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They came unwired.

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A few hours ago as day approached night a few hysterical telephone calls were made. The one end told the other there had to be a reaction to the events in Stockholm. The Pirate Bay looked too damned good.

The result was an anonymous 'editorial' published ironically in the 'online rights' section which begins with these immortal (and poorly formulated) words.

We'll admit we never fully got the morality of The Pirate Bay's founding ethos.

The Pirate Bay was founded by the Pirate Bureau and for a very good and well formulated reason. And if you even today admit you don't 'get it' you're out sailing without a boat.

The Wired article is a generic attempt to insult the people behind The Pirate Bay and all those who believe in it and the Internet in general. It's clearly a 'sore loser' piece crafted in great part by the Hollywood giants who were humiliated in Stockholm.

Already on day one of the trial they had to back down from half of their prosecution points because they totally misunderstood torrent technology. They'd assumed full copies of copyrighted materials were stored on the servers.

This in itself points to an astonishing incompetence as the FBI, the Swedish police, the Swedish prosecutor's office, and representatives of the media companies have all been involved for years and had access to the servers for 32 months.

So when the cowardly mercenaries of Wired claim they don't 'get it' they'll have to stand in line.

The Pirate Bay is an 'empty vessel', the Wired article claims. And why? Why because the defendants didn't turn the trial into the type of showboating grandstanding Wild Bill Hickok/Annie Oakley travesty that's par for the course in the United States.

In Sweden one follows the arcane concept of 'rule of law' and that concept demands that you limit court discussion to criminal matters and nothing else. Time and again the orcs for the prosecution attempted to politicise the proceedings and time and again they were reprimanded by both the defendants and magistrate Tomas Norström himself.

The article at Wired belies a fury at the fact The Pirate Bay has been able to follow through on their principle of 'in your face Hollywood!' That's what's really pissing them off.

That and of course the fact the defendants and their counsel did such a good job of defending The Pirate Bay and exposing the Hollywood loons for what they really are.

There's been an enormous flurry of posted comments to the Wired article, many from people who haven't been previously registered to comment. To a one they all state clearly they'll never be back again.

Those who pulled in that favour better have paid Wired well for this act of journalistic suicide.

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