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Three Women II: The Sex War

Behold the fountainhead. They've taken Sweden to the brink of ruin.

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'Könskriget' is a two-part documentary televised by Swedish national SVT in 2005. The title is most often translated as 'The Gender War' but can more appropriately be translated as 'The Sex War': for this isn't just about man versus woman - this is about woman against sex.

The women involved in this 'struggle' - something they themselves call 'a universal civil war' - aren't merely disappointed with their previous relationships - they want men gone completely, they hate men, they want the male of the species literally eradicated - wiped out.

'Könskriget' was researched, narrated, and produced by Evin Rubar. Both 'Könskriget' and Rubar won several awards for the documentary.

The complete documentary is available on YouTube but unfortunately it's in Swedish; it's not known if there are any plans to give it English subtitles in the future but there should be.

'Könskriget' is two hours long.


The documentary begins with a curious - not to say shocking - clip from SVT's debate programme 'Svar direkt' where a relatively unknown lecturer in theology starts telling tales and describing events in a manner reminscent of the Salem witch trials. The lecturer claims matter-of-factly to know things no other human being on the planet knows and describes them in great detail.

  'Theology lecturer' Eva Lundgren on Svar direkt. 'There are grim rituals where foetuses are cut out of wombs, cut into pieces, and sacrificed.'

Amongst the claims are the following.

  • 'There are grim rituals where foetuses are cut out of wombs, cut into pieces, and sacrificed.'
  • 'This happens in adult environments, in decadent and affluent circles. Highly influential individuals are involved, people with highly respectable professions.'
  • These people are also involved in the production and distribution of pornography.
  • They're also some of the major arms dealers in the world.
  • According to another 'feminist' (Gudrun Schyman) they're being controlled from the United Nations.
  • They also abduct young girls, impregnate them, cut out their foetuses, sacrifice the foetuses - and then release and return the girls and somehow wipe the girls' memories clean so they never remember any of it.
  • They have weird magic pills. They hang the foetuses from meat hooks and then stuff the pills down the foetuses' throats. Then the foetuses explode.

All of the above - aside from the United Nations claim from Gudrun Schyman - comes from the mind of Eva Lundgren, Anna Ardin's professor.

There's of course no evidence of any such thing. The Swedish police conducted thorough forensic investigations 'just in case', dug up forest grounds etc, but there's never been any evidence of any such thing. What's worse: national crime statistics show that it's impossible - there aren't that many people disappearing in Sweden.

  Margareta Winberg in her Brazilian ambassadorial residence. Winberg remembered surprisingly few details of her earlier 'work' but was sure of her policy.

But that doesn't matter to the three women: Margareta Winberg dismisses the objections with a wave of her hand, Ireen von Wachenfeldt insists statistics can lie because they too are controlled by these secret satanist sects, and Eva Lundgren continues to make her tales more flowery all the time like a latter day L Ron Hubbard.

And yet Lundgren is a professor and lecturer, has been given obscene grants by the Swedish national government, and she's totally supported by von Wachtenfeldt's ROKS and Winberg who calls her 'cool'.


Caroline is a sweet young thing from northern Sweden who got in a bad way in a relationship. She sought help online and found a curious organisation called 'Bellas vänner' that was associated with ROKS.

Caroline assumed the organisation was serious and professional and contacted them. They suggested a 'summer camp' on one of their estates in the country where she'd be able to talk through her issues with experienced counselors.

She decided to attend. Big mistake. No sooner had she arrived than she and another girl 'Anna' were whisked away by three 'counselors' who told them their lives were in danger. The 'counselors' took the girls' cellphones from them and locked them in a car (child locks) and drove in a fury south to Stockholm where they hid in a supposed 'safe house'. No explanation was given as to why the hysteria and the danger; the 'counselors' were aggressive, screaming and shouting, and popping a lot of pills.

The girls Caroline and Anna were locked in their rooms at night, not allowed outdoors, not allowed to contact friends and family. After a few days they were told they were again in danger, that the 'counselors' had contacted someone 'high up' in the Swedish national government, and had been given a new address to flee to in Norway.

Still no explanation was given.

Both Caroline and Anna waxed suicidal. Caroline wrote several times in her diary that she just wanted to die, that all her thoughts were occupied with death; the other girl tried to commit suicide three times by slitting her arms. The 'counselors' refused to take Anna to hospital for treatment - and finally the story began to emerge.

They were being hunted, the 'counselors' said, by a ring of paedophiles who wanted to kill them. They wanted to kill them because they had connections to those satanic cults and because Caroline herself had been previously abducted by this cult, impregnated by them, and given birth to a child for them (which was promptly sacrificed of course).

That Caroline had no knowledge of any such groups, any pregnancies, any abductions etc made no difference to the 'counselors' - those satanists were so clever they could wipe the girls' minds afterwards so they didn't remember a thing.

And the 'counselors' hadn't been able to take Anna to hospital because the satanists ran the health care system too.

Following directions from someone high up in the Swedish national government, the 'counselors' drove the girls to Norway and to a known (and relatively sane) feminist who decided to help them. Caroline had by this time become completely catatonic; the suicidal Anna was even worse.

The Norwegian feminist (Tove Smaadahl) saw the situation was getting worse for Caroline and Anna and so took all five of them into her home; shortly after that she was able to convince the 'counselors' to move on alone with Anna and leave Caroline behind. As soon as the 'counselors' drove away with Anna, Smaadahl escaped with Caroline in her own car back to Sweden.

Smaadahl blames herself to this day for not reacting swiftly enough to what she saw. She should have understood those ROKS 'counselors' were out of their minds and deliberately hurting Caroline and Anna.

Gunilla Ekberg

SVT's Evin Rubar was able to identify the 'higher up' in the Swedish national government who not only went along with but actively assisted the psychotic tormentors of Caroline and Anna: Gunilla Ekberg.

  Gunilla Ekberg being interviewd by Evin Rubar. Ekberg refused to answer Rubar's questions about Caroline and Anna and stormed off, threatening Rubar.

Rubar interviewed Ekberg for the documentary but once Ekberg understood where the questioning was leading, refused to participate any longer. Ekberg didn't understand Rubar had a hidden microphone and camera in her attaché and was caught threatening Rubar afterwards.

  Gunilla Ekberg caught by Rubar's hidden camera. 'Don't count on any help from the shelters.' 'If I'm abused?' 'That's what happens when you betray us.'

Ekberg was the national government's 'expert' on prostitution and slavery 2002-2006. She has a degree in law from the University of British Columbia and since 2003 is a citizen of Canada. Fellow cabinet minister Jens Orback defended her when the documentary aired and people demanded she be sacked, saying he still had full confidence in her.

Ekberg is still on staff as an 'expert' for the Swedish national government. Ekberg's repeated claim to be a 'solicitor' in Sweden because of her Canadian degree has been pounced on by the Swedish media.

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