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Because you're stupid.

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The 2020 State of Malware (Mac) 2020-02-15
Stupidity should be painful.

Gabe Skid & Friends 2020-02-15
Don't try this at home.

Apple Cooks Barr & Benner 2020-01-14
Simply wishing for it won't make it happen.

The New Windows Terminal 2019-12-27
'What a crazy year 2019 has been for the Windows command line!'

Peeking Inside the Walled Garden 2019-12-09
From far far away.

Imminent Methods 2019-12-02
Who does it affect?

Mikael Damberg 2019-10-22
Take notice, world.

Dear Diary. 2019-10-20
Now I'm fine again.

Vincent's Ear 2019-10-05
Some artists do the more honourable thing.

Apple Upgraders 2019-10-04
The ultimate suckers.

Files! Files! Files! 2019-09-28
Come on in! We got room!

A Mille Watch 2019-09-04
From Rodeo Drive to the rape capital of the world.

Angry Foreigner 2019-07-03
'Sweden is what Tumblr would look like if it was a country.'

com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X 2019-06-09

csrutil & Google 2019-04-03
Try to restrain Gort?

MessagesDefaultIcon-32.png 2019-02-11
Buzz loses.

#GoogleManifesto in a Nutshell 2017-08-09
The operative word is 'nut'.

Natalia's Summer 2017-07-02
None of us were there.

Morgan Johansson, Sweden of Today™ 2017-07-01
The Martians are watching.

Sierra Leaks 2017-06-29
It's time.

Martian Commander Rethinking Earthly Ambitions 2017-01-25
'Our people don't deserve such a fate.'

Unix Git Ponders Sierra 2016-10-14
What is it?

Schäuble Misrepresented 2015-07-14
Twitter's front end 'engineers' never give up.

Safe and Easy Fun with Orable! 2015-03-05
Relax - it's safe and easy!

The New Improved Twitter DM Menu! 2015-02-18
Great strides from great engineers.

Markdown 10 Years 2014-12-14
The bard wrote a play about it.

The Strange Case of /Users 2014-05-17
Did you miss it?

Swedish Mobile Users Fear Losing Money 2014-01-03
'Don't click the link!'

Safari 6.1 Beware 2013-11-04
Those slick Apple coders are up to their old tricks again.

Flush to Disk 2013-11-03
It takes all kinds.

iOS7 Makes People Physically Sick 2013-10-03
An Apple first.

'They only came for WikiLeaks...' 2013-08-22
'But now they came for me!'

NSA to cut syadmins by 100% to completely limit data access 2013-08-09
By Booz Allen.

Lon Snowden 2013-08-05
A study in free thinking.

US Senate Flips Dome 2013-08-03
Is 'freedom borscht' the next?

David Pogue's Hidden Other 2013-07-22
And he's only the tip of the dodoberg.

Vidalia Quit Unexpectedly 2013-07-14
Nothing changes.

Don't Mess With Defaults! 2013-07-11
Comeuppance? Karma?

Double Sting for the Bonnier Rags 2013-06-16
Comeuppance? Karma?

98.240 2013-05-14
Never attribute...

Gotta Love HFS 2013-04-28
98.2% CPU, 817.8 MB real memory. User-friendly time-slicing, anyone?

Clever Twitter 2013-04-21
Further proof that Twitter developers are embarrassingly stupid.

Attention Please 2013-02-17
Vito'd be impressed.

Announcing SVT Softstep 2013-01-27
Providing a new service.

Apple's Very Disturbing Bug 2013-01-03
The sky is really falling.

Stupidity That's Hereditary 2012-12-29
Things like this happen all the time. Cringe at the moment.

Cult of Mac Discovers Unix 2012-12-08
Things like this don't happen every day. Cherish the moment.

Microsoft's Golden Moments 2012-11-24
A collection.

Carl Bildt Does a Sarah Palin 2012-11-24
Or a Marianne Ny. A reminder that naïvety runs strong in the duckpond.

Jimmy Kimmel on Apple's iPhone 5 2012-09-14
Can't be missed.

Whistleblower Warning: Expressen 2012-09-03
Whistleblowers beware.

Laetitia 2012-08-19
'You may choose to reply to the sender or to ignore the message.'

Honan Hack and Apple Naïvety 2012-08-09
'Am I getting through yet?' By AlphaMack.

'Twitter : <%= reason.capitalize %>' 2012-07-26
They're hiring. They have to.

spindump_agent_2012-07-12-Computer.crash 2012-07-12
This gets better and better.

No Preview Sandbox 2012-07-04
The sky is falling. This time it's for real.

The Flame Rage 2012-06-16
You know what's coming.

Whistleblower Warning: Radioleaks 2012-06-06
Some things are pathetic and shameless. Others are still worse.

'It's too long' 2012-05-15
They're unbeatable.

'You Can't Reply Or Send A Direct Message' 2012-04-19
Great expectations.

Apple and the War on Stupidity 2012-04-10
Too many manic chicken littles make a mess of things.

Apple's Achilles Heel 2012-04-08
The current Flashback botnet is symptomatic.

New iPad Too Hot to Hold 2012-03-21
As the criticism.

Reddit 18 January 2012 2012-01-18
Some people need to empty their pockets and get back to school.

Wikipedia 18 January 2012 2012-01-18
Some people have to empty their pockets and go back to school.

Svenskt Näringsliv 2012-01-10
Med Henrik Schyffert.

Don't Drink and Tweet, Anna Ardin! 2012-01-01
Posted late afternoon New Year's Day by one of Julian Assange's accusers.

Downhill with the Real Anna Ardin 2011-12-19
She thinks consistency is overrated.

Sweden: The Soap Opera 2011-12-12
Folks, this soap opera's for real!

The Microsoft 404 2011-11-22
Best one ever.

Those Math Geniuses at Twitter 2011-10-18
Raising the bar.

WBC & RMS on SPJ 2011-10-09
Draw the line.

Facebook: Disabled Account Appeal - ID Request 2011-09-07
Privacy is everything.

Lion's Bulging Scroll Bars 2011-08-18
It's the system, stupid.

Scientific Proof: IE Users Are Stupid 2011-08-02
But is IE the only indicator?

Twitter Twits Discover ROT-13 2011-07-20
They never cease to dismay.

Australia's Internet Industry Association 2011-07-08
Never before in the history of human endeavour...

US government workers are stupid 2011-06-30
But they're not the only ones.

Playing 'Mac-A-Mole' with Apple Computers 2011-06-03
It's a silly game.

Apple Customer Support 2011-05-30
Who says honesty's the best policy?

Zuckerboy Takes Off Hoodie 2011-05-10
Pure delight.

WSJ SafeHouse 2011-05-06
'Can they be any dumber?'

Sony's Ship of Fail 2011-04-28
They're at it again.

consolidated.db 2011-04-20
On Apple's exploding privacy scandal.

Feeling Royally Flushed? 2011-04-14
Someone's all in?

Bad Drugs, Late Hours 2011-03-03
They don't mix.

Anonymous by Colbert 2011-02-26
What was it went into a hornets nest?

Happy Twitter Holidays 2010-12-25
The hits just keep on coming.

Declaration of War Against Justin Bieber Haters 2010-10-14
'People are starting to get upset, frustrated and stuff.'

Opera GUI Design Virtuosity 2010-10-14
Geniuses all over the place.

Newzglobe on IE9 2010-10-05
Only two possible explanations.

Steve Ballmer in Stockholm 2010-10-04
Celebrities flocking to the 'Venice of the North'.

No News: Flash 2010-10-03
The point's been made before.

WinCC Runtime Licence Expired 2010-09-24
'BSOD takes on a whole new meaning.'

Sweden & The Data Retention Directive 2010-09-18
So who made this into an issue anyway?

The Park Spark Project 2010-09-18
When you have lemons, you make lemonade. When you have dog shit...

Damn Those Nasty SCR Files! 2010-09-10
There's a natural assumption amongst Windows users that their problems are the world's problems.

'I Don't Even Have to Press Enter!' 2010-09-10
Darwin moans.

Fasoldt 2010-08-09
It takes all kinds. Some aren't that great.

GrayNoodle LLC 2010-08-20
The stringent selection process at the Apple App Store is despised notorious renowned.

More Viewers Than Jeopardy 2010-08-14
Some things never change. Others change only very slowly. A Swedish fairy tale.

Stupid Dumb-ass Article from Microsoft on Why Macs are No Good 2010-08-10
'We'll be having lolz all summer long.'

iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo 2010-08-06
When only the best is good enough.

Haddonfield Memorial High School 2010-08-06
A predictable pattern.

How to Hold Your iPhone 4 2010-07-29
There is no issue. None.

'How May We Help You?' 2010-07-26
Return rates are so low!

Siemens 2010-07-20
Epic fail x 2.

Antenn-aid™ 2010-07-19
And it's made on a Mac.

The Dark Side of Steve Jobs 2010-07-19
There's truth in them there lolz.

Cases? WTF? 2010-07-18
'A new hardware design and a soft recall.' Leander Kahney stomps on his fanboy hat.

The iPhone 4 Antenna Coverup 2010-07-15
Apple - and Steve Jobs - knew about it a year ago. The continuing free-for-all.

The Revolutionary Nokia 2010-07-08
Can be held almost any way you want. A sensation.

Apple? Where's the Leak? 2010-07-08
'Mr Nguyen couldn't be located for comment.'

341 2010-07-01
A good day.

'Safari can't find the Internet plug-in' 2010-06-04
Apple score big with Safari 5. Caveat emptor!

Using Windows for a Day Cost Mac User $100,000 2010-06-03
Addicts or astroturfers?

'Traverse folders and files using XCode' 2010-06-03
A wealth of wisdom.

Author of Google Pac-Man Steps Forward 2010-05-25
Charles Darwin is his name.

Mail.app's Mystery Encoding 2010-05-17
Features no other client can attain.

Safari Exploit Runs Windows Calculator 2010-05-10
The sky has not fallen.

Not Even 24 Hours 2010-05-09
Another insanely great idea.

Appholes 2010-04-29
Jon Stewart slams Steve Jobs. Not to be missed.

'Kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me.'

Sweet Thursday 2010-04-15
Five percent's not too small.

Who's bringing up the rear? Who's sitting on the back burner?

Verify Java Version 2010-04-02
Sometimes it hurts to be a Mac user.

What is a Browser? 2010-03-21
Google survey Times Square last year.

This Site is Not Facebook 2010-03-21
There's absolutely no connection between Facebook and this site.

Re: eBanking Victim? Take a Number. 2010-03-16
And help yourself to a clue.

BSODs Everywhere 2010-03-07
Just a reminder that even if Windows isn't helping criminals siphon off billions, it's still a crappy system.

Microsoft's Rubber Room 2010-03-03
Can of worms meet opener.

East of Eden: Sex & Computers 2010-02-23
Some combinations are toxic.

This is What You Get 2010-02-20
Some things do not pay. Why not?

The Rough Guide to Windows Lusers 2010-02-19
Surviving in a crazy virtual world.

Shock: Another Zeus Hack! 2010-02-17
Big lolz again @ KoS.

Locked Into IE6? 2010-02-06

NUDE IT: A Retrospect 2010-02-03
Who says you can't make this stuff up?

Protecting Your Windows File System 2010-02-02
Do like Microsoft.

Pee-wee's New iPad! 2010-01-29
There's an immediate use for it.

Copying diff text with formatting 2010-01-28
Too much to be worried about.

PlainsCapital 2010-01-26
A new twist on an old type of stupdity.

Aurora 2010-01-16
There goes the neighbourhood.

Steve Ballmer Presents MSFT/HP Tablet 2010-01-07
So bad that MSFT and HP stock immediately tank on NASDAQ.

Google Nexus One: The 'Fuck You iPhone' Phone 2010-01-07
The secret is out.

twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS 2010-01-03
People sure are stupid.

Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel Miami 2010-01-01
It's in the small details.

Rupe & The Gang 2009-11-25
Set the house on fire.

Spontaneous Shoplifting @ MSFT Store 2009-11-19
Except who would want to steal that junk?

Symantec: All Together Now 2009-11-19
Sail the ship, skip the rope, chop the tree.

Rixstep Slapped with DMCA by removeyourbrain.com 2009-11-16
Spite - tsk tsk.

New iPhone Worm Crumbles Continents, Topples Governments 2009-11-12
Unfortunately there's an easy solution. Unfortunately.

OSX.Loosemaque 2009-11-05
Symantec increasingly desperate.

Do You Think You Could Get Used to This? 2009-11-05
Crystal needs an easy way to rid Windows 7 of viruses. Here's how.

I'll Never Get Used to This! 2009-11-04
She's Crystal and she wants it simple. Sorry, Crystal.

I Could Really Get Used to This! 2009-11-04
She's Crystal, she's a PC, and Windows 7 was her idea.

Windows-Generated Spam At All-Time High of 101% 2009-11-04
Microsoft 'technology' knows no bounds. Not even the logical ones.

Windows 7 Falls Prey to 80% of Virus Attacks 2009-11-03
The number one question unequivocally answered.

This Question Was Not Answered 2009-11-02
Apple forum nannies need to do more than stomp on people.

Yep You Still Gotta Get a Mac 2009-10-27
Amazing how 90 seconds of humour can fizzle an entire Microsoft marketing campaign.

It Was Four Years Ago Today 2009-10-26
It's a world you've never seen.

The MS-DOS 5 Upgrade 2009-10-25
Microsoft ad campaigns have a long history of pinning the cringe needle.

The Windows 7 Whopper 2009-10-25
What do they have in common?

Buy a New PC for Windows 7 2009-10-24
Would Lauren seriously want to use one of these?

Critical Update for Microsoft Windows 7 (KB910721) 2009-10-21
To apply only after successfully installing Windows 7.

Guy in work thinks Apple Macs are too expensive so he's built his own !!! 2009-10-20
Apple considering suing for copyright infringement.

'This is really lame' 2009-10-19
Those BellSouth mail accounts are so attractive.

Dear Valued T-Mobile Sidekick Customers 2009-10-12
Would this have happened if Danger hadn't been 'helped' by Microsoft?

Amazing Awesome Incredible 2009-10-06
At the other end of the spectrum.

Repro: Steve's Nose 2009-09-28
Step by step this time. Slowly.

Windows Se7en Launch Parties: The Lusers of Cool 2009-09-28
The beginning of the end. No ad company would do this on purpose. It has to be a conspiracy.

Dear Lily 2009-09-26
Dear Lily, why are you being this silly? Yours sincerely, Dan Bull.

Arno Lives!!1! 2009-09-23
You think you've been low before?

Why Userland Hooks Are Bad 2009-09-22
Some things never change.

Back Orifice 2000 2009-09-08
Those were the days.

maemo.org 2009-09-08
Never before has so much stupidity been concentrated in such small craniums.

Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies 2009-08-27
It's a conspiracy.

Oddz n Endz 2009-08-21
N evenz n startz. Exhausting the backlog.

zahadum 2009-08-10
'Exhausting evey ounze of forebearance.'

Generating Random Numbers 2009-08-05
Today's extraordinary mindfuck.

iSweden 2009-08-02
Who's holding them back?

True Peace of Mind 2009-08-02
There's only one way.

The 'Growing' Threat to Business Banking Online 2009-07-28
Growing? It's growing?

Yahoo Unable to Proceed 2009-07-19
Times are tough.

The Day the Internet Stood Still 2009-07-02
At least for Windows users.

Macopalypse! 2009-06-12
Macopalypse, n. Comparable to an apocalypse but much more user-friendly.

No Sex Please - We're Chinese! 2009-06-12
Their hackers are amongst the best; their government IT staff are not.

Re: 'How the %#@! did I miss this?' 2009-06-04
At last there's an explanation why so many people still run Windows: they're batshit insane.

Research Proves Brains of Windows Lusers Smaller 2009-05-29
At last it's known for sure.

The Science of Stupidity 2009-05-25
Nothing helps the clueless.

Larry Casey & OWASP 2009-05-24
Commercially approved denial of service attacks at your service.

Rnd() values are changing everytime in ASP.NET 2009-05-20
View the solution FREE for 7 days!!1!one

Euroschlock Song Contest 2009-05-17
Welcome to Camp Dumb.

Hall of Monkeys: The 'New' Internet 2009-05-16
It's supposed to be illegal to be this stupid.

OS 10.5 Accidentally Deleted the /bin/sh 2009-05-10
The mold is broken.

Lusercide! 2009-05-10
Zombie generals kill off the idiots.

Attention Virginia 2009-05-07
Microsoft's renowned 'return on investment'.

Nikonshooter 2009-05-03
Where does one begin?

Conficker Update 2009-05-02
Yes it's still out there.

Verizon + Ballmer = Pink? 2009-04-29
There's always lighthearted entertainment around the corner.

Ukrainian Botnet Pwns UK, US Govt Windows PCs 2009-04-22
Almost too good to be true.

Agent Pontén 2009-04-20
Can't you handle one little pirate?

Bahnhof Pionen 2009-04-17
There is quite possibly nothing cooler than this.

Conficker Eye Chart 2009-04-14
Some people will do anything to appear cool.

Hadopi: The Final Countdown 2009-04-09
Watch the leaders of France rally their forces to vote down the terrible Hadopi.

The Good News from Microsoft 2009-04-08
You can't make this stuff up. You really can't. Only Auntie Beeb gets away with it.

Priceless 2009-04-06
There are some things even Bill Gates' money can't buy.

Yahoooooo 2009-04-02
Why would anybody want to buy them?

ITV 2009-04-01
Some competition.

Conficker Virus Spreads to Humans! 2009-04-01
From the world's only reliable newspaper.

Conficker Advice from Auntie Beeb 2009-03-31
And a few additions they seem to have inadvertently missed. File a complaint.

That Mystery Man with the Camera Again 2009-03-30
Coincidence? Who cares! It's clumsy as only Microsoft can be capable of.

MSFTValue 2009-03-29
Some people just don't know when to give up.

Icon Creation Instructions 2009-03-26
You can't make stuff like this up.

Subway Worker Stuffs Lettuce up Nose 2009-03-18
Don't even try to make stuff like this up.

White House to Sweden: Shut Down the Bay 2009-03-04
An exposé of the events in early 2006. Reported by national Swedish television. Subtitles.

The 300 KB Symlink 2009-03-01
Things you can't do on Unix are still possible on the user friendly Mac. Thank goodness.

'the english is not great ... interesting none the less' 2009-02-21
Why hacking inodes is a contradiction in terms. What awaits over the ocean.

Steal This Film II 2009-02-19
The complete movie.

BBC Click: The Pirate Bay 2009-02-19
Featuring Fredrik and Peter.

Oh Håkan You Old Showoff! 2009-02-17
A bewildering performance.

Some of the Same Maintenance and Cleanup Tasks 2009-02-10
For elite geeks only.

'Reconfirm your details to avoid any hitches in receiving your full payments ok.'

Complements of the Season Read 2009-02-09
The all time world champion.

Google: 'We Censor Us Too?' 2009-02-09
Symmetry is everything.

Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon 2009-02-08
What else is there to do?

Forward Through Backwards Time 2009-02-07
Brilliance courtesy Joanne Colan.

The Longest Words in the English Language 2009-02-07
Something intelligent at YouTube? Yes. Courtesy Joanne Colan.

iWork09 @ The Pirate Bay 2009-01-24
And you thought the people at MacRumors were bad?

Mando Diao Live @ the Bowery Ballroom 2009-01-23
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Even for last year. Neither is intelligence.

Wacky Wonky Wikipedia 2009-01-23
Jimmy Wales' model is wrong - and a failure.

Sheffield: Full Monty Returns 2009-01-21
Do not repeat do not take your hat off in Sheffield.

WTF? I Bought It! 2009-01-19
Yeah why can't you remove it if you paid for it? Yeah why?

Ernesto Granillo III 2009-01-16
Masterpieces of performance art.

Woman Blames Dell for Missing Online Classes 2009-01-16
You can't make this up.

Department of Dummies 2009-01-07
Can there be hope?

Spotify Support Forum 2009-01-01
Somewhere they have to break back through.

Don't Send Us Any Feedback 2009-01-01
Send us everything else.

I'm impatient with stupidity. My people have learned to live without it.
 - Klaatu

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