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Three Women III: The National Council

Behold the fountainhead. They've taken Sweden to the brink of ruin.

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Domestic violence might not be the biggest issue on the planet - pestilence and environmental disasters sure to rank higher - but it's an important part of the agenda.

Several countries in the western world have devoted considerable time to researching domestic violence and figuring out how to deal with it.

Some countries have also noted that women too cause domestic violence - as much as 40% in some studies - but of course the Swedish 'hornets' won't ever be looking at that.

Sweden was set in 2003 to convene a 'national council' to discuss the latest scientific results and possible plans for the Swedish homefront.

Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare ('Socialstyrelsen') were intimately involved in the preparations for this council. They sent staff to Canada to study that successful North American model. The Canadians were claiming a success (cure) rate of 65-80%. Similar results were claimed in the US and Norway. The European Union considered adapting the plan universally. Norway's 'ATV' programme was as successful as the Canadian. And so forth. Domestic violence can be cured.

The national Brottsförebyggande rådet (BRÅ) had also researched the causes of domestic violence and found that the three primary causes of domestic violence were mental illness or mental disturbance, alcohol, and unemployment (in that order).

But the studies by BRÅ, the Canadians, the Norwegians, and others indicated domestic violence was something that could (successfully) be treated - that therapy for both adults in a relationship led to a cure in 4 out of 5 cases.

Evin Rubar's interviewees in Könskriget didn't agree with the policies of ROKS. They felt their situations could be helped - and that abusive partners will continue hurting others unless they're treated.

But there's no treatment available in Sweden. Not even today. Eva Lundgren, Margareta Winberg, and Ireen von Wachenfeldt don't like that approach. They hate men, see international satanist conspiracies everywhere, and they refuse to entertain any theory or programme, no matter how successful, that proves that abusive partners can be cured.

Elis Envall of the 'Socialstyrelsen' came to the council conference with his paper on the Canadian experiment; he wasn't allowed to present. The entire conference was run aground by the ROKS people surrounding Eva Lundgren.

For SVT's Rubar, Margareta Winberg had a difficult time even remembering Elis Envall. Envall quit his job shortly thereafter.

  Elis Envall of Socialstyrelsen; one of many attacks by von Wachtenfeldt's ROKS calling Envall's people 'stupid'. Envall resigned shortly after the incidents.

So instead of looking at worldwide work on domestic violence, the feminists locked the conference into their position that men can't be treated, that 'all men are animals', that they abuse to consolidate their sexual power position, and so forth.

This despite national research indicating the causes of domestic violence and the overwhelmingly positive results in Norway, Canada, and the US.

This has even spread to higher education in Sweden. All universities in Sweden are now required to teach sociology from the perspective of the Lundgren/ROKS theory of 'sexual power'. The CVs of professors are being reviewed to make sure they're in agreement with Lundgren/ROKS and have the qualifications to teach in 'the new way'.

This thanks to Margareta Winberg who's also seen to it that post graduate research must also follow the new norms.

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