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From: Dave Schroeder <das@doit.wisc.edu>
Subject: Official iPod battery replacement
Date: November 25, 2003 7:32:14 AM CST
To: casey oneistat <ipodsdirtysecret@hotmail.com>

If you don't link to at least this site:

(Official Apple iPod battery replacement for $99)

and, optionally, these:

http://www.ipodbattery.com/ ($49)
http://pdasmart.com/ipodpartscenter.htm ($69)

...then you're more interested in attention and sensationalism than the truth (which from your video is what it seems anyway).


1. Batteries don't last forever. Even if Apple had no appropriate response to this at first, end users could ALWAYS have the batteries replaced using third party solutions, and in any case Apple HAS indeed made its own, official battery replacement program available. It might have been good to at least check that before you made your video and went nuts vandalizing property, since the program was announced before your site went up.

2. My girlfriend and I have two of the original iPods, as well as a 3rd-gen iPod, all of which get heavy use. We don't have problems with battery life on any of them. Yes, some people have had the batteries die on them earlier, but to just say 18 months wholesale is somewhat disingenuous. No, it's an outright lie.


Dave Schroeder | University of Wisconsin - Madison
Email: das@doit.wisc.edu | Division of Information Technology
Pager: das-pager@doit.wisc.edu | 3108 Computer Science and Statistics
Pager: +1 800 449-4951 | 1210 West Dayton Street
Phone: +1 608 265-4737 | Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1685

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