voice 17 Years Ago 2013-06-14
Mega-reality checking.

OS X Mavericks 2013-06-11
Unveiled at the Apple WWDC.

CLIX 2013-01-15
New commands for 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Xfile Test Drive 2012-12-29
Rixstep's Xfile Test Drive is now available through this site by FTP download and through CNET Download.com.

Medical Software Overrun by Microsoft Malware 2012-10-18
Lives are at risk. Some may have been lost. It's time to stop.

Roundup: Apple UDIDs 2012-09-05
'A lazy implementation.'

Wirenet: Linux/OS X Trojan? 2012-08-30
Dodgy like a sore thumb.

Xfile Test Drive 2012-07-29
Rixstep's Xfile Test Drive is now available through this site by FTP download and through CNET Download.com.

ACP 2.4 2012-07-11
Rixstep's powerful software collection shipping in a new version at the weekend.

From Redmond with Love 2012-07-25
You can't claim you weren't warned.

9,737 files (97,370 data cells) in 0.143 seconds. Beat that, Apple. 2012-07-04
Some things will never be surpassed. This is one.

'Click to Run': The Days of Flash 2012-05-12
Are those days finally numbered?

Flashback: Kaspersky Spreading That FUD Again 2012-04-25
Don't expect any of them to stop anytime soon.

Flashback Botnet Recruits 550,000 Macs 2012-04-06
Coming soon to a Mac near you?

Xfile 2012 2012-01-26
Achieving parity.

Trojans Courtesy DOWNLOAD.COM 2011-12-19
From worst to worstest.

Re: Inside a Modern Mac Trojan 2011-10-09
'If you didn't go looking for it, don't install it!'

Remembering Steve Jobs 2011-10-05
1955 - 2011.

Apple Lion Security Update 2011-10-01
Everything's alright. Really it is.

ATS: And Then There Were Fourteen 2011-09-25
Rixstep's ACP Text Services treble in number.

What the Fox is Going on in China? 2011-09-25
Debby Chan investigates for SACOM.

Got OS X? Get OWNED? 2011-09-18
10.7 has a massive security hole, says researcher.

Welcome to OS X Vista 2011-09-02
Snide comparisons were inevitable but now they seem to stick.

Steve Jobs Quits 2011-08-24
Now he's history.

Lion: Kernel Panics 2011-08-07
They're not supposed to happen; if they do happen, something is very wrong.

Lion: 'Ten Days After' 2011-07-30
Mostly good, some things bad.

Spotify Invites Going Out to US 2011-07-26
They're coming and they'll conquer.

10.7 Roars 2011-07-21
Win7 trembles.

Xfile Test Drive 2011-02-14
Now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET Download.com.

TDL-4 bypasses Win7 security by getting into MBR 2011-06-29
So much for MSFT making users safer.

Apple Business Partners Losing Patience 2011-06-02
Some say it was inevitable. Steve Jobs says he's shocked.

More on Mac Defender/MacGuard 2011-05-26
Details are too scarce.

Apple #1 2011-05-09
Microsoft still strong but going down, down, down.

CLIX 2011-05-03
New versions compatible with 10.7.

Bill Gates Not the Patriot 2011-05-02
The biggest military power in the world and they can't protect their systems from 2-bit attacks.

Apple's Privacy Blowout (Consolidated) 2011-04-22
A tale of several stories, all woeful, all inexcusable.

Xfile: For 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and Beyond 2011-04-19
The only constant so far is the price.

Apple Recipient of Not So Coveted Big Brother Award 2011-04-02
A unique distinction justly deserved.

Finder's Nasty Inherited ACL Bug (aka Error -41) 2011-03-23
You wonder who's working at Apple.

Clipothèque (Free) 2011-03-09
Now available through this site and through CNET

New ACP/Xfile Utility: ACL 2011-03-01
Controlling access control lists.

WaPo Dunking Apple 2011-02-22
Not another inconsequential knuckle rap.

Steve's a Bad Bad Boy (Again) 2011-02-18
Time for another inconsequential knuckle rap?

ACP Web Services 2010-11-30
Now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET/Version Tracker.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-11-30
Now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET/Version Tracker.

iBeatles 2010-11-16
Finally on iTunes.

PGP WDE + 10.6.5 → MacToast 2010-11-12
This kind of stuff is nice to know beforehand.

Apple Up or Apple Down? 2010-11-04
Wayne Gretzky might know.

Facebook Data for Sale 2010-11-01
Shock and horror? No. Game changer? No again.

Patent Mania 2010-11-01
Patents kill.

AAPL Continue to Clobber MSFT 2010-10-29
Congrats and a big 'thank you' to Cupertino.

Mac Developer Program Update II 2010-10-20
As predicted.

Swedes Rage Against iPhone 4 2010-10-04
Better late than ever.

Link Shortener Exploit Cripples Twitter 2010-09-21
'Twas fun but it might be over now.

Graphic Tribe Wallpapers 2009-02-07
Click to download.

Big EU File Sharing Bust 2010-09-07
Fourteen locations, seven in Sweden, TPB/WikiLeaks not affected.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-08-27
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

Twelve Hours That Shook the World 2010-08-21
Julian Assange charged with rape, then charges suddenly dropped.

Two Years Ago Today: Spanair Flight JK 5022 2010-08-20
To err is human, to kill is Microsoft.

Swedish Pirate Party to Host New WikiLeaks Servers 2010-08-17
The Pirate Party provide bandwidth and hosting free of charge.

WikiLeaks Source Protection 2010-08-08
Someone may be working behind the scenes.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-07-31
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

Terry's Story 2010-08-07
Define 'journalist'. Try. The story of San Francisco's strange IT department.

Need Windows Recovery, Sucka? 2010-08-03
You're screwed - and it's the Windows OEMs doing the screwing.

Mariposa Creator Busted 2010-07-28
Busted in Slovenia.

ASAF.app 2010-07-28
A better 'show all files'. Perhaps the best?

Who Cares if Jailbreaking is Legal? 2010-07-26
Apple prepared to move operations overseas.

Smartphone Competitors Snarl Back 2010-07-18
Didn't Steve Jobs realise they'd respond?

Apple on the Rocks 2010-07-18
The customer isn't satisfied.

They Held It Wrong 2010-07-16
Came off like stale beer.

Consumer Reports: iPhone 4 Defect Confirmed 2010-07-14
Use another phone or get some duct tape.

CLIX Answer Pack 2010-07-08
New version and answers to the CFB labs.

iAntenna 4 2010-07-02
To cup or not to cup? Taking the matter in hand. Or not.

iPhone 4, iOS4, Apple Morphology 2010-06-23
'An object of rare beauty.'

Dell: 'Windows is Insecure' 2010-06-14
The sky is blue. Bears usually shit in the woods.

'An Egregious Lack of Thought' 2010-06-10
Things threatening to go topsy-turvy as usual.

114,067+ iPad Accounts Breached 2010-06-10
Flaw in AT&T web code.

No Hidden Meaning 2010-06-09
It's just the normal cycle of things.

The Word That Steve Forgot 2010-06-08
No comments necessary.

Sweden's Pirate Party's Gift to Victoria and Daniel 2010-06-04
They gave them privacy.

Google Bomb Blowout (3) 2010-06-02
The fun gets even more interesting.

Google Bomb Blowout (2) 2010-06-02
The fun continues.

Google Bomb Blowout (1) 2010-06-01
The fun begins.

Lucid Lynx the iPhone Data Miner 2010-05-29
Apple iPhone data security nonexistent with latest Ubuntu iteration.

Tabnabbing 2010-05-26
A new type of exploit.

Nitesh Dhanjani's Carpet Bomb 'Bug' 2010-05-25
'Boom boom boom boom.'

Android Gets Rid of Smartphone Flash? 2010-05-24
'Twas expected.

Android Gets Smartphone Flash 2010-05-22
But Apple's 'proprietary' system doesn't.

Sweden's Pirate Party Now Hosting The Pirate Bay 2010-05-20
'I'ms ins yours skynets, lollings aways ats yours futiles attempts ats contrllings our internets.'

Blodget on Zuckerberg 2010-05-19
Someone found a new buddy?

Facebook Fury Only Grows and Grows 2010-05-19
400,000,000 weak and weaker by the day.

Spotify Open, Spotify Unlimited 2010-05-18
Two new Spotify subcription forms, one of them free.

CLIX 5,000 Commands 2010-05-17
32-bit and 64-bit builds.

Number Nine at Foxconn 2010-05-15
There's no app for that.

EU Parry FB Zuckerpunch 2010-05-14
Caught between a pile of cash and a hard place.

Swedish High Court: 'Biased Magistrates Pure as the Driven Snow' 2010-05-12
Precisely what the biased magistrates already ruled themselves.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-05-06
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

H.264 Rules 2010-05-02
Flash going out.

Apple: No More Mac Design Awards 2010-04-28
Nobody uncross their fingers.

The Persecution of Terry Childs 2010-04-28
The eejits always win.

Steve Jobs to App Store for Mac: 'Nope' 2010-04-28
A full explanation. Keeping fingers crossed.

Spotify 0.4.3: Killer App 2010-04-26
Time to dump iTunes?

Apple File System Denial of Service 2010-04-24
All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put HFS together again.

Mac Developer Program Update 2010-04-24
Apple are charting the future of computing.

Callservice.biz No More 2010-04-23
FBI seize evil domain.

Microsoft and McAfee join forces to make Swedes teetotalers.

Sweden's Pirate Party the New Election Bomb 2010-04-18
Now you see it, now you don't, now you see it again.

2010-003 2010-04-14
Small but fully packed.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-04-06
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

CLIX 2010-03-30
Now with 64-bit Snow Leopard support.

10.6.3 2010-03-30
Long awaited. Mostly loved.

The Vancouver Massacre 2010-03-25
All platforms went down.

TPB/PP: One Step Forward, One Step Back 2010-03-11
A (conditional) victory and a (possible) setback.

Microsoft's 'Operation b49' 2010-02-25
A pyrrhic victory.

New Zeus Botnet Discovered with 74,126 Windows PCs 2010-02-18
It's getting better all the time.

Windows Phone Se7en 2010-02-15
A leap in mobile computing.

Swedish Police Escalate Fight Against Illegal File Sharing 2010-02-12
This time they mean business!

Flattr 2010-02-11
Now in 'beta'.

IBM's New POWER7 Systems 2010-02-09
A true leap forward.

Adobe Flash Makes Browsers Bite It 2010-02-08
Adobe have known about the bug for sixteen months.

Microsoft on IE8 Exploit: 'There Is No Patch' 2010-02-05
And there never will be.

Symantec on the China Attack 2010-02-01
Whose idea was it?

iPad Establishes Apple as #1 2010-01-28
The game's changed.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-01-28
Available now.

Microsoft VDM Bug Affects All Versions of Windows 2010-01-20
Affects all versions including Windows 7. When it rains, it pours. Especially in the Seattle area.

Microsoft's War of Words 2010-01-19
Things are hotting up.

Seven Months and Counting 2010-01-14
There's no hurry.

Google.cn 2010-01-14
Three dozen US corporations infiltrated by Chinese government hackers.

Brokep's Light Bulb 2010-01-09
There's a way to screw Lex Orwell. For now.

Nexus One 2010-01-05
Now it's here.

Bozo's Bullshit Bingo 2010-01-05
The foot will never come out.

Jobs Needs That Tablet 2010-01-05
Gadgets gadgets gadgets. Shiny gadgets.

Krebs on Security 2009-12-31
Brian Krebs leaves WaPo after fifteen years.

Xfile Test Drive 2009-12-29
Available now.

CLIX 2009-12-25
New release with 60+ new commands.

The Facebook Blowup 2009-12-16
They've turned evil? Facebook's great betrayal.

Telia 4G Mobile Broadband World Première 2009-12-15
Swedish national telco raising the bar. AT&T? Can you hear anything now?

FreeBSD Shines, Apple Fails 2009-12-14
'When you dance with the devil, you wait for the song to stop.'

Facebook iPhone Dev Quits Project Over Apple Tyranny 2009-11-16
'My decision to stop iPhone development has had everything to do with Apple's policies.'

File Sharing is Big Business 2009-11-16
Bigger than iTunes.

The Graphs the Record Companies Don't Want You to See 2009-11-16
Fighting for relevance.

Windows 7 Remote Crash 2009-11-12
'No BSOD, you gotta pull the plug.' There went the SDL farm.

Rickrolling iPhones in Australia 2009-11-09
'People are stupid and this is to prove it.'

'When I'm 64' 2009-10-19
Xfile raises the bar again.

Tim Kuik's Dilemma 2009-10-12
Will this criminal be brought to justice?

AWS 64-Bit 2009-10-11

TPB: Swedish Courts Do It Again 2009-10-09
Who says the fix isn't still in?

#fail in .NL 2009-10-08
Will the real criminals be brought to justice?

TPB Move to Cyberbunker 2009-10-06
'The only things that will survive will be cockroaches and The Pirate Bay.'

TPB: Google Removing Links 2009-10-02
K would feel right at home.

FSF Attack MSFT 2009-09-28
Strong letters sent to all but one of the Fortune 500.

Windows Users Open Your Systems 2009-09-07
A wonderful treat awaits those foolish enough to buy Windows again on Catch-22 day.

Sony + Google == YES 2009-09-01
It's Waterloo all over again.

Spotify Goes iPhone 2009-08-28
The new millennium's #1 killer app available now.

Two New 'Get a Mac' Ads 2009-08-25
Marvelously funny and hitting Microsoft where they should.

The Pirate Bay: We Shall Fight on the Beaches! 2009-08-25
And all the other dudes get is a beautiful t-shirt?

TPB Shutdown: The Outrage 2009-08-25
The first time anything like this has happened in Sweden.

TPB: Shutdown! 2009-08-24
At least in some places. At least for a while.

Get Rid of Windows 2009-08-22
Yes seriously get rid of it, says Steven Vaughan-Nichols.

Windoze Se7en: The Cons 2009-08-22
So much easier. Take it seriously.

Windoze Se7en: The Pros 2009-08-22
Take it on the light side.

Kill IE6! 2009-08-22
30 million lusers getting the pitch.

Interview with Hans Pandeya 2009-08-22
The view from the outhouse.

All the Warning Lights are Flashing 2009-08-22
The view from the outhouse.

Brand New MacBook for Only $11.30 2009-08-21
That's the highest auction bid at time of writing.

Big Four Buy World Domination for Chump Change 2009-08-14
And they're not timid about shafting their artists again.

Twitter Down Under DDoS Attack 2009-08-06
Site slowly recovering.

Send in the Gardeners 2009-08-03
Weeds are growing at One Infinite Loop.

iPhone Hacked Again 2009-07-31
The 'heck run it as root' karma boomerang whacking Steve Jobs upside the head. Patch now available.

Spotify Moves in on iPhone 2009-07-28
Now begins the wait.

Google Announce Windows Killer 2009-07-08
News this good doesn't happen every day.

TPB: The New Pirate Bay 2009-07-02
More on the proposed acquisition of The Pirate Bay by Global Gaming Factory.

Rixstep: New AWS, New CLIX, New Xfile 2009-06-15
Three nice upgrades almost at once.

The Great Brick Wall of the Apple App Store 2009-06-15
Travel all the way to the City by the Bay only to get the middle finger?

HADOPI: Epic Fail 2009-06-10
The tide is turning?

Apple & Catch-22 2009-06-08
Cheaper and faster everything. Gates trumped?

Xfile Test Drive 2009-06-04
Tracker back in the fold.

Spotify's Android Client 2009-06-02
Previewed at Google I/O 2009. Blazing.

Hall of Monkeys: Mark Ward & the BBC 2009-05-22
Trusted? Respected?

Big Day in Stockholm 2009-05-19
Everything's happening at once.

Swedish State-Owned Television Ban Pirate Party 2009-05-17
The oldest and dirtiest trick in the world.

Hall of Monkeys: The 'New' Internet 2009-05-16
It's supposed to be illegal to be this stupid.

Xfile Test Drive 2009-05-16
And a new program joins the flock.

10.5.7: Taking Security Seriously 2009-05-14
Some graphical improvements but work on security still abysmally out of date.

TPB: Conflict of Interest Accusations Growing 2009-05-11
So say legal experts after new revelations.

Spotify Movie: Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club 2009-05-05
And a premium cellphone version is coming.

Deposition Disposition 2009-04-30
What's a poor soul to believe? Anything at all?

TPB: Selling Sweden's Supreme Court 2009-04-29
Wee Tommy Norström's got nothing on these guys.

Ian Rampage 2009-04-28
The DMCA was supposed to protect IP - not quell free speech.

TPB: Nawty Tomas Norström 2009-04-27
It's not enough justice is done. Justice must also be seen to be done.

MS ActiveTank™ 2009-04-27
It's not just the recession.

REMISS DS 2001:13 2009-04-24
TPB magistrate Tomas Norström didn't want the EU's opinions. He had his own.

It Started With a Tip 2009-04-24
But a tip from whom? Martin Jönsson isn't saying.

TPB: Dirty Verdict Details II 2009-04-23
'Tis truly a small world.

TPB: Dirty Verdict Details 2009-04-21
Taken from the original document.

Sixteen Minutes 2009-04-20
Monique Wasted enters the Guinness Book of Records. So does Paul McCartney.

TPB Guilty 2009-04-17
No one's surprised, are they?

Welcome to Ipredia 2009-04-16
From the mists and myths of legend.

Henrik Pontén Does It Again 2009-04-09
There are no limits for those with no shame.

Hadopi: le Titanic a Coulé! 2009-04-09
'Sensational' is a mild word. Conservatives stayed at home to not break ranks.

Spotify Release API 2009-04-07
Spotify release their API for x86 Linux.

AWS Standalone v2.0.0.1 2009-04-02
ACP Web Services Standalone v2.0.0.1 is now available. adds to the recent 2.0 update with a completely rebuilt service manager. It's recommended for all AWS users. And yeah it's free. As in beer. Download your copy now while supplies last.

ACP Web Services Standalone 2.0 2009-04-02
ACP Web Services Standalone 2.0 is now available. Download your copy now while supplies last.

XPT Switchers ACP Rebate 2009-03-28
A good time to make the move.

iPhone 3.0, Shortly 2009-03-18
And it's not 'OS X' anymore. Summary in brief.

Clipothèque Media Partners 2009-03-18
Clipothèque plays well. It works with almost every media player of today.

Clipothèque Standalone 2.0 2009-03-16
Clipothèque Standalone 2.0 is now available through this site and through Version Tracker.

CLIX Standalone v2.0.0.3 2009-03-08 adds to the robust system of CLIX 2.0 with additional configurable settings and a new help system. It's recommended for all CLIX users.

AirPort 7.4.1 Bricking Boxes 2009-03-11
Time for another update?

The Independent: Why Sweden Rules the Web 2009-03-11
Tim Walker reporting from the epicentre of the digital world.

EFF: 'Avoid Microsoft Products Where Possible' 2009-03-06
Finally. Hallelujah. It's. About. Time.

Roswall: One Year Prison 2009-03-02
Should he get what he wants?

TPB: Wallis for President 2009-02-26
Swamped in flowers.

Despotify 2009-02-26
The open source Spotify is here.

CLIX Standalone 2.0 2009-02-26
CLIX Standalone 2.0 is now available through this site and through Version Tracker.

TPB Timeline 2009-02-20
Things aren't as unclear as they appear.

The King Kong Defence™ 2009-02-18
Anything else ever spread faster?

FIASCO! 2009-02-18
For Håkan Roswall that is.

The Pirate Bay: 'Political Trial of the Decade' 2009-02-15
Op-ed by Rick Falkvinge.

Pirate Bay Reader 2009-02-15
The trial against The Pirate Bay starts tomorrow.

Spotify 0.3.10 2009-02-06
There's lots going on as per usual.

Shoe Two 2009-01-26
Apple's first malware pandemic?

Liverpool Street Station 15 January 11:00 AM 2009-01-25
The brothers from Baghdad might be gone but the genius lives on.

These Are Not the Trojans You're Looking For 2009-01-21
Trojan masquerades as pirated iWork. CLIX command file for removing it.

Heaps More Spotify Buzz 2009-01-19
'Best app ever' is being heard more and more.

Modding the MoD 2009-01-18
Things are coming along. Aren't they?

Woman Blames Dell for Missing Online Classes 2009-01-16
You can't make this up.

Obama Drops File Sharers 2009-01-12
It must feel terrible to still be living in the last millennium.

Spotify Concept Video 2009-01-08
This explains it. Coming soon to a network near you.

No Bang 2009-01-07
Or the best is yet to come? What didn't happen in San Francisco.

The Spotify Bandwagon 2009-01-01
Spotify are the most talked about startup on the Internet. The music portal opened shop in October and users and media sources have been lyrical about the new service. The company are known to be working on ports for both the iPhone and Nokia's Symbian.

Zune's 'Y2K' Glitch a Repeat Performance 2009-01-01
On New Years Eve the 30 GB model from 2006 of Microsoft's disappointing Zune handsets started trying to roll over into 2009 and failed miserably at it. This is not the first time Microsoft have messed up on time changes. The initial release of Windows 95 had a similar bug for returning from daylight savings time.

Psystar's Cyber Monday 2008-12-05
Steve Jobs and many of his coworkers may never sleep well again but the world at large certainly will.

Help Steve's New Buds 2008-12-02
Be nice to them - they need to make a living too.

O'Melveny & Myers 2008-12-02
Circumventing anti-circumvention technology. Helping Steve share his banana.

ACP Portable 1.9 2008-12-01
New release 1 December.

WideTube 2008-11-25
YouTube move to 16/9.

Lunix 2008-11-15
Who else would do this?

Dismissing the News 2008-11-11
For 11 November 2008.

CLIX 1.8.1g Features 2008-12-17
Rereleased today with Bloat Warfare Workshop Second Edition.

A Groovy Kind of Hack 2008-11-11
Why do they persist?

Congenital Google Idiots 2008-11-03
Screwing those who deserve to be screwed because they're so congenitally stupid.

携帯 ACP (ACP Portable) 2008-11-01
It's here.

Testa Datorn 2008-10-29
Good advice.

More on ACP Portable 2008-10-25
Available 1 November 2008.

ACP Portable 2008-10-23
Coming soon.

A file or folder with the same name 2008-10-23
From stupid gaffe to pseudo-standard.

Apple's New Notebooks: Fallout 2008-10-15
Not many proclaiming they're happy campers.

H/T Ive 2008-10-14
He's done it again. They've done it again.

CLIX 1.8.1g Features 2008-12-17
Rereleased today with Bloat Warfare Workshop Second Edition.

JimmyHurl 2008-10-12
JerryLeeCooper's shaking in his boots.

Test Drive Xfile 2.0.1! 2008-10-09
Completely new build with new applications.

Woz: Goodbye iPod, Wassup iPhone 2008-10-08
The one's dying, the other's being strangled says Apple cofounder.

Bildt Goes Mac 2008-10-06
'A new world.'

WebKit & Acid3: 100/100 2008-10-03
First ever to pass.

Go On Then Jump! 2008-10-01
How far can you bounce?

Dismissing the News 2008-09-30
For 30 September 2008.

Windows Users Are Stupid: Proof! 2008-09-24
Be grateful they don't get their hands on good systems.

Official: Steve Jobs is an Asshole 2008-09-24
Breaking news.

Get a PC with Photoshop for Macintosh 2008-09-22
But they got caught with not one but both thumbs in the pie.

Premier Election Solutions 2008-09-17
The black art of never admitting culpability or incompetence.

State of the Cloud 2008-09-15
It's pervasive but it's not trusted.

FY09 Strategic Update 2008-09-15
'Our opportunities to change the world have never been greater.'

An Uneasy Silence 2008-09-12
It's his party but will the guests still come?

New Family 2008-09-12
Seinfeld steps into the second ring.

iTunes 8 2008-09-10
It all started innocently enough.

I am wait your reply 2008-09-09
Do this now!!!

Bevan on McKinnon 2008-09-05
Gary McKinnon can face extradition to the US any day. Certainly his own people have let him down time and again. What awaits is trial by rednecks - most likely in Virginia where people believe anything born or grown outside the US is evil and must be bombed and invaded.

Google's Little Shop of Horrors 2008-09-05
News Google would be introducing their own web browser - dubbed 'Chrome' - was met with furrowed brows and healthy suspicion. Never mind the crippled non-native AJAX code - what about the Google's point of highest notoriety - its insatiable hunger for data, data, and more data?

Ad Circus 2008-09-05
Seinfeld steps into the first ring.

Sucking on Media Players 2008-08-31
'Now you feel our pain.' 'I think I should talk with Jobs.'

Web Fraud 2.0 2008-08-28
On the Security Fix series.

The Objective-C Buzz 2008-08-28
Buzz buzz. Buzz buzz buzz.

Viruses in Space! 2008-08-27
NASA admit way more than they realise.

;DECLARE @S CHAR(4000); 2008-08-22
There comes a time when people just get sick of the shit and pestilence that's Windows.

iPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs 2008-08-21
Can you hear them now?

iPhone: It Burns! 2008-08-19
iPhone explosions next?

The Malware Ruse 2008-08-18
How effective is it? Who gets tricked?

The Microsoft Ghetto 2008-08-18
Aren't we afraid of cockroaches?

They Think It's OK 2008-08-17
Reflections on Wsnpoem and other typical Windows disasters.

Nancy's Nightmare Over? 2008-08-15
Steve's way of thanking twenty years unswerving loyalty.

iPhone 3G Connectivity 2008-08-15
It's OK. It' s not OK. It's OK. It's not OK. No comment.

Wsnpoem 2008-08-14
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

CLIX 1.8.1d2 2008-08-12
Get your free copy while supplies last.

Boston T Party 2008-08-12
The hackers are coming!

Kill Switch 2008-08-11
Steve Jobs reveals Apple have one for their iPhone.

The Case Against Gary McKinnon 2008-08-06
Now it's up to the ECHR.

Mac Users of the World Unite! 2008-08-01
CLIX is here again and this time with - gasp - file sharing.

Apple Pull Out of Black Hat 2008-08-01
Marketing don't approve.

Security Update 2008-005 2008-08-01
A patch for the rest of them.

Bias 2008-07-31
The Kaminsky DNS flaw is all but completely patched. Around the globe. With one company conspicuous in their absence. And it's a good thing they chose to focus on their four simultaneous product rollouts instead - otherwise something could have gone terribly wrong.

UNmobileme.com 2008-07-26
A message from the 1%.

Dear MobileMe Member 2008-07-26
Time to learn from one's mistakes?

Hack out of the Bag 2008-07-25
Kaminsky's hole at Metasploit.

Steve 2008-07-24
Some rush to find the exits; others rearrange the deck chairs.

Shuttleworth 2008-07-24
Some people never learn; some don't want to learn; some want to learn the wrong things.

The Creativity of Spammers 2008-07-24
They always use current events to social engineer people but this is ridiculous.

Perspicacity of Worms 2008-07-23
'If you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.'

MobileMess™ 2008-07-23
'Like watching a train wreck in slow motion.'

Tough Times for Bill 2008-07-19
Nuts on an open fire?

Walking into an Apple Store 2008-07-15
Strange things can await.

iPhone 3G Rollout Flops Down 2008-07-12
Orchestrated like a symphony.

Lex Orwell is Scaring IT Companies Away from Sweden 2008-07-11
Swedish CEOs attack Lex Orwell and PM Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Lively Not Ready 2008-07-09
The same old thing.

DNS Cache Poisoning - Are You Safe? 2008-07-09
The patch is out after a half year's research but you can still be vulnerable.

'Why I Still Use Windows Despite the Peer Pressure' 2008-07-03
A descent into mediocre abnormality.

Get Root on 10.5.4 2008-07-02
It's possible to 'root' Apple's latest update of their operating system OS X 'Leopard' without hacking or in any way making an effort. Both Tiger and Leopard have a wide open door: another design flaw.

Are you sure you want to close this tab? 2008-06-27
It's contagious. It's a world conspiracy. The aliens did it.

It's Not New It Starts with 10.2 2008-06-26
It goes back to the beginning and it's a part of most everything you do.

Huge, Crazy, Ridiculous OS X Security Hole 2008-06-25
The ARDAgent hole is a lot bigger than previously believed.

Facebookers Security Risk 2008-06-25
It's contagious. It's a world conspiracy. The aliens did it.

Cracking the Tube 2008-06-24
And cracking lots of other cool things too.

ARD Trojan: Anatomy 2008-06-23
The actual source code analysed.

Finder Thinks Hard Drive Full™ 2008-06-23
Computer science can be tricky shit.

Another Open Sauce Lame-Out 2008-06-22
There's no more sincere form of flattery but shouldn't one avoid flattering the wrong things?

You're Toast, Dude? 2008-06-21
Follow the money.

Expressen 2008-06-20
Out there in the big bad world there's something called ASCII.

You're Root, Dude! 2008-06-20
You're also toast, dude! Apple's Leopard OS has a gaping security hole the size of a crater.

Firefox 3 2008-06-18
Flying out of the ashes.

McKinnon Has No Grounds for Appeal? 2008-06-16
This ridiculous case never ends.

File Merge 2008-06-15
Sometimes there's a very good reason you can't do the most obvious things on Apple's OS. This isn't one of them.

Mi¢ro$oft Internet Explorer Users 2008-06-15
Seriously - what do you do with them?

Learning to Scrawl 2008-06-15
And learning to mail. Introducing RoundCube Webmail/0.1-rc2. Can you find the secret message?

The Petaflop Threshold 2008-06-12
Things are finally on the petascale thanks to IBM's Cell architecture.

One Hand Free 2008-06-12
What better way to idle away these lazy summer months?

Lex Orwell & Intent 2008-06-08
The new voting's on 17 June.

10.6 A Maintenance Update? 2008-06-06
And the codename's 'Snow Leopard'?

It's Massive Disappointment 2008-06-02
That's how Pierre Igot describes OS X 10.5.3.

That Wobbly House That Steve Jobs Built 2008-06-02
In the hysteria to redo everything they've taken on too much.

Weezer Pork and Beans 2008-05-29
Everything about the hit in a single file.

Akamai Report: State of the Internet 2008-05-29
First ever SOTI quarterly.

Latest OS X Update Causing Wireless Problems? 2008-05-25
No one claims Apple Defects have nothing to report; everyone suspects they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

From Under the DRM Cloud 2008-05-25
Suddenly Apple are the odd ones out.

Bodström's Subconscious Writes Book and Movie 2008-05-23
Either that or a television series.

The Price of Bananas 2008-05-18
So much available. Clipothèque works with almost all known formats such as Apple, Break.com, Brightcove, CBS 60 Minutes, Daily Haha, Google Maps, Google Video, graphics, Indiana Jones, NBC, RedLasso, TED, Working Title, YouTube, and ZipperFish. You'll find even more. Run them as is or resize to any dimensions at all including full screen. $17.

Which is the Largest? 2008-05-17
Thank goodness there are lifelines.

goodies.clip 2008-05-14
Clipothèque 1.8.1b adds some stuff.

'Just Throw Them Out in the Trash' 2008-05-10
Latrice gets a clue bat to help in her fight for intelligence.

Clipothèque Standalone Rollout 2008-05-09
Clipothèque's available in the ACP, in the Xfile Test Drive, and now as a standalone product.

Clipothèque Scaleable Vector Graphics Test 2008-05-02
Clipothèque's available in the ACP, in the Xfile Test Drive, and soon as a standalone product.

Truly Sad 2008-04-24
The Hall of Monkeys be getting crowded.

Black Apples 2008-04-22
Not even Charlie believed they'd be this arrogant and irresponsible.

The Partial Relativity of Bullshit 2008-04-12
There are four kinds of lies. Just ask the vast majority.

Four Words for Steve 2008-04-06
You're so loved, Ballmer.

TPB Sued for €1,621,045 2008-03-31
20 music CDs, 9 movies, 4 games.

The Broadband Boomerang's Back 2008-03-31
'It's got to be admitted we've destroyed more investor value than in any other industry ever.'

Outline 2008-03-30
Sometimes things don't turn out so good the first time around.

From 1 to 59 2008-03-28
Things sometimes have a way of sorting themselves out all on their own.

Two Minute Toast 2008-03-28
It was first. It was fast.

The Zero Day Scorecard 2008-03-28
Apple fell behind archrival Microsoft three years ago and still haven't caught back up.

These People Vote 2008-03-25
Because they're stupid.

ACP 2.0.1 Rollout Complete 2008-03-26
Things are looking simply splendid.

Disable a Warning 2008-03-24
Great things seen in small words.

Passed By 2008-03-14
They really don't know why?

Where Are All the NIBs? 2008-03-12
Can I hide my stuff too?

Too Much Work in Cupertino 2008-03-11
It's dirty work - better let someone else do it.

iFree 2008-03-11
Apple lay out their ISV programme for the iPhone.

US Treasury Close Down Website 2008-03-05
It's good for the gander too.

ACP 2.0.1 2008-03-01
Big updates underway.

Invention's Mum 2008-02-24
Talk about improving workflow.

CLIX 1.8.1c 2008-02-12
Another maintenance release.

Barrie Barrington 2008-02-12
When fan turns to rent. Sponsored by Palmolive.

Slider 2008-02-12
Small things can be bigger than bigger things.

Yet Another All Time High 2008-02-08
Or low. You decide. Mister Bill does it again.

Linus on Limb, Fanboys Foaming 2008-02-07
Now we're talkin'!

Linus on Limb, Bohon Falls 2008-02-07
They keep sticking their faces on it.

Windows Still Only Source of Spam 2008-02-06
Hush hush tell no one please.

Linus on Limb, Fanboys Fall 2008-02-06
If Hitler's brown shirts were as stupid as Apple's beige shirts we'd never have had the second world war.

CLIX 1.8.1b 2008-02-04
Another maintenance release.

Opening the Windows Box 2008-02-02
When it comes to certain things like protecting their precious IP Microsoft pull out all the stops but when it comes to uninteresting things like customer safety they simply don't give a shit.

M$ Trying Hostile Takeover of Yahoo! 2008-02-01
The end of the world is nigh.

188458A6D15034DFE386F23B61D43774 2008-02-01
An important key?

Four Defendants 2008-02-01
A last ditch attempt?

It's About Links 2008-01-28
But it's about a lot more. The MPAA and the RIAA go to trial in Sweden.

Kata Chars 2008-01-28
ドヴェン ュメンラュヲ ヴヨメヮ ヹワヵ ヴヨラヮル。

You Banking Blocked! 2008-01-27
This can't be the same species.

Surgery for Dummies Next? 2008-01-26
The ascendance of the Neanderthal. Extraordinary readers comments at Amazon.

ICO to M&S: 'Secure Your Data' 2008-01-26
This wasn't an ordinary breach - this was an M&S breach.

Office 2008 for the 'Executive' 2008-01-24
When 100775 is an unlucky number.

Office 2008, 502 & You 2008-01-21
Every little baby calls 502 its mama.

Without a DTrace 2008-01-21
Apple subvert an open source tool.

Me Sequel 2008-01-18
Making daddy rich.

MacBook Air 2008-01-15
Nothing's thinner. The new status symbol. They do it again.

Jobs Super Thin, IBM Super Win 2008-01-15
Apple are expected to introduce a new super thin laptop that promises to shake up the industry. Simultaneously IBM boom NASDAQ with news of their coming quarterly report.

CLIX 1.8.1a 2008-01-14
A maintenance release.

AVG Free Edition 2008-01-11
Sometimes you can't just not untest things.

8-Core Servers 2008-01-10
New Apple hardware announced before Moscone.

Xfile 2/Tracker 2.0 2008-01-09
Tracker 2.0 now included in the Xfile Test Drive.

The Return of the Boot Sector Attack 2008-01-08
And back to the original PC.

14 CFR Part 25 2008-01-07
Being of people in high places in high tech not on the latest page or even in the same book.

First Post!!1! 2008-01-02
It's delicious all right!

The Return of Jerry Lee 2008-01-01
'A while ago I tried to talk to a bunch of people on another board and they were telling me Linux is not a Windows program. I'm here to prove them wrong.'

Edited by Host, Flawed by Design 2007-12-29
Apple are blackholing complaints about what some claim is deliberately flagging manufacturing quality.

xabatch 2007-12-24
Finally a way for admins to manage file system extended attributes.

Diva Stubs Her Little Toe 2007-12-24
Do like Robin Hood: a Good Thing™.

Contact the Vendor for an Updated Version II 2007-12-22
You weren't supposed to underestimate!

Apple Shut Down Think Secret 2007-12-21
Freedom of speech and the constitution in the US don't prevail.

Active Directory in Leopard? Nope! 2007-12-19
Curiouser and ridiculouser by the minute.

Apple Redact, Close Down Intuit Thread 2007-12-19
If there's a scandal brewing it's their own fault. If they get hurt it's their own fault too.

CVE-2007-5850 2007-12-18
You're permitted to be speechless.

The QuickBooks Disaster 2007-12-17
It works as designed. By Apple. Terribly.

Small Flaws Best Denied 2007-12-16
And a wave of the magic censor wand and they're gone.

Out of Work Barbozo 2007-12-16
He did it.

Back to Work in Cupertino 2007-12-15
Fix your bugs you slimy worms. Updated daily.

Writing Code in Cupertino 2007-12-14
It's dirty work but someone's got to do it.

Bug Three 2007-12-10
And Award Three.

Burpin' Safari 2007-12-08
They refuse to fix it so you might as well have some fun with it.

Contact the Vendor for an Updated Version 2007-12-06
Never underestimate the number of pinhead programmers in Cupertino.

Five Criminals. No Coincidence. 2007-11-30
Give us the keys to your website you fucking cocksucking motherfucker.

MacScam 2007-11-29
'May the scene scorn you.'

2007-06-04: Time to Give Up 2007-11-26
'More than a year has gone since the raid on The Pirate Bay. This travesty of justice gets bigger for every day that passes.' Translated from the Expressen editorial of 4 June 2007.

A Reek of Filth 2007-11-26
Roswall intimates he's ready but what exactly does that mean?

A Leopard Mail Vulnerability 2007-11-25
Apple Mail is again vulnerable to a cheap exploitation in Leopard. This according to Edward Henning of Heise Security. This 'security hole' was given a perfunctory (cheap) band-aid fix for Tiger; now the band-aid's come loose.

The Tool's Tool's Tool™ 2007-11-24
Never pick up a bar of soap for your own Tool™.

Tracker 2.0: Origins 2007-11-24
Rixstep are releasing 'version 2.0' of their unique Tracker. Here a bit of the background.

Johnathan Right 2007-11-21
A new contender. The ultimate tool: the Tool's Tool.

MarsEdit 2.0.4 2007-11-21
Everybody knows what .Trashes is, right?

M A L C O R 2007-11-21
Something's rotten to the core says Malcor.

Virtual Furniture Thieves So Busted 2007-11-15
The international VI (Virtual Interpol) strike again.

Giddy Gadi 2007-11-06
There are evidently several viruses going around. Some evidently produce delirium and nonsensical babbling.

Leopard 'Firewall' Breaks Skype, Warcraft 2007-11-06
Say goodbye to packet level filtering.

Apple's File System APIs 2007-11-06
Time to journey down that rabbit hole again.

Hold Off on Trimmit 2007-11-04
Published by Rixstep at Version Tracker.

trance 2007-11-03
'what kind of problem are you having specifically?'

The Real Hustle™ 2007-11-02
There's nothing the Landed Gentry of Security would love more than to make the Internet unsafe for everyone.

Leopard Firewall: What a Turnoff!!1! 2007-11-02
Shock and horror hits the blogosphere.

Trimmit vs Xslimmer 2007-11-01
Some pictures are worth more than a thousand bytes.

Codec Exploit on the Loose 2007-11-01
Just don't run any installers for a while.

Leopard Roundup Day 5 2007-10-30
A review of how 10.5 is looking through the eyes of those looking at it.

Trimmit: Cheap 'n' Easy 2007-10-29
Give a damn.

APE Bites Leopard 2007-10-27
It's unsane.

Apple! Where's 10.4.11? 2007-10-26
'Upgrade to Leopard if you don't like the bugs.'

Twas the Night Before Leopard 2007-10-25
Apologies to Clement Moore.

Poll: Leopard's New Features 2007-10-25
Results of a CLIX Exchange survey on Apple's new OS.

CLIX 1.8.1: The Final Tygar 2007-10-22
The final Tiger release of CLIX is out - version 1.8.1.

AWS 1.8.1: The Final Tygar 2007-10-22
The final Tiger release of the ACP Web Services is out - version 1.8.1.

Rendition™ 2007-10-21
Will Leopard perform better than Tiger?

Leopard 2007-10-26 2007-10-16
At 18:00 at Apple's own stores and authorised resellers.

Mister Bill Gets Big 'Thank You' from Mother Russia 2007-10-14
Windows users have no clue what dupes they are. But the Russians do.

iBrick Hit by Nokia Broadside 2007-10-12
The market leading (38%) Finns on the attack.

Apple Pick Up Six at 2007 T3 Awards 2007-10-12
UK gadget freaks pick their favourites.

US President, White House Dispute Nobel Committee Decision 2007-10-12
In a terse comment to the press a spokesperson recommended viewing a media clip previously issued to Fox News.

UN, Gore Win 2007 Nobel Peace Prize 2007-10-12
Shared 50/50.

Holman et al vs Apple et al 2007-10-11
The court documents in the $800 million class action filed against Apple and AT&T. From the iBrick News Network.

M$ Web Beaconz™ 2007-10-10
Another de novo innovation from the company you can't trust. So ridiculous only their own font can describe it.

Be stupid. Connect. 2007-10-07
Surpassing the expectations of HIPAA. Today.

Macs: On Campus, In Office? 2007-10-07
At Princeton they're up 400%. How about on Madison Avenue?

Recidivist M$ Up to New Tricks 2007-10-04
You lose with SCO you just try something new. There's little to lose.

Greetings Tbilisi 2007-10-04
ATMs aren't what they used to be. Or maybe they are.

Early iPhone Adopters Thanks For Your Support 2007-10-01
At the Market/Powell Muni stop in San Francisco.

Gmail Cross-site Request Exploit 2007-10-01
Brought to you by the people who don't care about security and don't destroy anything.

M$ Tangled in Own WU Confusion 2007-09-27
They're still too greedy to do the right thing.

Boston Legal 2007-09-26
Investors want insight into Apple's stock options shenanigans - and are getting it.

Happy OneWebDay 2007-09-22
OneWebDay comes once a year on 22 September.

GNOME MacBuntu 2007-09-20
Step aside for user friendliness. The lobotomised kind.

Hacker Finally Publishes Notorious Apple Wi-Fi Attack 2007-09-20
It's no longer under NDA.

M$ Bott & Billy Rubin 2007-09-19
It's a dermatological condition known for discolouring olfactory extremities.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader 2007-09-18
'In an environment full of complexity and increasing security risks customers are looking for easy and secure ways to log on to personal computers and networks.' They don't care how much malfeasant shit gets on those boxes as long as their mates can't get in there too.

537.264 2007-09-18
Why is Apple's iPhone so outrageously priced in the UK? It's not Apple's fault - it has to do with transportation costs.

SCO File Chapter 11 2007-09-15
PJ's due a huge box of chocolates.

$100 Apple Store Credit 2007-09-15
For early iPhone owners. '$100', 'Apple Store', 'iPhone', and 'MacWeb 3.0' are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Apple Universal Web Wiki™: No Gag 2007-09-15
MacWeb 3.0™ is real.

Apple Universal Web Wiki™ 2007-09-14
Apple's best of breed web browser allows in place editing of - any website.

Apple Sell 999,999 iPhones!!1! 2007-09-08
Soon all the fanboy sites will be reporting on the one millionth iPhone sale but remember: you got the news here first.

$100 Credit: Fanboy Power!!1! 2007-09-06
After first telling the early adopter iPhone fanboys to 'live with it' Steve Jobs did an about face and promised a $100 Apple store credit to all current owners of the $599 iPhone.

The $399 iPhone: MR Fanboys Gone Wild!!1! 2007-09-06
A selection of spicy quotes from the inner circle of (now betrayed) faithful.

Steve-0's Wednesday 2007-09-05
Today's news from Gadget Town USA.

The ACP/Xfile Academic Series
Don't Let Them Laugh at You 2007-08-27
CS 101: Linux Has All You Need 2007-08-27
Punching Your Way Out of the Paper Bag 2007-08-27
There's Ways Around Everything 2007-08-27
What You Get (That You Don't Already Have) 2007-08-27
Something Else You Don't Get 2007-08-27
Something More You Don't Otherwise Get 2007-08-27
Still More You Don't Otherwise Get 2007-08-27

A Time to Patch 2007-09-05
Apple's security scorecard for 2006 now online.

The New (Unofficial) #1 Supercomputer 2007-09-02
And it's in the hands of Dr Evil, good people!

MPAA 2007-09-01
Please feel sorry for them. They deserve your sympathy and support.

Accidentally 2007-09-01
Things like this happen - keep telling yourself things like this happen.

M$: Fixing Elections (Again) 2007-08-31
Microsoft outed for rigging standards vote on their controversial 'Office Open XML'.

Welcome to Chetek 2007-08-29
We have the best porn links in the world!!1!

A Patch Comparison 2007-08-28
ISE's Charlie Miller responds to 'criticism'.

How Many Brain Cells Fit in a Pinhead? 2007-08-28
Floating point and integer answers in excess of four digits not allowed.

I Shall Not Sleep 2007-08-25
Microsoft are unleashing woes on the Internet again.

MS ActiveOrwell™ 2007-08-21
The 23rd letter of the English alphabet is all it takes.

iPhone AT&T & Me 2007-08-20
AT&T score big with Kate Bohner. 'This bill is so unbelievably complex I think it was designed by some sleep deprived writer after a forty eight hour crystal meth binge. The designer of this bill - whoever you are - I suggest you seek treatment.'

Into the Great Wide Open 2007-08-20
iPhone hackers are making some noise because they're learning to fly. It's almost too good to be true.

$5,086.66 2007-08-18
Some people should just drink a cup of shut the F up.

Friedman 2007-08-17
Stupidity's been redefined.

MacTechAspen 2007-08-16
MacTechAspen wins The Technological's 'I'm So Fucking Stupid I Want To Shout It To The World!' Award™.

Proper Decimal 2007-08-15
If it isn't the hackers and the Enderles it's the version numbers.

Intel Only Inside 2007-08-14
PC OEMs increasingly focus on style and design. Applewhite abandons Apple fanboys.

'Rearchitecturing' 2007-08-12
When your back's to the wall - use a big word that doesn't exist.

Tough Week to Be a Fanboy 2007-08-11
Things actually happened for once.

ACP-Academic 2007-08-09
Rixstep announce 'ACP-Academic', a specially rebated Xfile package for the academic community. ACP-Academic and Xfile have - in addition to the flagship Xfile System- a dozen additional closely integrated file management utilities.

Hacking the iPhone: Andy Greenberg Interviews Charlie Miller 2007-08-08
It's the same message that's been repeated at this site for years.

Fake Daniel Lyons 2007-08-08
He's been outed not once but twice and he's not exactly loved.

It's in the Numbers 2007-08-08
Apple reach a tipping point by releasing the one office application long conspicuous in its absence.

The Right to Read: Macworld's iPhone Wish List 2007-08-07
In the world of the Mac Macworld reigns nearly supreme. But a glance at what's done there irrevocably brings thoughts to what life must have been like immediately prior to the invention of the printing press.

iPhone Unlocked 2007-08-06
Norwegian VG Nett are reporting the iPhone open for European use.

Hacking Windows: Just as Easy as You'd Think 2007-08-04
Wherein it's demonstrated just how vulnerable ALL versions of Windows are. Molly receives an MS Office attachment and seconds later her computer is completely owned (at system level) and her bank account is empty.

Invalid User 8655518 2007-08-04
They came for you.

To Catch a Predator Backfires for NBC Dateline 2007-08-04
'Don't let the door hit ya where the dog should've bit ya!'

Fanboys Will Believe Anything 2007-08-04
'The author is anonymous, so while I can not take credit for this article, I agree with the points made.'

'How I Hacked the iPhone' 2007-08-03
As promised former NSA security researcher Charlie Miller revealed all at Black Hat.

UPnP IGD: Disabled 2007-08-02
Apple address security exploit by turning things off.

Flakey Behaviour 2007-08-02
Renowned security expert Halvar Flake denied entry to US for Black Hat.

iPhone iPatched 2007-08-01
Apple release 'iPhone v1.0.1 Update' - their first firmware update.

Dvorak: The Wind Blows 2007-07-31
One thing's certain: when the universally castigated hopelessly inept and antiquated John Dvorak comes out on the side of Apple and OS X something is very wrong. Either that or the age old tried and true technique of baiting fanboys with barbs isn't working any longer.

Scapegoat 2007-07-27
'Rice and Strickland are going to be looking for a scapegoat', wrote The Technological on 19 June. 'Jared already knows who that is.'

iPhone: Anatomy of a Fiasco 2007-07-26
Oh it's a fiasco all right - but who's fiasco is it?

JerryLeeCooper 2007-07-24
From the ZD forums.

iPhone Hack to be Patched 2007-07-24
The Independent Security Evaluators team not only found a security flaw in the iPhone and not only contacted Apple with details of the flaw on 17 July but also sent along instructions in how to patch it, revealed Johns Hopkins computer science professor Avi Rubin on his blog today.

iPhone Hacked 2007-07-24
Apple have been informed. Full details of the exploit will be made available on 2 August at Black Hat.

Yellow Submarine Sinks, George Harrison Weeps 2007-07-23
An MP3 player that's going to actually weep? Yes say reliable sources.

AppZapper 1.8.0: A Fairy Tale? 2007-07-18
AppZapper does not and by definition cannot 'find all the extra files' as the authors claim. AppZapper doesn't even come close. AppZapper is compared side by side with Tracker on a test run of the Safari web browser.

The QuickTime 7.2 Disaster 2007-07-15
Did quality control get the sack?

iPhone Bootloader: Hackint0sh Progress Report 2007-07-09
'We have another in.'

Michael Tiemann 2007-07-08
Michael Tiemann is VP of open source affairs at Red Hat Linux as well as president of the Open Source Initiative. He used to be the chief technical officer of Red Hat. As of today he's a cheap attention whore.

Website error 2007-07-07
'Can you help out? We need a list of ALL PAGES which have this error.'

First off, thank you for clicking the link 2007-07-07
But don't spread it.

Ysabella Brave 2007-07-04
YouTube today aren't the YouTube that was. Today Google are running the show. And whilst they can be expected to bow to the interests of the Chinese government or threats by Sumner Murray Redstone, they're totally uninterested in helping a cute frightened contributor who today is ranked #32 on the entire site.

Alpine Dottie 2007-07-03
Landon Fuller must have returned to Apple. He might be getting help from Arno Goudrol.

Core 2 Duo: Bugged Beyond Belief? 2007-07-02
Theo de Raadt is worried but Linus Torvalds is not. Who's right?

iPhone: A Bit of This, A Bit of That 2007-07-01
'The light approaching you is not daylight at the end of the tunnel.'

Effective UID: 0 2007-07-01
Apple's iPhone is crashing. Already. Already there are crash dumps posted on the net.

OpenTerminal™ 1.0.2 — 110% Opacity 2007-06-29
When things happen they happen fast. AppleWorld caught up with Rixstep for the third time today to talk about the latest on this groundbreaking application.

OpenTerminal™ 1.0.1, 2007-06-29
When things happen they happen fast. AppleWorld again caught up with Rixstep for the latest on this groundbreaking application.

OpenTerminal™: The AppleWorld Interview 2007-06-29
AppleWorld caught up with the authors of OpenTerminal™ for an exclusive interview.

Do you have Facebook? 2007-06-29
Brin/Page/Schmidt are amateurs compared to this lot.

P-Day Approaches, X-Day Waits 2007-06-26
A buzz that's become a roar.

The Technological — SEu}{ALLwY-EXPLlCIT 2007-06-23
A brief look at the sweet face of spam along with a direct accusation.

The Technological — What's the Point? 2007-06-22
For real news read the MacInTouch readers report or the Apple discussion forums. For the laughs stick around here.

The Technological — Rice & Strickland 2007-06-19
Rice and Strickland are going to be looking for a scapegoat. Jared already knows who that is.

Zero Day Wednesday the 13th 2007-06-16
Microsoft patch their software too. Ahem.

FBI Target Windows 2007-06-15
And it's about time.

Xfile: 'Every Day' 2007-06-14
Rixstep release a new trial version of their 'standalone' Xfile (with another fourteen file management accessories). And it now runs twice as often.

The Technological — The Dark Side of Steve Jobs 2007-06-14
'Every week another individual posts a thread describing strange vertical lines on his M9689. He or she has of course no idea that the topic was quite widespread because all the posts are gone. As soon as anybody mentions the database, his or her post is deleted. Aware of this, I told a guy to 'put the words bridget riley powerbook into his favourite Internet search engine'. Even that post is gone today.'

The Technological — Safari 2007-06-14
It's not only dangerous - it's stupid.

Dvorak Uncensored 2007-06-14
'When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America you get a front row seat. And when you're too close to John Dvorak you get a back stage pass.'

Safari Quotes 2007-06-14
Culled by members of the CLIX Exchange. Erudition's on the rise.

Monkey Bites 2007-06-14
'These new tests change everything', the famous resident of Cupertino told Rixstep. 'Safari is clearly behind other browsers by as much as half a Mississippi.'

Mary Jo Foley 2007-06-12
It's really incomprehensible anyone could be this stupid. But this is Mary Jo Foley so maybe an exception's in order.

What's Maynor Doing? 2007-06-12
Either Microsoft are incredibly sloppy and can't produce diagnostics for any of their many crashes or David Maynor's picture is a hoax.

Holy Safari! 2007-06-12
Apple's ultra secure web browser now ported to Windows perforated repeatedly within hours of release.

Reflections in the Dock 2007-06-11
OS X Leopard is true 64-bit but the dock is the dazzler.

Race to the Bottom 2007-06-11
Google rated 'hostile' by major privacy rights organisation.

The Technological 20070608,01 — Wanna Buy a Fish? 2007-06-08
'I'm using Safari Version 2.0.4 (419.3), and Mac OS X version 10.4.9.'

It Can Be Said 2007-06-08
It can finally be said: all along we've been evasive about exactly what the police walked off with that day. And there was a good reason for it.

European Court of Human Rights 2007-06-08
Under Article 34 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Rules 45 and 47 of the Rules of Court.

Steve Takes a Leak 2007-06-07
The world of Apple assume Jonathan Schwartz preempted Steve Jobs about ZFS on Leopard. Oh the fools.

The Technological 20070605,01 — Pascal Pfiffner 2007-06-05
You can't make this shit up. Further proof fiction can't hold a candle to reality.

The Technological 20070605,00 — Gmail 2007-06-05
'There are thousands of PhDs working at Google to make 1984 a reality.'

OS X Unlimited Client Edition 2007-06-04
Apple have a chance to move closer to the market tipping point - will they take it?

Xfile: 'Every Other Day' 2007-06-04
Rixstep release a new trial version of their 'standalone' Xfile (with another fourteen file management accessories).

CLIX, ACP Web Services 1.8.0a 2007-06-01
Rixstep update two popular freeware tools for OS X.

Denmark: Forbrugerstyrelsen Condemn Apple 2007-05-31
Apple have denied it all along, but their iBook G4 indeed has an 'original design flaw'.

Perceptive Pixel 2007-05-31
What do you want to do today?

A Day at the BRC 2007-05-31
It's Allison's first day at her new job.

Keystroke Logger Trojan Dodges Antivirus Defences 2007-05-27
It's here, it's nasty, it's hungry for blood, and it's going to bite your head off.

It's Finally Here 2007-05-24
Dell offer three consumer systems with Ubuntu 7.04 starting today.

POWER6™ UNLEASHED 2007-05-23
New IBM processor doubles speed without adding to energy footprint, enabling customers to reduce electricity consumption by almost half; bandwidth to download entire iTunes catalog (5,000,000 tracks) in 60 seconds.

What Millions? 2007-05-22
The new website colorblindmac.com want Apple to revert to 16.7 million colours with their notebook LCD TFT displays but have any notebooks ever had so many colours?

The Technological — Code by Kevin™ 2007-05-20
When the day comes wannabe programmers can say scripting is better because they don't have to learn how to really program and the astoundingly and pompously ignorant blogosphere back them up, then it's time to look for the empty lifeboats.

The Technological — Adobe Systems 2007-05-20
It's time Adobe software engineers took crash courses in Unix™ and Security™ and it's time they decided if they're going to make the move to OS X - something Apple did ten years ago.

Microsoft's Generous EULA 2007-05-19
It's ironic that the world's by far worst computer software is also the most expensive. It's even more ironic that so many people buy it. But it's close to the ultimate in irony that for most Windows users that already exorbitant price has just doubled.

Apple's Two Bits 2007-05-18
The makers of the most expensive and advanced laptops in the world are being sued for fudging performance and statistics, for deceiving their consumer base, and for redacting and removing reports of the issues.

The Technological — Windows Users 2007-05-15
No Apple OS X systems were compromised by botnets or infected by malware today but over 250,000 Windows systems were. 250,000. Each and every day. The same as yesterday, the same as tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after the day after tomorrow. And the day after the day after the day after tomorrow.

Marshall, Media Rights, Microsoft 2007-05-14
Sometimes it'd be good if clues could be passed out with a volume discount. Marshall, Media Rights, and Microsoft all need clues bad. Some of them might also benefit by a gentle tap from a Super Size Clue Bat™.

Google Find Web Dark Side, BBC Hide It 2007-05-12
Once again the journalistic integrity of the BBC News is being called into question.

Adobe on Drugs? 2007-05-09
Creative Suite beta users have run into snags when updating: things don't want to leave the trash. But as it turns out this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Spinal Tap Reunite for Live Earth 2007-05-09
This might be the only time this site will ever link to anything Microsoft.

Stunning. Breakthrough. Exciting. 2007-05-06
HP and Microsoft team up to give you a unique computing experience.

Steve Jobs' Unearned Free Ride 2007-05-03
Joe Nocera of the New York Times reveals further details about the Apple options scandal and poses the $872,000,000 question.

iTea Party 2007-05-02
Mark this day in your almanacs, diaries, memoirs: the day DRM may finally have begun its ignominious fade into the silver screen sunset.

09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0 2007-05-01
In related news scores of Hollywood celebrities are to attend memorial services for Jack Valenti and thousands of others from all corners of the globe are expected to fly to Los Angeles to dance on his grave.

Xfile Unleashed! 2007-05-01
Rixstep release a 'standalone' version of Xfile (with another dozen file management accessories).

Apple Security: 'Please Hold - We're on iPhone!' 2007-04-25
Leopard isn't the only thing moved to the back burner.

Astroglide - Second Only to Nature 2007-04-24
One thing's certain: when you get data like the following in response to a HEAD request you can and should expect the worst.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission 2007-04-24
This article isn't about the US SEC being stupid; it's about them being cowards.

CanSecWest Produces Zero Day Safari Exploit 2007-04-21
After a number of false starts hackers in Vancouver were able to gain ordinary user access to a MacBook Pro through the Safari web browser. InfoWorld, home of Rob and Mary Enderle, tried to twist the news ever so slightly to favour their benefactor even as Daniel Eran Dilger's Roughly Drafted came to the counterattack to set things straight.

Dell Users: We Don't Want V*STA! 2007-04-21
After a deluge of complaints Dell Computer are retrofitting Microsoft's earlier OS on their new boxes.

Bill Gates: World Domination in Eight Years 2007-04-20
You think Microsoft's 95% market strangle is scary? Just wait. While Steve Jobs trims his two day beard and FOSS maniacs debate whether Richard Stallman should be allowed in public restrooms Bill Gates is working - and by 2015 reckons he'll have another one billion Windows users.

Of Pots and Kettles, Fanboys and Slanderers 2007-03-21
Photographers, musicians, stay at home soccer moms, and screenwriters notwithstanding: if Apple hadn't reacted the way Jobs did none of this would have ever happened.

Who Tripped? 2007-03-21
Of pots and kettles, fanboys and slanderers.

Who's on a String? 2007-03-21
No one can do anything at Apple without express approval of The One. Not even Lynn Fox. Odds are if you find a picture of her you'll see someone with a buzz cut, a two day beard, a black polo, jeans, and sneakers.

Dancing on a String 2007-03-21
George Ou publishes heretofore confidential undisclosed documents about the Ellch/Fox/Maynor brouhaha.

326 Lines of Code 2007-03-19
Is this the best you can do, Bill?

To Universal 2007-03-18
Most Rixstep software titles migrated in half a day.

Thinking of Getting a MacBook? Think Again. 2007-03-18
Credit Steve Jobs with another great technological innovation. Will iPhones explode like this too?

Illegal Primes 2007-03-12
It turns out that at least in the US and because of the good old DMCA certain numbers are illegal. Yes you read that right: certain numbers are illegal.

Bill Gates & DOJ II 2007-03-12
Fair is fair and even when it comes to a lying cheating scoundrel like Bill Gates it's sometimes necessary to set the record straight.

Domesticated 2007-03-11
240 pictures are worth 240,000 words.

Swedish Dina Pengar ('your money' - dinapengar.se) have to be running the world's dumbest site.

Hello Bill! 2007-03-09
Microsoft respect your privacy. Truly they do.

500,000 Viruses! 2007-03-06
Teh BBC are reporting that teh Austrian firm AV Comparatives are reporting that M$ antivirus products are teh suck.

LOUIS WHEELER 2007-03-05
You have to log in to Yahoo! to send or receive mail and DVDs are often reformatted to fit your television screen and if you peel rubber out of the drive-in and the plastic lid on your coffee mug is not properly secured your hot stuff can become hot stuff. These are known facts.

Oh The Focus 2007-03-05
Roughly Drafted have a great piece on Apple and Microsoft. There are a lot of angles to this piece but one of the main ones seems to be how both companies have mismanaged markets - and now it's Microsoft's turn. Both companies played splish splash 'in the Nile' and now it's Microsoft swimming with the crocs.

Oh The Irony 2007-03-04
Here's an operating system everyone wants but not everyone can have.

The Display Eater Shuffle 2007-03-02
Reza Hussain keeps playing with his audience.

Another High Quality Apple Computer DOA 2007-02-27
Another 'flawless' BMW leaves the factory - and right out of the box does things that were unthinkable only a few years ago.

Display Eater DID Hose Home Folders 2007-02-25
Reza Hussain admits in an interview Display Eater did in fact do what he's currently claiming it didn't do.

Display Eater: NIИ_6.jpg 2007-02-25
It would seem a rather well known resident of Garden City Louisiana is behind the (warped) embedded strings in Display Eater. Far be it from anyone to assume Reza got into self mutilation all on his own.

Display Eater Pathology? 2007-02-25
There's been a lot of talk of late about a fishy app called 'Display Eater'. It's made Slashdot and the comments at Version Tracker are unequivocal. Everyone's scared the app deliberately hoses computers. But the app is still available for download so staff here got a copy - not to run but just to inspect. What you see below are a few pickings using Rixstep's Xstrings. The question now is: what do we have on our hands here? Scroll through the list and see if you find something interesting.

Connecticut Idiots Gallery of Shame 2007-02-24
Here's data on the real culprits in the Julie Amero case.

Sing Alongside! (Part Two) 2007-02-24
Patron of the arts Mister Bill™ has begun the worldwide promotion of his new operating system involving huge rock concerts from Albert Hall to Albert Hall. Rixstep and YouTube are proud to give you highlights of the tour.

Sing Alongside! (Part One) 2007-02-24
Patron of the arts Mister Bill™ has begun the worldwide promotion of his new operating system involving huge rock concerts from Hyde Park to Hyde Park. Rixstep and YouTube are proud to give you highlights of the tour.

Ballmer: 'YOU STEAL MY SOFTWARE' 2007-02-19
In a total reprise of buddy Bill's incredibly snooty and stupid letter of thirty one years ago Microsoft's CEO Steve O Ballmer - aka the 'SOB' aka 'Fat Bastard' aka 'Monkey Boy' aka 'Fat Ugly Sweaty Baboon on Crack' aka 'Eric Schmidt's Very Best Friend' - claims less than encouraging sales stats for the company's recent OS non-event are due to theft.

Schnapper 2007-02-16
If you see Schnapper approaching, do not look directly at him. Run back indoors immediately. And call your emergency services. And don't put the tea on until you see the white van pull up and the polite gentlemen in their Roto-Rooter uniforms escort Schnapper safely away.

Enough's Enough! 2007-02-15
According to reports at Apple Defects, Apple have done it again: wiped out a forum thread where word was spreading about defects in Apple hardware and Apple's refusal to address the issues. After over 16,000 viewings the 'censor crew' Apple claim no longer exist went into action - and the thread is no more.

A New Tipping Point? 2007-02-14
The brouhaha stirring at Digg and MacSurfer is actually a topic that's over four years old. Code injector Jonathan Rentzsch got burned back in February 2003. Yet in not a single instance had any of the pundits stopped to consider what that underlying 'rock solid foundation' had to say about any of this.

Sumner Redstone 2007-02-10
Viacom are doing a hatchet job at YouTube. Even as you read this - and it's a weekend - Viacom are toiling away with the Don't Be Evil™ people and slashing video clips left and right. It's slaughter.

No Ctrl+C Except for Me 2007-02-10
Content theft in the blogosphere is not new; greed and hypocrisy on the level of No Ctrl+C is.

When Heads Get Stuck 2007-02-10
YouTube is a phenomenon. Perhaps more than any other site on the web it epitomises the concept of selflessly sharing information. YouTube was recently 'acquired' by Google - the Don't Be Evil™ people.

Who Does Bill Gates Know at Viacom? 2007-02-07
Here's Mister Bill Gates getting up to leave after his interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Said interview was not, as some might think, a crass promotional stunt made possible by Bill's connections with the uncomfortable suits at Viacom, but purely an informal chitchat about nothing in particular. Bill's new product wasn't even mentioned in the interview and no attention was drawn to it. Gates just wanted to show the world what a genuinely nice person he was. It was all completely above board.

Bill Gates MSNBC Interview Mirror 2007-02-01
Because of (rather typical) IIS server issues at MSNBC.COM the Rixstep website will now mirror this most important interview. Every effort has been made to painstakingly and faithfully reproduce the excerpts from the interview in their entirety - with 100% accuracy.

Microsoft: The Most Ridiculous Software Company in the World 2007-02-06
Everyone in the know has known this for the longest time but it took a genius at Sana Security to come up with the perfect way to depict it. If never before then certainly now: a picture can truly be worth one thousand words. So next time you hear about a Microsoft worm outbreak where the clueless are running IIS without knowing it because they bought Windows XP Ess-Pee-Too or even THAT NEW ONE and IIS is just there running without their knowing it: think then of these graphs.

CLIX: Safer than Terminal? 2007-02-04
The dangers of the 'sudo fun' exploit remain remote but there's no point in not being safe. A graphic look at the 'Resolve Path' ACP Text Service in action with CLIX 1.8.

ACP Text Services: Resolve Path 2007-02-03
Pursuant to the 'Sudo Fun' discussion on $PATH hijacking the ACP Text Services now offer the ability to resolve paths in command lines so you can see where things are going before they get there. It's perhaps the safest way to go - possibly safer than even Terminal. Select your text; hit the keyboard shortcut ⌘~; it's done.

0.6143232 Hours of Windows Bugs 2007-02-02
Bill Gates is out shooting off his dirty mouth again.

MORB: Extended. Indefinitely. 2007-02-01
It's still win-win. And it's extended. Indefinitely.

MOAB: A Farewell 2007-02-01
The Month of Apple Bugs team depart with a final greeting.

Larry Seltzer's Taliban Bearded Face 2007-01-30
Never without a sense of humour the MOAB team go after eWeek's primordial Windows defender.

Larry the Tool™ 2007-01-30
According to eWEEK, Larry Seltzer has been working in and around computers since his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983. This is true - but it's mostly been 'around' rather than 'in'.

Darren Waters: Crook or Idiot Extraordinaire? 2007-01-26
What's amazing with all morons (crooks) is that they always assume everyone else is as stupid as they are. Which in the case of Darren Waters is assuredly a 99.99999999999% fatally flawed mistake.

The Steve Jobs Squeeze 2007-01-23
It turns out Parallels aren't such a little company after all.

Swedes Fooled by Online Mafia 2007-01-19
They're calling it the biggest swindle ever.

MUFF: The Loopers 2007-01-19
Following is the resolved list of all the MUFF 'loopers' caught trying to 'steal' data from MOAB.

SNOsoft: 'We Pay You $75,000' 2007-01-19
'Driving the prices up so researchers aren't taken advantage of.'

Apple & 3rd Party Patches 2007-01-18
So far through MOAB Cupertino have been silent; security pundits think it's high time they spoke up.

A Fortnight of Apple Bugs (and Fixes) 2007-01-15
Halfway through the war of words.

MORB: Halfway, No Bugs 2007-01-15
It's still win-win.

Month of Unsupported Fanboy Fixes 2007-01-12
Apple Spin™ in action? Excerpts from the Apple marketing handbook.

The Canary Trap, the Leak, and the Mole 2007-01-09
'A backdoor was prepared to be included with the exploit. The potential leak sources would download the backdoor, and as expected, start shouting on forums, random blogs and other Mac churches, saying we were installing rootkits.'

Jeffrey Czerniak 2007-01-09
It's a real paranoid life to be a fanboy in today's enlightened world.

MOAB 8 Fallout 2007-01-09
So much is fairly certain at this impasse: at the end of this Month of Apple Bugs the big losers are going to be Jason Harris, Rosnya Keller, Unsanity - and APE.

Macworld Keynote 2007 2007-01-09
Read about it in realtime. Thanks to roving reporter Ryan Block.

A Totally Unsane Privilege Escalation 2007-01-08
The MOAB crew do it again.

Pandora's Box 2007-01-08
You know the story. You know the drill. Open it and you suffer the consequences. Ignominiously.

AAPL CEO Should Step Down 2007-01-08
The market researchers and longtime bullish Apple supporters at IRA are recommending Steve Jobs resign from Apple.

ORLANDO! 2007-01-06
The Doom of the World has Arrived. It's pink and its name is Orlando Smith, Esq.

MOAB Drop Zero Day on Stunned Fanboy World 2007-01-05
Everyone expected the Month of Apple Bugs to turn up some pretty nasty things but few expected show stoppers like this.

A Month of Apple Fanboys 2007-01-02
The Month of Apple Bugs has barely begun and the Apple fanboys are already hysterical, their behaviour more of a news item than the bugs themselves. It's also a wake-up call for potential switchers.

Falsified Documents 2006-12-29
Apple and Steve Jobs in particular are increasingly feeling the heat from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

US DOD Ban Use of HTML Mail, Outlook Web Access 2006-12-28
Better late than never.

$eason$ Greeding$ from Micro$oft 2006-12-23
You thought you knew him?

Sanity Check at Microsoft 2006-12-21
Microsoft add significant usability features to their previous generation web browser. Check it out!

Sanity Checks at Apple 2006-12-20
OS X user folders are getting hosed - again.

January 2007 the Month of Apple Bugs 2006-12-19
Thirty one in all, one per day, all month long.

Zettabyte: ZFS the Last Word in File Systems 2006-12-17
Increasing capacity by 1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000%.

iTunes iPlummets, iPods iBreak 2006-12-14
Forrester Research mark a dramatic decline in iTunes sales; iPod owners are getting increasingly angry with how they're treated by the Cupertino company.

QuickSpace: A Worm in the Apple? 2006-12-12
Apple's OS X may not be the target of a worm outbreak but their QuickTime technology is.

iPods Don't Die, Nick Wingfield! 2006-12-09
Apple HATER Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal has published an ill-considered and ethically reprehensible attack on Apple perfectly timed to hurt our beloved computer company in the holiday season market.

9 December 2006: a CLIX Update 2006-12-09
CLIX 1.7.2.g 'update' is a full update of this award winning program.

The End of the Word as We Know It 2006-12-06
One thing never to be taken away from El Channel Reg: their sense of humour.

AWS Update 2006-12-04
A total update of the free version of the ACP Web Services. Now with 1,218 resources. Get your copy now while supplies last!

Enhancements vs Security 2006-12-01
Apple's dismissal of the 'InputManagers hole' as an issue of enhancement rather than security at first caught security researchers off guard. For the umpteenth time. As the same hole's been filed as a bug for years and dismissed the same way each time. But happily The Technological are now able to show why Apple were in fact correct all along. Put simply: Apple are professionals. They're not alarmists. And time and again history finds the great corporate entities speaking words of calm when everyone else is running around like the posters at the Mac Rumors forums.

F-INSECURE Spreading FUD Since '94 2006-12-01
It would seem there are others who find the antics of F-Secure a bit like - er, antics.

product-security@apple.com 2006-11-30
The 'InputManagers' security hole exploited by the likes of ichatHack, mailHack, safariHack, Oompa Loompa, InqTana, and iAdware is not a security issue - it's an enhancement issue. Don't believe it? You read it here.

The Not So Sinister Finisterre 2006-11-30
The reason security research on OS X is so interesting is that Apple take the injudicious move of branching off from tried and true Unix code to create something they're rather reluctant to call Unix anymore. Unix has had a good thirty years to mature and more researchers inspecting it by an order of magnitude. Apple use a closed source model and they're venturing out into new territory where the risk for exploits grows geometrically. And they're carrying with them legacy ideas from the birth of NeXT which predates the birth of the web. And they don't listen.

Fucking Insecure 2006-11-28
When it comes to chops in OS X and Unix that's exactly what Kamil and his friends at F-Secure are. And you know you don't have to wait long for the Cooperites to pick up the ball and run with it.

It's Nice to See Things 2006-11-23
Introducing Undercover.

Once Upon a Time! 2006-11-19
Being a fairy tale.

There Goes That Tongue Again! 2006-11-17
Patents! Patents! Patents! Patents! Patents! Patents! Patents! Patents! Patents!

Microsoft™ — Cheap 'n' Stupid 2006-11-14
Now in these days of the big Microsoft Windows Vista rollout it's time to finally take a look. Normally nothing like this can produce more than a big yawn but the KLoWnZ of Redmond now claim they have a final product. So it's time to take a peek.

The Saturday Apple Review 2006-11-11
Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Fawlty Bill 2006-11-08
Say goodbye to European opulence forever. Bill Gates is attempting to buy the Four Seasons hotel chain the flagship of which is the George V in Paris.

Smashing a Diebold for Fun and Profit 2006-11-07
Ed Felten's Princeton team do it again.

Microsoft XMLHTTP ActiveX Zero-Day Exploit 2006-11-05
It's yet another Windows zero-day exploit. Meaning no one - least of all Microsoft - knows where it comes from or how it works. And it affects nearly all Windows systems. But Windows is otherwise almost as secure as Unix. Of course it is.

The Saturday Apple Review 2006-11-04
Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Novell + Microsoft == YES? 2006-11-03
Redmond and Waltham make an announcement that's puzzling the industry.

High Priority! 2006-11-03
Microsoft announce the release date for Windows Vista.

Daring Phucball 2006-11-02
HD Moore publishes an Apple exploit. And simultaneously sends a greeting to an old friend.

Governance of the Internet: the Tasks Ahead 2006-11-01
Vint Cerf's speech before the IGF. Transcribed originally by Anne-Rachel Inne.

BLOGME.GR 2006-10-29
Satire is now officially illegal in the fountainhead of democracy.

The Saturday Apple Review 2006-10-28
Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Unhappy Anniversary 2006-10-26
Today marks the one year anniversary of the local heat dropping by on a pretense of looking for witnesses in an illegal car rental ring and absconding with our computer equipment on the ridiculous and arrogant premise that we were somehow involved in spamming people we met on the street.

Steve Ballmer: The New York Times Interview 2006-10-23
Actually it's more like a chat. But it's unexpurgated in contrast to the previous release. Contributions from the Shanghai Peoples Daily and the Osaka Morning Sentinel. Moderated by Bert Lahr.

New 5th Anniversary iPods Macworld 2007 2006-10-23
Another Rixstep exclusive: photos of the top secret fifth anniversary Apple iPods.

The Saturday Apple Review 2006-10-21
Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Steve Jobs in Contempt - Twice 2006-10-19
Steve Jobs, in court today to defend himself in a traffic accident case, was held in contempt of court twice and consequently faces several nights in gaol and considerable fines.

Jeff Gamet 2006-10-19
Jeff Gamet fancies himself a 'design and prepress pro'. He's also 'morning editor' for The Mac Observer.

Patrick Gray 2006-10-16
Patrick Gray of ZD Australia is so stupid you almost want to hug a fanboy.

Toppling Linux 2006-10-16
He is corpulent and slovenly with long scraggly hair, strands of which he has been known to pluck out and toss into a bowl of soup he is eating. His own website says he engages in 'nasal sex' with flowers. And though he fancies himself a crusader for tech 'freedom', he labours mightily to control how others think, speak and act, arguing in Orwellian doublespeak that his rules are necessary for people to be 'free'. He's Richard Stallman and he's bringing down the work of giants around him.

The Saturday Apple Review 2006-10-14
Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Borelius Resigns 2006-10-14
Maria's now gone down in history not as a Swedish cabinet minister of finance but as an incredibly stupid crook.

The Saturday Apple Review 2006-10-07
Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Damage Control 2006-10-06
A wise old programmer who'd done his masters degree on the NeXTSTEP operating system and who was personal friends with Dan Gillmor, Andrew Stone, and Avie Tevanian, once cautioned a group of his fellow engineers about how to approach the new owners of NeXTSTEP about what they'd done.

Whither, Fred? 2006-10-06
Apple CFO resigns, along with Nancy Heinen under investigation.

Saved by the Blixt 2006-10-06
Ivar Wenster's computer destroyed by lightning, prosector closes case.

Toorcon: No Show 2006-09-30
Jon Ellch and David Maynor were to tell all today at Toorcon 2006 in San Diego, but at the last moment SecureWorks and Apple pulled them out.

Iceweasel 1.6? 2006-09-26
For the first time in centuries FOSS make an inroad into the Microsoft hegemony with the Firefox browser. They build up interest and brand recognition. Now that all may be for naught because, as per usual, the open sorcerers can't stop squabbling amongst themselves.

For Apple, This is the Year That Wasn't 2006-09-24
From has-been to hip in ten years - and then from hip to never-was in six months.

It's All Over 2006-09-21
Fanboy hopes dashed - again.

iTunes Se7en 2006-09-14
It's no longer a lucky number.

Maccie Fanboys Try to Shut Down Rixstep 2006-09-12
But they failed - and now court proceedings are underway to locate the ringleaders and bring them to justice.

Apple Banned 2006-09-06
You can't take it with you.

BMWs Made in China? 2006-09-03
Apple computers continue to go where no computers have gone before.

AWS: the Amazon Resources 2006-08-28
105 searches added.

Apple Recall 1.8 Million Batteries 2006-08-24
Dell beat them by a week.

Pirate Party Launch World's First Commercial Darknet 2006-08-15
You can test the system for free until the Swedish national elections in September.

Dell Recall 4.1 Million Lithium Ion Batteries 2006-08-15
The industry have been aware of the lethal potential since 1991 but recent events pressure them to think again.

The Object Oriented Cake 2006-08-14
I finally got to watch the NeXTSTEP 3 Release Demo the other night. People have been pointing me to the link for ages. I couldn't get this equipment to work and so had to forego it. I told everyone 'been there done that' as NeXT Software about the same time had given me the complete kit with NS for 486, NeXTSTEP the Movie, the Garfinkel book, the works. We'd all seen what this blazing platform could do, so no one expected much new from the clip. I was in for a surprise.

MIT Survey Complete 2006-08-12
2,800+ Apple Intel notebooks logged.

Reformatted to Fit Your Screen 2006-08-10
Pay close attention!

That Schicklgruber Clone Does It Again! 2006-08-10
There's no stopping MacUpdate's Joel Mueller - unless it's a US federal arrest warrant.

Dugg! 2006-08-10
There's really not much point in talking about the Slashdot effect anymore. Slashdot are so 1990s. But getting dugg is an experience.

Call Centre 2006-08-09
May not be missed for all the money in the world. There are several others there.

Another One Bites the Dust 2006-08-08
Another Apple 'hottop' has exploded - but in contrast to what's happened in previous incidents, this was not an Intel notebook and the battery which caused the explosion was not amongst those slated for recall.

Eastpoint Drop TPB 2006-08-06
Claims the ad agency now want to focus on SEO don't hold water.

Norwegian PowerBook Catches Fire 2006-08-05
'The kind of fire one saw in Kuwait during the first gulf war.'

MacScan 2.2 2006-08-03
Software you can trust.

Scary Movie 2006-08-03
Bury the grudge. Burn the village. Do it with an Apple hottop.

Safari KHTMLParser::popOneBlock 2006-08-03
A new bug in Apple's web browser causes it to crash and may lead to arbitrary code execution.

Tiger Phone Home? 2006-08-01
It's not just the sneaky tricks - as with Microsoft and Sony, it's the stupid way they're done.

Sending the Wrong Message? 2006-07-28
The Pirate Bureau get unwanted attention.

OpenDarwin Shutting Down 2006-07-26
Rob Braun's had it.

TPB Update 2006-07-15
And interviews with The Pirate Bay cofounder Neij, prosecutor Roswall, and Swedish tax authority representative Ahlqvist.

€280 Million 2006-07-12
Steve Ballmer to appeal.

TPB Raking in Millions 2006-07-08
It's all coming together - in Switzerland and Israel.

Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel? 2006-07-07
Gary McKinnon is to be extradited to the United States to help cover up US government ineptitude.

MacSpam 2006-06-30
Holier than thou Joel Mueller's latest pompous move.

Scratch It! 2006-06-29
The Cupertino Chinese comedy continues.

Yet Another Apple Defect 2006-06-28
There's more than one. And the list is endless.

The Apple Defect 2006-06-26
Actually there's only one.

Anatomy of a Career 2006-06-24
The MPAA and the RIAA pressured the Bush White House to threaten Sweden with sanctions if they didn't close The Pirate Bay, but why did prosecutor Håkan Roswall seize over three hundred unrelated web servers?

Intel Hotter, IBM Cooler 2006-06-20
Here comes Apple's 'ex' with a new speed record.

CLIX, CSV, DSV, ESR & the Meaning of Life 2006-06-19
CLIX 1.7.2.g - out now - represents a full update of this award winning program.

The Gozerian Returns 2006-06-15
At last a plausible explanation.

A Postcard for Benny 2006-06-15
And free software for you.

Discolouration 2006-06-14
They tremble as they kneel before their almighty god, voicing their pain and hurt, but afraid to hear what they themselves are saying.

iPod City 2006-06-14
Join in on the fun.

Anti-DRM March on Apple 2006-06-10
Demonstrations underway in at least seven US cities.

A Genuine Disadvantage 2006-06-08
Microsoft admit they need to better inform Windows users their computers 'phone home' on a daily basis.

Friends, Citizens, Pirates 2006-06-06
Rickard Falkvinge's speech at the Saturday demonstrations in Stockholm. Published on this Sweden's national holiday.

Files Complaint Against Himself 2006-06-05
Karlskrona culture minister files police complaint against himself for file sharing.

Steve Ballmer: The KRN Interview 2006-06-05
The Klingon Radio Network proudly present Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Barely Legal 2006-06-05
It could happen to you.

On Our Side 2006-06-03
'This is precisely what we wanted to achieve.'

It's War! 2006-06-03
New attacks are planned for the websites of the police, government offices, and the news media.

Anti-Pirate Bureau Closed 2006-06-03
They weren't attacked - they just ran for it.

A Trip to Washington 2006-06-03
Representatives of the Swedish government traveled to Washington in April to discuss the file sharing situation with the White House.

'I Knocked Them Offline' 2006-06-03
A 17 year old student from rural Sweden thinks he did it.

Declaration of War 2006-06-03
'Bodström will have hell to pay.'

Cat and Mouse Game 2006-06-03
Translated from the Expressen editorial.

Download Bodström 2006-06-03
Translated from the Expressen editorial.

The Police Bay 2006-06-03
'It was a declaration of war.'

Microsoft Vista: The End of the Road? 2006-06-02
Microsoft's latest operating system is close to release. The most recent beta shows what's in store. And long time Windows users are throwing up their arms in defeat.

Pirates & Anti-Pirates 2006-06-01
It's all coming together.

La Nouvelle Shiloh 2006-05-29
The following is a public service announcement.

Wired Release Whistle Blower Documents 2006-05-23
Living in the US? Feeling cozy? Then think twice about reading on.

The All-New Apple Toaster 2006-05-21
The heat is on - again.

Black is Back 2006-05-16
And it's beautiful. But...

OS X Security Update 2006-003 - Update III 2006-05-15
Close only counts in horseshoes.

OS X Security Update 2006-003 - Update II 2006-05-14
There are other critical flaws still not fixed, says Tom Ferris.

OS X Security Update 2006-003 - Update 2006-05-12
Thirty one fixes is impressive but all may not yet be well.

OS X Security Update 2006-003 2006-05-12
Apple pull out all the stops.

CLIX 1.7.2f 'f' 2006-05-10
Some things get better with time. But they're rare.

Steve's Thermal Grease 2006-05-10
PPC laptops are presently in great demand again.

Nancy's Gone 2006-05-08
What was it the band played?

Don't You Whine Either! 2006-05-06
An history of how things that supposedly just work don't.

Stop Whining! 2006-05-03
Disgruntled MacBook Pro owners are taking action.

Mosh Pit 2006-05-02
Washington Post security blogger Brian Krebs assembled Apple's security track list to compare it with previous studies of Microsoft and Mozilla. The results were not encouraging. And after Bud Tribble got in the action to deny everything, it turned into a free for all in the mosh pit.

Opener 3.9 2006-04-28
A rundown of Opener 3.9.

Total Crash 2006-04-26
It takes everything with it.

17-inch MacBook Pro 2006-04-25
The art of more.

Xshelf 2006-04-24
It's a place to put things.

10.4.6: Multiple Vulnerabilities 2006-04-21
They're rated 'highly critical'. They do not depend on social engineering and they do not require any user interaction. And they exist in Apple's latest 10.4.6.

The Boot Boot Camp Can't 2006-04-14
It would seem the fanboys have a new hero.

CLIX 1.7.2e 'lipo' 2006-04-10
Could something be wrong?

Boot Camp 2006-04-05
Experience the misery of Windows on fancy hardware, you slimy worms.

Enemy Action 2006-04-02
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action, Mr Bond.

Jobs Out Gores In 2006-04-01
It might be 1 April but this is not a joke. Unfortunately.

Tracker Grows Up 2006-03-29
Post mortem analysis on OS X.

Mark Shuttleworth 2006-03-25
Introducing the cosmonaut founder of Ubuntu.

The Failure of Apple 2006-03-24
They were assumed to be leading the open source initiative against Redmond. We were fooled.

Full Disclosure 2006-03-21
Apple don't believe in it. You suffer.

The Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper 2006-03-14
Apple's 'Unix' still runs arbitrary code. Yes, as root.

OS X: Still Not WYSIWYG 2006-03-14
Apple release their second security patch for Tiger.

The Legend of Oompa Loompa 2006-03-12
A week after a week after, people were already shrugging it off, calling it 'FUD', and priding themselves in debunking yet another 'OS X exploit myth'.

The Story of Renepo 2006-03-11
It wasn't a worm. It wasn't a trojan. It wasn't a virus. Of any kind.

The Other Shoe 2006-03-08
Apple 'fixed' their vulnerabilities - at application level. If you're using their own web apps, you're safer - sort of. If you're using anything else - Camino, Firefox, Thunderbird - you're still totally wide open.

Apple's 'Unix' Runs Arbitrary Code on Boot? 2006-03-06
Why should a trojan try to 'get root' on OS X? Can't it just wait for the system to restart?

CLIX 1.7.2d 'pk' — Explosive Action! 2006-03-05
It's a tasty concoction of exquisite Cocoa sensations! It's a stone cold soul groove! It's a major lifestyle move!

Sweet Three 2006-03-02
Xfile was released 2 March 2003, three years ago today.

Seeing Double 2006-02-21
It's been going on for twenty two years. The jump to Unix changed nothing. Welcome to Apple Computer.

Oompa Loompa Quotes 2006-02-17
It's actually lots of fun.

The Chocolate Tunnel 2006-02-16
Oompa Loompa hits OS X.

The SuperBowl are spying on you - just like iTunes tried to do.

Comes Another Under Cover 2006-02-03
While the whole world waited for the Kama Sutra shoe to drop, the virus writers outflanked them with new attacks.

IE Se7en 7W0 (2) 2006-02-02
'IE Se7en 7W0 has encountered a problem and needs to close.'

IE Se7en 7W0 2006-01-31
'You people have to stop prosecuting us all the time. We have to be free to innovate.'

This Week's Windows News: The Nyxem Countdown 2006-01-30
It's a surprising move.

Joel Mueller: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunitiion 2006-01-29
Censorship is a good thing - as long as it furthers the cause.

StopBadware.org 2006-01-26
Who's paying who?

Heil Apple 2006-01-26
Got several thousand dollars you want to throw away? Give it to Apple.

Another Microsoft First™ 2006-01-19
Official announcement expected momentarily.

Inside the MacBook 2006-01-16
One inch thin, miles deep.

Stevenote 2006-01-10
It's happening now.

No Wild Weekend 2006-01-06
It's out now.


Rixstep Issue Immediate Solution to the Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) Security Flaw 2006-01-05
Get the free Rixstep WMF solution now.

The Face of Evil 2006-01-05
Don't trust him. He could hurt you. Trust only Microsoft. Only Microsoft is your friend.

Ou Ou The Sky Is Falling! 2006-01-04
Ou Ou.

WMF Followdown 2006-01-02
Everyone is scrambling but Bill Gates.

The WMF Flaw 2005-12-31
Seasons greetings from Microsoft.

Really Super Get File Info 2005-12-29
People are worried what's on their disks? Why?

MacUpdate Goes George Jesus Bush 2005-12-25
If it had to happen, it had to happen within the 'Mac community'.

CLIX 1.7.2(a) 'Ilgaz' 2005-12-23
Send those AppleScript tools into the dustbins forever.

Printer Setup Repair 2005-12-08
You're supposed to feel sorry for them.

CLIX Alert! 2005-11-28
Accept only the real McCoy.

Wear Hat Proudly 2005-11-22
Seven years.

Greek Backtrack 2005-11-18
Consumers labeled it as 'illegal' and 'an abuse of power'.

Greece Joins Dark Ages 2005-11-17
Internet use is growing - albeit at a snail's pace - and too many complaints from ordinary telephone users have made the position untenable.

Internet Software Services 2005-11-15
'We must act quickly and decisively.'

Mac OS X Hints Desktop 2005-11-15
You can't have your Mac OS X hints closer at hand.

CLIX Manpage 2005-11-12
You can't have your Unix documentation closer at hand.

Mark on Sony 2005-11-12
A different kind of trick or treat.

Criminology in the New Millennium 2005-11-09
An interview with Nimrodopoulous Ridikulosonou.

The BoYs from PeLaSgIa 2005-11-07
What do the Athens police and Yahoo have in common?

Greek Police Arrest Programmer Because People He Met Got Spammed? 2005-10-29
'Ancient Greece'.

Whacked with a Clue 2005-10-26
'I'd appreciate any response on this.'

Doom 2005-10-25
You played the game - now go see the movie. If you dare.

The Root of All Evil 2005-10-23
Whose clue is it anyway?

The New iPod 2005-10-12
15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 150 hours of video.

CLIX 1.7d 2005-10-11
The command line interface for OS X now has over 1,000 commands.

Hardley Go Down 2005-10-07
'Young men like you have to be deterred from committing this kind of offence.'

Mostly Virus-Free 2005-10-06
More and more Windows users agree that OS X is 'mostly' virus-free.

Snoogle? 2005-10-04
Fasten your seatbelts?

Phishing Tales Can Come True 2005-10-04
It can happen to you.

Blah Blah 2005-09-27
Amazing what a tongue can do to a bloke.

They Gotta Go 2005-09-26
Things are happening in Redmond.

Bug Free Code™ 2005-09-26
A new de novo innovation from Microsoft Corporation.

Magical Vista Tour 2005-09-25
It's begun: the psychological warfare predicted on these pages.

Hi I'm Rob Enderle 2005-09-21
Thanks to our leak for finding this document.

Sweet Sixteen 2005-09-18
It's somebody's birthday today.

Anatomy of an Innovation 2005-09-15
And not just one but many; and not just ordinary innovations either but the ultimate kind: 'de novo innovations'.

Gates on Apple, Google - and Microsoft's Future 2005-09-15
Speaking at the most recent Unprofessional Developers Conference.

Ballmer's Cracked Wagger 2005-09-15
Thanks to Chinese medicine, the world can now better understand Steve Ballmer.

Yahoo!segow for Shi Tao 2005-09-08
Investments have to be protected.

Sexier Than Ever 2005-09-07
Introducing the iPod nano.

Gates Charged with Manslaughter? 2005-09-07
He's already been convicted of being a monopolist.

The OS X Achilles Heel 2005-09-03
Why are Apple servers so slow? It's not the hardware.

Tongue Wags Ballmer Again 2005-09-03
Or does he have a plausible explanation?

Tidy Up Quotes 2005-08-26
At last a temporary relief from more things Microsoft.

Creative? Yahoo? 2005-08-23
But it's only one page that's changed.

Banking Online with MS 2005-08-23
It's never happened before. A total shocker.

MS05-039 2005-08-18
Current estimates are way too optimistic.

AWS Resource Page 2005-08-14
Get it all at the same URL - and contribute too.

K(l)utztown 2005-08-10
Taking the 'l' out was a good move. Now it's time to put it back in.

1,061 2005-08-06
The ACP Web Services break the thousand mark.

Apple+Intel+Infineon 2005-08-04
Apple sneak DRM/TPM onto new Intel boxes.

Vista Leaks! 2005-08-04
Happy days are here again.

Owning IOS by Michael Lynn 2005-08-01
How are you going to ship out patches when every router is dead?

Yardstick 2005-07-29
Microsoft are being measured by it.

Bringing clarity to your world 2005-07-28
Deny thy horns and refuse thy name, but don't expect to smell like roses.

Yahoo Buy Konfabulator 2005-07-28
Apple have 15 million users; Yahoo have 181 million.

Steve Ballmer & Open Source II 2005-07-26
This one is for you, Uncle Steve - chew well and swallow hard.

London 2005-07-10
They made one very bad mistake.

The Unsung Villains 2005-07-07
Scott Adams could have a field day.

One of many goes on trial 2005-07-05
Some get betrayed, others get MBEs and invites to Live 8.

Oh No Mister Bill! 2005-07-02
'Most people don't know it, but I can in fact hold a tune.'

Mister Bill Crashes Live 8 2005-07-02
A surprise visit onstage at the concert in Hyde Park.

Introducing the ACP Service Browser 2005-06-24
It's in the past, DP.

The Not So Secret Secret 2005-06-08
Of Marklar and Rosetta.

Apple's Sense of Humour? 2005-06-08
Perhaps they have one after all.

Why'd He Do It? 2005-06-06
BRTV caught up with Steve Jobs outside Moscone West after the day's WWDC sessions.

OS x86 2005-06-06
Apple and Intel strike a deal.

Photocopiers Revisited 2005-06-04
It was an eighteen month head start on Microsoft.

CERT: Multiple Vulnerabilities 2005-05-19
Technical Alert TA05-136A from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team at CMU.

The Fun's Begun 2005-05-19
The world's first worm for 'Tiger' in the wild?

Ubuntu 2005-05-19
The free Debian distro 'just works' on the Mac and PC both.

10.4.1 2005-05-17
Apple update their 'Tiger'. Already.

Zaptastic 2005-05-09
You've come a long way baby.

Windows Friendly Attachments 2005-05-09
Nothing like bashing Microsoft when you're stuck with your thumb in the pie.

More Shakers 2005-05-02
Ye who've preferred clicking to learning are getting your just rewards.

Cocktail Shaker 2005-05-01
That perfect mixture for OS X got a bit mixed up.

Introducing: the Bill mini™ 2005-05-01
Uncle Steve's vision of the $100 computer has come true thanks to the capable arm of Microsoft Research.

Microsoft Windows 98 System Builder Preinstallation User's Guide 2005-05-01
When Apple realised Copland was not to Be, things moved onto NeXT and BeOS suffered at the hands of you-know-who.

They Can't Be Wrong 2005-05-01
MS InactiveUniverse™ is in a shambles, but Sir Bill still won't admit anyone uses any other browser.

Never Spoken Too Soon? 2005-04-28
Who could have thought anyone could have beat Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation to the punch? But it's true! You can download it here: the first-ever full-featured preview of Microsoft® Windows® Longhorn®! And it runs on OS X!

OS X 10.5 Leopard 2005-04-28
Think Secret were wrong in revealing details of Apple's OS X 10.4 Tiger before its release, but things have changed now: Microsoft are actively campaigning with an operating system that does not exist and may not exist before December 2006 if ever. Normally leaks such as the following would therefore have to be ignored; but in the interest of all that is just and fair, here it is.

The Altair™ Peripherals™ 2005-04-28
Jim 'Leno' Allchin, head liar at Microsoft, has come out and claimed OS X is just a peripheral to the iPod. Which of course is true, but he cleverly sidestepped the more important fact that Windows is in fact just a peripheral to the Altair™. Here's the true story™.

Le Pauvre Jasper Rine 2005-04-26
They're coming to get you, boy!

Vapori$e M$ 2005-04-24
Watch out for the feature machine.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 2005-04-21
A list for our brothers in arms on that other platform.

MS ActiveVapor Revisited 2005-04-19
Applications do not an operating system make.

Q&A: Allchin® Talks Turkey® About Longhorn® 2005-04-19
Reprinted from Information Week®. Used by permission.

2005-04-29 2005-04-14
The Tiger's being unleashed.

1.7 2005-04-08
Some age, others mature.

iBook 2005-04-08
An article for Windows users originally at Radsoft.

The Sudo Hole 2005-04-08
It's real but...

Microsoft Acquire Rixstep 2005-04-01
It was never about the money.

OS X 10.4 Tiger $94.99 2005-03-29
Order now and save $35 - no shipping charges.

Cooperites 2005-03-27
Are we witnessing a power struggle within our most reliable online source of information?

Binary XML 2005-03-24
Who's complaining anyway?

SP2: Windows File Protection 2005-03-17
Welcome to the world of Windows. Welcome to chaos.

It's All Legal 2005-03-11
They got a court order.

Five Minute Job 2005-03-08
That's all it takes.

Wsaupdater.exe 2005-03-08
They stand behind their software.

MS ActiveUsability™ 2005-03-06
It's not about user friendliness - it's about something much worse.

Uncle Foobar 2005-03-06
Where do they all belong?

Your Majesty 2005-03-04
She's a pretty nice girl.

Look at all my powerful friends 2005-03-02
An ignoble end user best left ignored.

Good Night Sir Knight 2005-03-02
And you thought you'd seen everything again.

We Have Multiple Funding Sources 2005-02-24
And you thought you'd seen everything.

The SP2 Firewall Backdoor™ 2005-02-21
The fun never stops.

IE Se7en 2005-02-17
The torture never stops; the ordeal is never over.

Feet in the Med 2005-02-14
Rixstep have now relocated to the Mediterranean.

Mac mini 2005-01-11
Stop thinking about it - just get it.

Gates Euphoric Over 88.9% 2005-01-08
There are no bugs.

MS ActiveImelda® 2005-01-07
Is it fair?

Plays Maybe, Plays For Now 2005-01-06
One design and one design only.

Ballmer Trial Begins 2004-12-29
Chaos reigned at King County Court House.

Black Christmas 2004-12-27
You can help.

Shoulders of Giants 2004-12-18
Over the edge.

MSN Search 2004-12-14
Jump right ahead.

Are They Back? 2004-12-03
They're still hungry and we're the blue plate special.

The Emperor's New Clothes 2004-11-28
Nothing on at all.

No Flaw 2004-11-23
They know best! Don't they?

Steve Ballmer & Open Source 2004-11-21
Steve Ballmer is, as per usual, lying through his teeth.

Ballmer Behind Bars 2004-11-18
Microsoft CEO arrested and released on $5 million bail.

It's About Time 2004-11-06
The road to Cupertino is long and winding.

Data Trails 2004-10-29
Shocking news that won't shock you.

Going Away For The Weekend? 2004-10-14
Leave your computer at home. Let SPX Nighttime work for you.

SP2: Chaos & Confusion 2004-09-26
When was the last time Bill Gates gave you anything - for free?

MSN Music: Off To A Great Start 2004-09-03
Bill & the Microsofties do it again. They never disappoint.

Gates' War on Terrorism 2004-08-31
Things are slowly becoming clear - maybe.

Not A Problem 2004-08-25
Herr Torvalds might have to sue.

Hanson Divided 2004-08-24
Windows has perhaps 100,000 attack vectors in the wild; OS X has none. Despite this, OS X - and Unix - are not more secure. Just ask security expert Daniel Hanson.

MG3 2004-08-21
It takes only twenty minutes for a Windows box to get smashed but it takes ten years to get someone to do something about it.

SP2: The Other Shoe 2004-08-20
Barely hours after users started securing their PCs with Windows XP Service Pack 2, security experts have found ways around it.

BellSouth Sniffles 2004-08-17
US Internet service provider BellSouth are sniffing all outgoing SMTP mail traffic.

Bursting At The Seems 2004-08-16
XPSP2 seems to break some apps, it would seem - seemingly...

Rixstep I Salute You 2004-08-16
Curmudgeonism exposed.

Acme Autoparts 2004-08-16
It could have been evolution.

Google Founders Bare All 2004-08-12
Can you find the PLAYBOY™ rabbit™ on Sergey's dress?

BellSouth Down! 2004-08-02
Google might have recovered elegantly from the MyDoom attack, but others are not faring so well.

ACP 1.2a Demo 2004-07-22
The free demo of the AppleCore Project version 1.2a is available for immediate download.

The Long Run 2004-07-19
The master of the lock-in, Gates has unwittingly perpetrated the cruellest, most irrevocable lock-in upon himself.

Code Blue 2004-07-17
That Microsoft Corporation of Redmond Washington have attempted to corrupt the electronic world shall have escaped no one.

Crime of Negligence 2004-07-15
The Oxford University network is a criminal's dream.

IE Bash 2004-07-12
It all started in Amit Yoran's office.

The PivX Enigma 2004-07-11
How does one refuse an offer from Vito Corleone?

Baker Street Blues 2004-07-01
Mrs Hudson knows.

An Apple And Its Tiger 2004-06-28
Legal eagles and gossip columnists, sharpen your pencils.

Berbew: The Aftermath 2004-06-26
A tempest in a teapot? 'Click.'

Berbew 2004-06-26
Microsoft technology under attack - again.

ACP Web Services 2004-06-08
Nearly fifty reasons to not wait for a Sherlock channel update. The Internet's ever-changing virtual library comes to your desktop.

Apple Security Update 2004-06-08
Apple have plugged the 'protocol hole' after a fortnight - deftly done.

Come Fly With Me 2004-05-14
The joke was that airplanes powered by Microsoft were safe - they'd never leave the ground. The bigger joke today is that they do - but it's not a joke anymore.

The Love Bug - A Retrospect 2004-05-04
This week marks the fourth anniversary of the Love Bug aka the ILOVEYOU worm, a watershed in the online connected experience.

RPA/RAA 2004-04-22
The 1st (and possibly only) annual Rixstep Productivity and Appendix Awards presented to the most (and least) useful products in IT technology.

Open Reply 2004-04-22
A response to Bill Gates' infamous letter.

RPA 2004-04-21
Rixstep are contemplating a move towards product activation. This move would be solely for the benefits that can accrue to software subscribers.

Pusher Man 2004-04-20
In a very real sense Bill Gates is a purveyor of contraband.

Open Letter 2004-04-20
The infamous Gates letter from 1976.

Conventional Wisdom 2004-04-19
It's time to smash it a bit.

Freedom To Innovate 2004-04-10
Open sorcerers need their own killer apps.

Poker Man 2004-03-05
The objective is clear: Bill Gates wants to destroy open source. SCO have now attacked the person of Linus Torvalds directly, accusing him of personally stealing their code.

Graduation Day 2004-02-12
Who's graduating? The World Wide Web of course.

Double-Clicks 2004-02-10
The reason the security gurus of the world won't tell you the truth is that if they did, they'd be out of business tomorrow.

Clicks 2004-02-09
That's right: all the catastrophes with viruses and worms and trojans and keystroke loggers only affect Windows machines. None other.

FLI 2004-02-09
Anti-virus researchers contacted last week in the wake of the MyDoom outbreak acknowledged for one of the first times that the battle may be getting away from them.

KDE 3.2 2004-02-03
KDE 3.2 is the result of a combined year-long effort by hundreds of individuals and corporations from around the globe.

Seattle Weather Channel 2003-12-29
It all started dawning on Charlie Demerjian as he stood in the midnight queue for the premiere of Return of the King. The queue was long, and slow, and by the time Charlie had his ticket, his theory was well-formulated and nearly ready for print.

Weakest Link 2003-12-26
If companies relying on spam to sell their less than honest products could not make any money with this marketing tactic, we would not have spam - pure and simple.

Muckraking 2003-12-19
Mac OS X has proven itself as a worthy operating system for both consumers and business alike.

Monster 2003-10-31
Mac users are roaring in rage because of a nasty installment glitch that erases data on external hard drives.

Xcode 2003-10-26
It's impossible to turn Xcode down, when it works faster than Project Builder, and when its executables are smaller (although this should be credited to gcc 3.3), but the UI is still very shaky and needs a lot of work.

Fish II 2003-10-19
Doctor Gerry: 'I am unable to feel shock and suprise at the thought that Mac users don't know what sudo is or how to use 'mv' or 'tail -80 messages | less' or even that there is a Unix shell underneath Aqua at all and why anyone should touch it.'

JAH2 2003-10-10
SunnComm Technologies, Inc. announced yesterday morning it would sue first-year graduate student John Halderman over his recent critique of the company's new CD copy-protection method, but by the end of the day SunnComm president and CEO Peter Jacobs said he changed his mind.

JAH 2003-10-09
SunnComm Technologies, a developer of CD antipiracy technology, said today it will likely sue a Princeton student who early this week showed how to evade the company's copy protection by pushing a computer's Shift key.

Panther 2003-10-08
Panther - OS X 10.3 - will be released on 24 October 2003 at 8:00 PM local time.

Fish 2003-09-28
Give a man a fish, and he will eat for but a day; teach him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.

Ganda 2003-09-06
The 'world' continues to be hit by Microsoft Outlook worms. Ganda recently in the Nordic countries, now Palyh and Petik. The method is the same - and they all work, which is absolutely amazing.

IRM 2003-09-02
There's a spectre of a new setback on the horizon, that of Microsoft's planned Information Rights Management (IRM). IRM tools will be included in the professional versions of all Office 2003 applications, and will require Windows Server 2003 to operate.

No Dots 2003-08-25
Much more than a thousand words.

.DS_Insecure 2003-05-28
Why belabour an old security advisory? Because it has been Apple's policy to not mention these insidious critters to anyone - even when the online threat was serious.

Dumberest 2003-05-28
Security guru Ronald Guilmette goes off the deep end.

Fix Yer Modem! 2003-05-28
There is nothing wrong with the physical Apple modem; there is, however, something very wrong with the driver they've let out the door.

Dumbest Guy Alive 2003-05-24
One of the most important tools of the spammer is finding a relay that completely disguises sender addresses, and no tool out there does the job as well as AnalogX's Proxy.

.DS_Store 2003-05-21
What's the matter with .DS_Store? The idea is good enough; the implementation is not.

Nick 2003-05-14
Nick was taken care of at a very early age by his uncle Steve and aunt Eunice. Uncle Steve worked at Mac and Lisa's boarding house, and aunt Eunice worked in a laboratory far away, but Eunice came back home to help support Nick, and she and uncle Steve combined forces to take care of him.

Doomed to the Margins 2003-05-05
Bill Gates wasn't always the bastard towards Steve Jobs. He once offered the Apple founder some good advice. Become a software company, said Gates. License your operating system to hardware OEMs. Stop playing the proprietary Piper.

Apple Modem Blues 2003-05-05
Sometimes it gets so bad you want to go back to Windows. The modem built into Apple's PowerBooks and iBooks is flawed. Either that or the software written to run it is. One of the two, and it doesn't matter which: dial-ups on Macs do not work dependably.

Exploited Proxy Servers 2003-05-02
On 18 April Ronald Guilmette published a list of 1,196 unsecured proxies that had been exploited for spamming purposes within the past 7 days. At first, Guilmette thought his colleagues were indifferent to what he'd found.

Opera Spyware? 2003-04-21
Andrew Busigin of The Inquirer discovered some very mean things going on under the hood of the Norwegian web browser. Which shouldn't shock anyone: the Opera people have a reputation which precedes them.

Xfile 2003-03-04
28 February 2003 marked the unveiling of the first 'alpha' release of Xfile, a 'Finder Killer' from Rixstep. It was previewed to select subscribers and on 2 March 2003 was made available to the public.

In Praise of Hard Drives 2003-03-09
They say the quality and capacity of hard drives increases annually by as much as prices drop - 60%. The hard drive is an old - some would say outdated - technology, and yet it remains one of the most dependable - and important - we have in the world of IT.

Apple Nazis Strike 2003-01-12
Apple monitor their own discussion forums closely.

MWSF 2003 2003-01-10
Steve Jobs wowed the crowds in San Francisco this week with the introduction of a new line of PowerBooks, adaption of X11, and the brand new web browser Safari.

The PowerPC 970 2002-12-16
The PowerPC 970 is the first in a new family of high-performance 64-bit PowerPC microprocessors from IBM.

Jagwyre 2002-12-16
'Using Mac OS X is like touring a land of fabulous ancient treasures,' says Andy Orlowski of The Register, 'with a tourist authority that's still busy renovating them, and that hasn't quite completed the infrastructure. The sights can be breathtaking, but the roads are potholed and incomplete, and sometimes you have to get out and push.'

Jaguar Journaling 2002-11-12
Apple's new update to Jaguar, version 10.2.2, includes a 'journaling file system' which should be interesting at least to system administrators.

New Apple Laptops 2002-11-06
Apple have announced a new series of PowerBooks and iBooks which are pushing the price barrier more than ever before.

Mach-O is CISC 2002-10-21
According to a developer at Unsanity, the Mach-O application binary interface (ABI) used in OS X comes straight and unaltered from OpenStep where it was optimised for CISC processors.

IBM's New PowerPC 2002-10-20
The new CPU from IBM is sending tremors throughout the industry. The PowerPC 970, a derivative of the awesome Power4, was officially announced the week of 14 October 2002 and was presented at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose.

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