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Linus on Limb, Bohon Falls

They keep sticking their faces on it.

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But Hitler had better theoreticians, right? Or maybe people were just stupid. That's probably what the beige shirts are counting on in the aftermath of earth shattering remarks by Linus Torvalds. Talk about a 'QED'.

You simply can't criticise Apple and get away with it - not even if you're right.

But TUAW? They can hardly be seen physically threatening people, can they? No of course not. They leave that to others. Theirs is to take a detached view of the entire tempest in a teapot they stir up and calmly walk away.

Unfortunately they fall.

'We'll refrain from commenting on various drawbacks of Linux distributions when compared to OS X', writes ace system architect Cory Bohon. 'But if you're curious about the challenges and pleasures found when moving to Linux, have a look at the Flipping the Linux Switch series produced by our colleagues at Download Squad.'

No one needs to, Cory. They know already you completely missed the point.

Heil Steve.

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