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RIAA Picture Book

Get to know your oppressors better. Memories are made of this.

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The hugely delightful Hilary Rosen at the DNC ostensibly representing several constituencies all at once.
The yellow ribbon warns 'CAUTION' and the matching blue MP3 player has only legally downloaded tracks.

Jack Valenti mingling at the champagne celebration of the passing of the DMCA.

Hilary Rosen aka 'The Unabomber in a Pantsuit' mingling at the champagne celebration of the passing of the DMCA.

Five criminals, one lineup, no coincidence.

The WIPO progress charts. The spread of the Fourth Reich proceeding according to plan.

Caring loving 'with it' people chatting about how their beloved DMCA will make citizens happier. Do financed by withheld artist royalties.

Champagne being served by the only person of ethnic minority in the room who alone must wear a name tag with photo.

Hilary Rosen and Elizabeth Birch have in no way profited by their persecution of poor university students. Here a first look at their 'built to spec' 6,000 [six thousand] ft² trilevel in Washington DC designed for them by Nestor Santa-Cruz of SKB Architecture and Design. 'This home weaves together modern and traditional until the border between them disappears', says Santa-Cruzs. In one of two connecting living rooms a photograph by Tim Hailand with the word 'TRANSCEND' superimposed over the ocean sets the quiet spare tone. Ah.

Buddhas were big in the sumptuous pad of the quintessential lesbian power couple.

Wishing to set off her creamware pottery, Hilary suggested the browns and blues that run through the house. To make Hilary's pottery pop, Nestor painted the back of the display shelves a contrasting deep brown. He also added shades of white and touches of orange and gold to the overall colour scheme. The consistent palette formalises the rooms whilst subdued linens and cottons keep them pretty oh so pretty.

'Comfort is what it's all about; I take it very seriously', says Santa-Cruz. In the master bedroom, lush chocolate velvet drapes can shut out all light, letting poor Liz sleep peacefully after long work trips. The bed is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams; the night table is from Vesta Home; the women found the round 1940s table at a gay Parisian flea market. Cultivated yet feminine and dainty.

A photo collage of roses by artist Peter Dayton turns the foyer into a year-round garden and adds a blush of pink and peach to the house's cool blues. The creamware is clustered casually on a whitewashed 19th century Italian console, replicating the look of Hilary's first student flat.

The not more than university student class kitchen. Santa-Cruz upgraded the backsplash to a brown subway tile that pulls in the house's colour scheme and swapped ostentatious glaring brass hardware for toned down nickel - discreet and fully within budget.

Hilary and Elizabeth pose with their offspring Jacob and Anna. Poor kids.

The Nesson Camara class action lawsuit against the RIAA implies the latter have profited by at least $100 million not by pursuing the major piracy counterfeiters but by persecuting relatively impoverished individuals they know have no way of paying what they're asked. Yet not a single artist or author of copyrighted works ever received a single cent in recompense. Given the above it's not hard to figure out where the money ends up.

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