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A Threesome Made in Heaven?

Talk about 'MFEO'. Talk about imminent danger. Three's a crowd or not?

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They're matches made in heaven. The world's most hated girl, most hated hacker, and most hated journalist.

They can be together at last if they just sort out their jealousies and other petty differences. Three's a crowd or not?

Crikey recently called Lamo (pronounced with an 'a' as in 'bay', 'day', 'gay', 'hay', 'jay', 'lay', 'may', 'pay', 'ray', 'say', 'way', and 'yay') 'a tribute to the pharma industry'. Lamo's of course the one who said Bradley Manning would be out of detention in half a year with only a slap on the wrist and who recently tried to make headlines by claiming he too would have released the video known today as 'Collateral Murder'.

Not to be outdone, the tragically dumped David Leigh recently claimed he'd have been better than Adrian Lamo.

The world's most hated hacker and the world's most hated journalist: sooner or later they're bound to fight for the attentions of the world's most hated woman. And what happens then?

And David Leigh now knows how to find Adrian Lamo as the great hacker made his 'secret location' a worldwide scoop for Crikey. So watch out everyone - for Leigh's on the rebound and he can wreck things for Adrian and Anna. All he has to do is grab the IPs off the Crikey video clip at 1:51.

The IP the scorned reporter probably wants is

Looks like Seattle but Indymedia and Level3 will know for sure. It might be part of the Tor network like one of the other clearly visible IPs but then again maybe it's not. The fact Lamo might be accessing his own mail server at the same ISP seems to indicate it's genuine.

And additionally given the exact time of the interview, Adrian's provider will be able to exactly pinpoint who's been connected and where they're located. And if they've flushed their toilet recently. And then David can come knocking. Uh-oh.

So watch out, Adrian and Anna. David could be on his way. He's menopausal and he's been dumped by WikiLeaks. He won't be any nicer to you than he's been to the other kids. He likes to think otherwise but he's beyond hope. They all are.

I like to think I'm not HIV positive.
 - David Leigh
Adrian Lamo is a tribute to the pharma industry.
 - Bernard Keane
I'm so sick of it all. Will it never end? At any rate I want to say the other girl's just as much to blame.
 - Anna 'Sharon Stone' Ardin

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