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Go On Then Jump!

How far can you bounce?

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Three hours. That's how long he was on the ledge.

Good god don't jump
A boy sat on the ledge
An old man who had fainted was revived
And everyone agreed it would be a miracle indeed if the boy survived

Shaun Dykes was 17. He was depressed and going through the turmoil of a breakup. He got himself out onto a ledge in a car park in Derby.

The police scrambled to the scene but so did others as well.

The woman from the supermarket
Ran to call the cops
He must be high on something someone said

Dykes was from the village of Kilburn. He was studying maths, further maths, business studies, and politics at Heanor Gate Science College.

The police set up a cordon but passers-by could see over it.

A patrol car passing by
Halted to a stop
Said officer MacDougal in dismay
The force can't do a decent job cos the kids got no respect for the law today

'I find it a disturbing and shocking reflection on society when people feel inclined to do that', said SI Andy Hough of Derbyshire police.

When darkness fell excitement kissed the crowd
And made them wild in an atmosphere of freaky holiday
When the spotlight hit the boy the crowd began to cheer
He flew away

'How far can you bounce?': The extraordinary taunts of sick ghouls who jeered as a teenager leapt to his death

Mail Online 1 October 2008

A jeering crowd taunted a suicidal teenager as he threatened to jump from the top of a city-centre car park.

In a shocking indictment of modern Britain, youths who gathered in the street below yelled at 17-year-old Shaun Dykes to kill himself over the course of three hours.

One allegedly shouted: 'How far can you bounce?'

The A-level student eventually plunged 60ft to his death after police negotiators tried in vain to talk him down.

In a final sickening act, some of those responsible for the abuse outside the Westfield shopping centre in Derby rushed from behind the police cordon to take pictures of the teenager's body on their mobile phones.

Oh my grace I got no hiding place

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