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Linus on Limb, Fanboys Fall

How history would have changed.

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If Hitler's brown shirts were as stupid as Apple's beige shirts we'd never have had the second world war.

Why take to the streets and smash shop windows this time? Linus criticises Apple.


Linus was in Melbourne Australia last week for linux.conf.au and was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald. He chatted openly about a number of current issues such as Google, Google Linux, Andrew Morton - and OS X.

Whilst Linus did claim Apple's Leopard is superior to Microsoft's offering he had a number of objections, none of which really put him out on a limb as they're widely understood and accepted viewpoints.

Linus doesn't approve of how Apple and Microsoft turn what should be a proper 'operating system' into a marketing extravaganza - and dull the lines between what's really the system and what the market droids try to dupe the stupid into thinking is the operating system.

'An operating system should never have been something people in general really care about. It should be completely invisible and nobody should give a flying fuck about it except the technical people.'

Kyllä. And he doesn't exactly like Apple's twisted file system either.

'OS X in some ways is actually worse than Windows to program for. Their file system is complete and utter crap, which is scary.'

Again: hardly a news flash. But here's where it gets interesting. Pop the top on a can of whoopass, kick back and enjoy.

Insanely Great Mac

Linus is talking trash again. It's coming out of his mouth. Unfortunately, because it is unsubstantiated, it lowers my regard for him. He is becoming another blow-hard, gas bag.

Here's a real gem.

One think I have loved about the Mac OS file system is that if the OS crashes, the file system is generally intact. If Windows crashes, you may destroy all your data and it is unrecoverable. This makes using Windows like walking on egg shells.

Time to put on the beige shirts and roll up the sleeves.

Hey, brother, we didn't ask for a war, but we're well-prepared to fight, if you insist.

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