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Macca 2022-06-27
Life goes on bra.

The Holy Grail of Bloat 2021-03-14
Total genius.

So Now We Know 2021-01-24
Tell us about the condom, Ardin.

Worry 2020-08-12
Giving something of oneself, and having something to give.

Happy Xmas From Google 2019-12-25
It takes a lot.

Ben Nimmo 2018-03-27
Fresh air should help.

The Institute and the Internet Expert 2017-05-24
The inmates don't just run the asylum - they've conquered the country.

Twitter: Compounding Stupidity 2014-10-21
Frolicking and partying in the Land of 1,000 Ruby Dunces™.

Uzbekistan, Brzezinski Father & Son, Carl Bildt's Sweden 2013-05-05
Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Leaders Who Are Followers 2013-02-04
Spammers might be the worst but...

Assange and the Wolves 2012-06-24
Fair trial?

The Australian Government 2012-06-23
They continue to provide consular assistance.

Zetter 2012-05-17
Another incompetent MSM moron.

Madman Joe Lieberman 2012-04-21
At least he's not running for reelection. Or president.

Thomas Mattsson: The Curse of Journalism 2012-02-27
Mattsson's - and Expressen's - journalism is the worst kind ever.

Hanne Kjöller 2011-11-22
Brown paper bags and cold sweat.

@PGarrettMP 2011-11-14
He doesn't want to be the one.

Candypig & Humpty Dumpty 2011-11-04
All sparkle.

Omni Group & OmniFocus 2011-05-10
An intrusion and an invasion.

Scott Charney 2010-10-10
Open wider.

David Gelernter 2010-10-06
Mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice.

Swedish Music Publishers Association 2010-10-05
Now's the time to strike.

Paris Hilton Spam 2010-09-19
No longer crimlnal when sent by a political party?

France 2010-06-14
Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité. Hadopi?

T-Mobile 2010-05-10
Catherine's going to have to be careful.

Shantanu Narayen 2010-04-30
Adobe slumdog millionaire in WSJ interview. Recorded without Flash.

Richard Boscovich 2010-02-28
Another MSFT spin dog.

Edgar Bronfman (Junior) 2010-02-11
What a name. What an Edgar.

Getting to the Point 2010-02-09
Behold the man who knows best what you need online.

Cliff Evans, Microsoft 2010-01-18
The poor git's probably out of a job.

The Shredder 2009-11-28
They don't come much better than this.

Call on Cluley! 2009-11-27
He'll say almost anything if you sweeten the deal.

Formula Solved 2009-11-14
What's left?

Simon Says 2009-11-12
Putting one foot in the mouth is an achievement. Putting both in is world class.

'it didnt involved you' 2009-10-29
Tsk tsk. Such behaviour, such literacy, such intelligence and sophistication.

National Cybersecurity Bullshit Month 2009-10-03
Some of these people make intelligent surfers so angry they want to drink blood.

The Legend of Hattie, Stevie, and Smitty 2009-08-23
How good monkeys settle their differences.

Larry Magid 2009-08-20
Two in one day. Wow. Gotta be a Microsoft rollout.

Heartland Payment Systems 2009-08-20
The highest standards, the most trusted transactions.

Mary Branscombe 2009-08-06
Putting Rob Enderle out of business.

RIAA Picture Book 2009-06-19
Get to know your oppressors better. Memories are made of this.

Cara Duckworth, Hilary Rosen, Elizabeth Birch 2009-06-19
A look at three women who've shaped the digital world around us.

Life Inside the Honeycomb 2009-06-11
There's been a bit of an accident. Get to work and clean it up.

Ira Winkler 2009-05-27
There may be nothing worse than fudders after all.

Carolyn Samit 2009-05-27
Is there anything worse than fudders? Yes there is.

Mark Ward & the BBC 2009-05-22
Trusted? Respected?

The 'New' Internet 2009-05-16
It's supposed to be illegal to be this stupid.

Lady Hadopi 2009-05-12
Behind every diminutive man is a psychopathic woman.

TechRepublic 2009-05-07
HoM is getting SRO.

Bennett Haselton 2009-05-07
A serious proposal from Bill Gates' neighbour to have the US federal government fund a fix for Windows.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Slut 2009-05-03
What was hot yesterday is fizzled tomorrow.

IDG.se 2009-04-10
Things look so innocent in the duck pond, don't they?

Bad News for Microsoft 2009-04-08
Another setback. Award ceremonies canceled. Gloup gloup.

Owen Thomas 2009-03-29
Appalling and annoying.

Jason Whitener 2009-03-22

Wikipedia Disclaimers 2009-03-21
Biggest demographic concentration of its kind in the world.

Spencer Kelly (BBC Click) 2009-03-14
Auntie Beeb raising a bar no one thought could be raised.

Wired 2009-03-03
They came unwired.

North of the State of Jefferson 2009-02-21
There be some nasty critters in them thar swamps.

42,011,633 2009-02-15
It's official: there are at least 42,011,633 Windows idiots on the Internet. Be Bill's Valentine.

IDG.se 2009-02-14
This is all there is. There is nothing else. We trust you still have our account number.

Confucker 2009-02-10
You should have done the right thing ten years ago. You morons.

Mac Antivirus Vendors 2009-01-28
The snake oil's thrown in free of charge.

Mary Volz-Peacock® 2009-01-28
Meet the master bullshitter of the week.

Greg Jeschke 2009-01-15
He's coming out on top! His hair is perfect!

Scott Jones 2009-01-12
He's downright desperate.

Rafe Needleman 2009-01-07
Techie writers come in but one shape, one size, and one level of incompetence?

Safari 3.1 (5525.20.1) 2008-12-04
Safari's a good browser. Industry standard.

A file or folder with the same name 2008-10-23
From stupid gaffe to pseudo-standard.

New iPhone App 2008-10-02
There's only one thing missing.

Go On Then Jump! 2008-10-01
How far can you bounce?

iTunes 8 2008-09-10
It all started innocently enough.

Google's Little Shop of Horrors 2008-09-05
'Feed me! Feeeeed me!'

Sucking on Media Players 2008-08-31
'Now you feel our pain.' 'I think I should talk with Jobs.'

;DECLARE @S CHAR(4000); 2008-08-22
There comes a time when people just get sick of the shit and pestilence that's Windows.

Hello not the man familiar to me 2008-08-10
'And here now you can see my letter.'

Perspicacity of Worms 2008-07-23
'If you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.'

Petulant Douches 2008-06-26
Otherwise the world of the fanboy is unusually silent.

Less Than Daring Flip-Flop 2008-06-23
It ain't easy making money off a blog with no content.

That Wobbly House That Steve Jobs Built 2008-06-02
In the hysteria to redo everything they've taken on too much.

Truly Sad 2008-04-24
The Hall of Monkeys be getting crowded.

Disable a Warning 2008-03-24
Great things seen in small words.

Re: Xfile refused to let me buy their software 2008-03-18
Sometimes you don't have to be a fanboy. Sometimes it's enough to be an insufferable asshole.

Linux is Utter Crap 2008-02-24
The Mac file system HFS is utter crap, says Linux. How wrong can he be? It's possible to look closer at the issue without needing a PhD in Torvalds to understand.

Barrie Barrington 2008-02-12
When fan turns to rent. Sponsored by Palmolive.

Linus on Limb, Fanboys Foaming 2008-02-07
Now we're talkin'!

Linus on Limb, Bohon Falls 2008-02-07
They keep sticking their faces on it.

Linus on Limb, Fanboys Fall 2008-02-06
If Hitler's brown shirts were as stupid as Apple's beige shirts we'd never have had the second world war.

'Please choose a different name' 2007-06-04
A job's worth.

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