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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Slut

What was hot yesterday is fizzled tomorrow.

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Alex Bogus is part of what until recently has been considered the hottest ad agency in the US. Here's Bogus in his office working hard on a new Seinfeld ad for Microsoft.

Recently Bogus released a new laptop hunter ad that was another immediate fiasco, this time upping the budget to $2000 but still scripting the victim to choose an inferior Wintel (yes a HP again) when a far better MBP could have been had.

But here's the thing: the victim said she needed her new laptop for graphics work. Something like what Bogus does. And what does Bogus use for his own work? The same thing all the graphics pros use.

Here's Bogus in his office again. See anything familiar? See two of them?

Here's another shot of Bogus office space. More familiar stuff. The star hanging from the ceiling used to hang in Steve Ballmer's personal en suite bathroom on the Microsoft campus.

Time for some better ads. Ads that actually make sense. And make you laugh too.

Here's Apple's new ad entitled 'Biohazard Suit'.

Here's another new Apple ad entitled 'Future PC'.

And here's an old classic which sums up what Bogus got himself into. It's called 'Bean Counter'.

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