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Lady Hadopi

Behind every diminutive man is a psychopathic woman.

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Hadopi passed in the lower house today. If you don't know what Hadopi is then you'd best look it up now. Right now. For next you know Hadopi can be hanging over you. And you won't like it - no matter who you are you will definitely not like it.

To paraphrase Yogi Berra, it's like Ragnarök all over again. Say goodbye to your liberté, égalité, fraternité - no matter where you are. For if the bad people get their way Hadopi will open shortly at a theatre near you.

Reuters Have It

International news bureau Reuters carried the story moments ago.

PARIS (Reuters) -- France's lower house of parliament approved on Tuesday a contested bill that will let authorities track illegal downloading over the Internet and disconnect repeat offenders.

The vote represented a success for President Nicolas Sarkozy, who championed the groundbreaking law, and embarrassed the opposition Socialists who antagonised many of their traditional supporters in the arts world by fighting the move.

Sarkozy's wife, model-turned-singer Carla Bruni, is believed to have pushed the legislation, which is aimed at protecting the revenues of record and film companies and recording artists.

And it's that last part about Carla Bruni raises the proverbial eyebrow. For if Reuters claim she's behind Hadopi then the odds are good she is. It's not only that one of the world's most rabid international copyright lobby organisations are headquartered in the French capital, it's that the new 'first lady' of France constitutes a lobbyist right in the Palais de l'Elysée.

How convenient.

So who is this Carla Bruni?

Former Lives, Former Lovers

Carla Bruni is a sometimes 'model', sometimes singer. If you search at Google for photos of Carla Bruni, 9 of 10 hits will be 'soft porn'. No one listens to her music. She used to be the squeeze of French philosophy professor Raphaël Enthoven who was married when he met Bruni. Bruni's a marriage wrecker.

Bruni never married Enthoven but she had a son with him who is now 8 years old. And Enthoven is a good looking guy in Bruni's own age group. Now what would induce a lady like Carla Bruni to abandon a successful relationship with a man she'd stolen for something else? What indeed?

Today Enthoven is together with actress and comedienne Chloé Lambert who it must be said has a nice aura about her. She doesn't have the psychopathic look of Carla Bruni.

Lawful Content

Hadopi is the love child of the international copyright lobbyists. It's a great piece of legislation. Basically it means anyone can be disconnected from the Internet for engaging in file sharing. This means naturally that Big Brother will be monitoring you - watching your every move, seeing who you connect to and with the help of your ISP seeing what's going on with your use of the interwebs.

You don't have the right to defend yourself against the accusations - and who knows how good these twits are with technology. If they say you've been file sharing then you've been file sharing. If they say it two more times your connection is broken for a year.

As this is obviously an unpopular proposal even in France - as it very likely is against the French constitution and definitely against the will of the people - the lobbyists need to get Sarkozy to pave the way through the European parliament instead - and the current telecoms package proposal is the way they want to do it.

 Raphaël Enthoven with former wife Justine Lévy; Bruni and Enthoven with son Aurélien; Bruni with dwarf; Chloé Lambert.

The EU telecoms package was supposed to cover everything - and at the same time reassert people's sovereign rights as applying on the Internet as well. Rights such as the right to assemble, the right to privacy, and so forth. And the right to send and receive 'content' on the Internet without being spied on.

So Bruni got her husband to push to have this 'human rights' amendment removed. And it was for a while. And when it came back the word 'content' had an adjective. 'Lawful'. Meaning Big Brother could invade your privacy anyway - the mere claim there could be a suspicion your 'content' is not lawful is all they need to invade your privacy anyway.

As for the inalienable human right to connect to the Internet: she wanted that part gone and it hasn't come back.

Think banana republics, repressive governments such as in Burma. You get the picture. A law that gives the bad people carte blanche to persecute you for any reason - and claim all the while it's really about file sharing.

Still Not There

Hadopi still hasn't passed into law. But Bruni seems to be putting a lot of pressure on her dwarf and he in turn is putting a lot of pressure on his government. They want this law. Or rather she and ALAI and AIPPI want this law and he wants her.

I want a man with nuclear power.
 - Carla Bruni
Just remember darlin' all the while: you belong to me.
 - Carla Bruni
Love lasts a long time but burning desire lasts two to three weeks.
 - Carla Bruni
Je suis monogame de temps en temps mais je préfère la polygamie et la polyandrie.
 - Carla Bruni
Tu es ma came, plus mortelle que l'héroïne afghane, plus dangereux que la blanche colombienne, tu es ma solution à mon doux problème.
 - Carla Bruni
She's a preying mantis, a leech of a woman with a Terminator smile.
 - Justine Lévy, Rien de Grave 2004

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