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Panic's Cebal Sissie is sure a job's worth. Rarely - if ever - can one witness such a combination of stupidity and arrogance in the same fetid package. Unless of course Sissie's sitting in the lap of the Daring Phukkt-hed. When he suddenly starts giggling and cooing like a prison punk.

What's really amazing is how far Cebal and his fellow turds will go to disguise their ignorance ('PhD in Linus Torvalds') and cover up their gross programming inadequacies. But here's an example.

The background is interesting albeit nauseating: neither Cebal nor Mustard Boy nor any of the idiots in Portland know shite about Unix. So when they wrote their abysmal FTP client they ran into snag after snag.

Many of the snags are discussed at this site. They're celebrated to say the least. And one of them was how file move ops on remote servers looked. It was particularly embarrassing because it exposed Cebal and his Panic pussies as the idiots they really are. And one can't have any of that. So Cebal redesigned his loser app for version THREE and now it does this instead. Enjoy.

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