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Three Women I: Introductions

Behold the fountainhead. They've taken Sweden to the brink of ruin.

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Behold three women. Eva Lundgren, Margareta Winberg, and Ireen von Wachenfeldt. Three women who through a lethal combination of psychotic paranoia and boundless stupidity have brought Sweden to the brink of ruin.

There are other players involved of course. Thousands. But these three are the core of it.

For those outside Sweden who don't understand what's going on, who wonder how Julian Assange can be up on charges, who suspect Scott Adams might be right when he writes that it's dangerous to visit Sweden - try this run-through: it's taken a lot of work and it may be of help.

Eva Lundgren

Eva Lundgren is the fountainhead of the craziness. She's the theoretician that's made all the rest possible. She can never be called into question. Eva Lundgren is not Swedish - she's Norwegian.

Eva Lundgren was born in Flekkefjord Norway on 24 November 1947, the daughter of a construction worker and a housewife. She worked briefly as a model after high school and then began studying theology in Bergen. She took her PhD in 1985.

Lundgren began studying domestic violence in fundamenatalist christian homes - things reminiscent of the Salem witch trials, things like 'oh my sweet wife is possesed and I'll have to beat the devil out of her'. Stuff like that.

Lundgren somehow made it to Sweden and to Uppsala Univsersity directly north of Stockolm where she continued to work as - a theologist? But her remarkable outbursts and unscientific studies caught the eye of people in the national government. So in 1993 - with no formal education whatsoever - she was appointed a professor of sociology in a new department created by the government to study 'the relationship between power and sex in the family and society, especially violence towards women'.

It's now people begin to really notice Eva Lundgren. It will take another dozen years before people begin to realise she's full-blown psychotic. Lundgren lives close to Ingemar Bergman's nightmarish childhood home (Trädgårdsgatan) in Uppsala.

Lundgren has been the professor of Anna Ardin.

Margareta Winberg

Margareta Winberg is slightly older than Eva Lundgren. And she's Swedish. She was born Gun Margareta Gustafsson on 13 August 1947 in Sjuntorp to machine operator Gunnar and domestic nurse Greta. Winberg is a long standing member of the social democratic party. She's been an MP, an ambassador, chairman of the national gambling commission, and chairman of Karlstad University.

She's the major force behind the ridiculed 1999 law sexköpslagen that criminalises the use of prostitution but protects prostitution's legality.

Winberg is the main reason the theories of Lundgren and the politics of von Wachenfeldt gained a foothold in the Swedish corridors of power. She calls Lundgren 'cool'. Despite her affiliation with Karlstad, Winberg lives officially today in Östersund.

Ireen von Wachenfeldt

Ireen von Wachenfeldt is the former head of ROKS, an association of independent women's shelters in Sweden. She totally swallows everything Lundgren says and pushes that agenda hard.

Ireen von Wachenfeldt was born Ireen Byfeldt on 6 December 1950 in Degerfors. She's married to a minister and today lives in Sköllersta.

External Influences

The above three - and especially von Wachenfeldt - were greatly influenced by two 'authorities' from the US.

Valerie Solanas: a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, the author of the 'SCUM Manifesto' ('Society for Cutting Up Men'), and known for the attempted murder of Andy Warhol, and for her plans for eradicating the male of the human species. Solanas had a very troubled childhood and an equally troubled adulthood yet her writings and theories and opinions have been adopted and unconditionally embraced by von Wachenfeldt and the others.

Andrea Dworkin: another influence from the US. Dworkin claimed her childhood wasn't all that bad but evidence suggests her adulthood didn't reach the same caliber.

Paranoid schizophrenia is apparent not only in Solanas but in Lundgren and von Wachenfeldt as well, as will shortly become apparent. The Swedish tragedy is that these women aren't clinically treated but can unbelievably enough find their way to the corridors of power and turn an entire nation topsy-turvy.

But they've had help from a series of colossally incompetent politicians, Margareta Winberg being the foremost.

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