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Owen Thomas

Appalling and annoying.

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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 20 January 2009: the former tenants are finally sent out to pasture and the new tenants start moving in. Most of the day is wasted on formalities, frivolities, and festivities, the work beginning in earnest the day after.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 21 January 2009: the new tenants begin to regard their legacy. Known for their ability to stay on top of technology and its implications (and known for their preference for Apple computers) they gawk at what lies within.

It's a blithering mess.

The United States - and the world - are not only in the throes of an unparalleled economic recession but they are also still being held hostage by a technology marketed by Microsoft that has turned Sir Tim's dream into a dystopian nightmare.

Trojans, worms, viruses, botnets, spam, more spam, phishing sites. Damages caused by Microsoft products - and by the sheepish gleeful ignorance and stupidity of the users of these products - will soon be measured in the trillions.

Seeing someone on this lethargic planet actually take a stance for intelligent technology is refreshing.

Owen Thomas is the closest one can come to a professional troll. He's a delight for the eyes, our Owen, and appears to look every bit the part. See for yourself.

Owen Thomas thinks the Obama staff are whiners. That's the exact word he used: whiners. They're whiners because they don't want MS Office 2003 on crappy Wintel boxes. They're not in the same class of ignorati as the previous tenants.

The original story in the Washington Post was 'Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages' but that seems to put too much of a spin on something actually being wrong with the previous tenants.

Guess what? Outside the Manhattan media bubble and Silicon Valley's startup cube farms this is how most Americans work.

Guess what yourself? The fact your country is hopelessly backward - described as being in the 'Dark Ages' - doesn't mean it's a good thing for anybody. The world in general - and especially outside the 'archaic' US - doesn't give a flying F how backwards you are. But they expect you to do better than you've done up to now.

Thomas ends his pathetic piece of useless drivel with the following.

Stop whining about the tools taxpayers have paid for and get to work learning how to cope with what your employer gives you just like the rest of us.

You go, Owen.

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