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Cliff Evans, Microsoft

The poor git's probably out of a job.

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The German government officially warned their citizens in the wake of the Google attack against using Microsoft products online and now the French government have done the same. The UK government won't be attempting this in the near future because the Microsoft lobbyists around the houses of parliament are too influential. But two of the economic powerhouses of the EU have already come out and condemned Microsoft and IE.

And it's about time.

BBC News interviewed Alan Stevens on the telly about it; Stevens likened the situation with Microsoft to 'having a window open in your house' and said that Microsoft must be working very hard in Silicon Valley to patch the flaw.

[Microsoft are in Seattle.]

But he also warned how Microsoft will (typically) downplay things. Something that of course can be critical for J Sixpacks who simply do not know the score and could be hurt badly.

But it's unlikely Stevens could have imagined how much 'downplay' Microsoft were prepared to use, this time through a certain Cliff Evans and that ever-willing media whore for hire Graham Clueless. Those two clowns have namely felled remarks that may go into the history books.

IE8 is the most secure browser on the market.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

The risk is minimal.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

There are very few [compromised websites] out there.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

Calls to change browsers are not very helpful.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

If you look at other browsers, it's likely they will have other vulnerabilities.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

I think it's a great opportunity to talk about security in the wider context, and it's not just about vulnerabilities. It's a good time to have a conversation about security.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

There is no exploit out there right now.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

We're providing a more secure environment for you using and browsing the Internet.
 - Cliff Evans, Microsoft

Then MSFT mascot Clueless gets in a few colour quotes at the last minute.

Switching away will get away from this particular problem but all browsers have security flaws.
 - Graham Clueless

Some web-based applications may not work at all if you're not using Internet Explorer.
 - Graham Clueless

And so forth. Clueless is already a permanent fixture in the Hall of Monkeys; Cliff Evans is a new adept but he's outclassed Clueless this time around in terms of the quality of his bullshit. But he'll have to work on his delivery a bit. He's way too nervous. Acts like a dog what swallowed a bone.

Bullshitting for Bill isn't easy. Cliff Evans gives it all he's got but he stumbles over his words nervously. Tsk tsk. The poor git's probably out of a job.

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