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It's official: there are at least 42,011,633 Windows idiots on the Internet. Be Bill's Valentine.

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The Project Honeypot people gather statistics on botnets. They claim theirs is the first and only distributed system for identifying spammers and spambots.

No argument there. This website has long been a participant in the project.

They also claim they're thwarting spam traffic. Argument there. Should that be true we're all in a lot of trouble. There are more officially recognised (Microsoft Windows) spam servers on the Internet than there are Unix machines from Apple, the BSDs, Ubuntu, and all the other Linuxes combined.

The statistics also point out there are only about 1,152,481 of the spam servers currently active. Whether that's good news can be debated. The bad news - which can't be debated - is nearly 50,000,000 Windows boxes are officially compromised.

Who the Sucker?

One has to of course wonder who could be so stupid as to be suckered in by the offers these spam messages convey. Penis pills based on 'pure natural products', fake university degrees, fake Swiss chronometers, 419 scams, porn sites - who can be so stupid as to be suckered in by that?

The answer's very simple: those 42,011,633 Windows idiots.

Although there's no proof Apple or other Unix users wouldn't be suckered in by these typically clumsy and mostly illiterate schemes there's no proof they would.

Apple and other Unix users would be quicker to notice there's something wrong with their computers and eradicate the bad guys if such an exploit were ever possible.

Which of course it is not. The botnets only target Windows machines because no other operating system can be penetrated in such a fashion.

And Apple and other Unix users were intelligent enough to get the F off Windows in the first place.

Responsibility for turning this great thing known as the Internet into a trash heap falls at the feet of the 42,011,633.

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